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It’s time for a comeback.

“Some gringas have imitated me; they want to dress like ‘Mexicans,’ but those poor women look like cabbages, and to tell you the truth they look plain ugly”

   -Frida Kahlo, The Letters of Frida Kahlo, 1995

This quote has a lot of relevance in respect to the recent events in the fandom. Too often Whites have stolen, taken, and appropriated the identities and cultures of People of Color for their brown paper doll oc’s. They bastardize them, filling their backstories and personalities with racist tropes and stereotypes. They ignore criticism of such actions, dismiss and trivialize concerns of People of Color as drama, and attempt to victimize themselves or dismiss their actions with shitty excuses and shitty apologies.

It is because of these recent events that I have decided to bring Not your White Fave’s OC back. People of Color cannot rely on whites in the fandom to do right by us, to stand up for us; we cannot rely on them to own up to their racism and take the appropriate steps to rectify their disgusting actions.

People of Color truly need a space for themselves, away from the racism, ignorance and indifference of the mainstream white fandom.

There have been many People of Color in the fandom and in general on Tumblr that call for the creation of “our own spaces” because we are ignored, harassed, stereotyped, etc in the mainstream fandom. However, once a said space is made, those same people leave it on read so to speak. Either it is performative, or they still desire white affirmation.

I’m here to say that we do not need white affirmation. Referring back to the original Characters of Color post, “ We don’t need to ask for acceptance from anyone. We are enough, we’ve been enough and we always will be enough.”- Taraji P. Henson.

The goal of this blog is still the same, to create a safe place in response to the othering, and  exclusion of creatives of color in the white mainstream fandom. A place where people of color could share and celebrate their ocs and their work without fear of being spoken over.

A place for original characters of color made BY people of color, for any form of creative content made by people of color. A place to celebrate our races and cultures without having to censor it for a white audience. It is a place to encourage creators of color to share their work, to make oc’s that represent them, and to be surrounded by a community of people like them!

And so with that I’ll end with this:

Welcome to Not Your Yt Fave’s OC, a blog made for Creators of Color by People of Color!

anonymous asked:

Hey Aus, I've been really sad lately, I just wanted to ask if you had any words of encouragement?

Hi dear. I don’t know exactly how sad you’re feeling but I’m sure that surrounding yourself with things you enjoy can cheer you up. If it escalates I would advise you to seek professional help like a counselor or therapist. You’re a strong human being and I believe you can through anything.

Have a nice evening x

YO MUCH THANKS TO @eatnamjin for tagging me in this, thanks bruh. Like I appreciate it. You’re cool as hell. I’m gonna really explain a lot of these so prepare.
NAME: Taylor
NICKNAME: Tay, sometimes I’ll take it, and Taykro, that happened on accident in a Metal Gear Solid groupchat
HEIGHT: 5′ 4 3/4″  
ETHINICITY: White as white. I’m not going to church it up
FAVOURITE FRUIT: Grapes mostly. But I’m always a slut for watermelon  
FAVOURITE SEASON: Autumn and Winter. They’re tied and I can’t choose. I just like the cold
FAVOURITE BOOK: I will do a series and a singular book because hey. I’m indecisive. Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan is my all time favorite book series because vampires. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
FAVOURITE FLOWERS: Japanese Peace Lily because of Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg.  
FAVOURITE SCENT: Really light scents, nothing overwhelming. But Rice Pudding is my favorite smell, but this candle I have of campfire is the bomb.
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 6-7 hours usually plus a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day on weekdays. But on weekends I just sleep in and stay out all night
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Darren Shan, Luke Castellan, D.Va(Hana Song), Genji, FREAKING ARCHER, Kazuhira Miller, Oikawa Tooru, Prussia, ALL OF KYUNGSOO’S ACTING ROLES, ALL OF MINHO’S ACTING ROLES. I would keep this list going but I could go all day.  
NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: Only one giant one, I am loyal.
DREAM TRIP: Would saying South Korea sound too cringy? My dream trip would just be to travel as much as I could. I want to experience the world
BLOG CREATED: April 2013? Maybe 2012?
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NHL (+More) Bromances

Anaheim Ducks

  • Corey Perry & Ryan Getzlaf

Boston Bruins

  • Shawn Thornton & Tuukka Rask
  • Shawn Thornton & Loui Eriksson
  • Johnny Boychuk & Milan Lucic
  • Adam McQuaid & Dougie Hamilton
  • Daniel Paille & Gregory Campbell
  • Brad Marchand & Torey Krug
  • Torey Krug & Matt Bartowski

Buffalo Sabres

  • Mikhail Girgorenko & Nikita Zadorov
  • Tyler Ennis & Drew Stafford
  • John Scott & All the Sabres

Calgary Flames

  • Brian McGrattan & Sean Monahan

Carolina Hurricanes

  • Jeff Skinner & Elias Lindholm
  • Jeff Skinner & Eric Staal
  • Eric Staal & Alexander Semin
  • Anton Khudobin & Alexander Semin
  • Cam Ward & Eric Staal

Chicago Blackhawks

  • Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane
  • Patrick Sharp & Patrick Kane
  • Duncan Keith & Brent Seabrook
  • Brandon Bollig & Andrew Shaw
  • Andrew Shaw & Bryan Bickell
  • Jonathan Toews & Patrick Sharp
  • Andrew Shaw & Nick Leddy
  • Nick Leddy & Brandon Saad

Colorado Avalanche

  • Gabriel Landeskog & Nathan Mackinnon

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars

  • Jamie Benn & Tyler Seguin

Detroit Red Wings

  • Justin Abdelkader & Brendan Smith
  • Pavel Datsyuk & Henrik Zetterberg

Edmonton Oilers

  • Taylor Hall & Jordan Eberle
  • Taylor Hall & Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
  • Jordan Eberle & Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Florida Panthers

  • Dylan Olsen & Jimmy Hayes
  • Drew Shore & Jonathan Huberdeau
  • Dylan Olsen & Erik Gudbranson

LA Kings

  • Mike Richards & Jeff Carter
  • Drew Doughty & Trevor Lewis
  • Jonathan Quick & Dustin Brown

Minnesota Wild

  • Ryan Suter & Zach Parise
  • Mikko Koivu & Mikael Granlund
  • Jason Zucker & Charlie Coyle
  • Nino Niederreiter & Mikael Granlund

Montreal Canadiens

  • P.K. Subban & Carey Price
  • Alex Galchenyuk & Brendan Gallagher
  • Brandon Prust & Alex Galchenyuk
  • Brandon Prust & Brendan Gallagher
  • Brendan Gallagher & P.K. Subban
  • P.K. Subban & Brandon Prust
  • Max Pacioretty & Lars Eller

Nashville Predators

New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders

  • John Tavares & Ryan Strome
  • John Tavares & Evgeni Nabokov
  • Matt Martin & Casey Cizikas
  • Colin McDonald & John Tavares
  • Brock Nelson & Ryan Strome

New York Rangers

  • Ryan McDonagh & Derek Stepan
  • John Moore & Derick Brassard
  • Cam Talbot & Chris Kreider

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

  • Claude Giroux & Jakub Voracek
  • Zac Rinaldo & Michael Raffl

Pheonix Coyotes

Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin
  • Marc-Andre Fleury & Kris Letang

San Jose Sharks

  • Patrick Marleau & Joe Thornton
  • Antti Niemi & Alex Stalock
  • Logan Couture & Jason Demers
  • James Sheppard & Andrew Desjardins
  • Marc-Edouard Vlasic & Justin Braun

St. Louis Blues

  • T.J. Oshie & David Backes

Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Radko Gudas & Ondrej Palat

Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Phil Kessel & Tyler Bozak
  • Jake Gardiner & Morgan Rielly

Vancouver Canucks

  • Henrik Sedin & Daniel Sadin
  • Eddie Lack & Jacob Markstrom

Washington Capitals

  • Alexander Ovechkin & Mikhail Grabovski
  • John Carlson & Karl Alzner
  • Mike Green & Brooks Laich
  • Joel Ward & Jason Chimera 
  • Tom Wilson & Michael Latta

Winnipeg Jets

  • Zach Bogosian & Jacob Trouba
  • Ondrej Pavelec & Michael Frolik

Below this cut are the following categories: [Star-crossed Lovers], [Retired and Lovin’ It], [Oops, I Crossed Leagues] [Twitter is an awful place], [ + = Bromances], [Across the Leagues], [Rookies in Bruv].

(Oops, I Crossed Leagues will have one NHL player with the other player being in any other league. Across the Leagues is for players for all the leagues except for the NHL.)

(Edit; There has been a new category added. It is titled [Rookies in Bruv], because I’m sure there’s some bromances among the new rookies somewhere.)

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vessuvius  asked:

✕. give this boy kisses! Accepting–!!

✿ for a sweet kiss on the cheek

The feeling of a kiss on his cheek sent Joey rigid, heat blooming on his skin where Linus had just kissed him. Gentle and sweet–just like Linus. It reminded him of a midday snowfall, petals on a breeze; transient but everlasting. How could something so light and quick leave him so struck?

“Lin–!!” His name came with a laugh, happiness and warmth tucked in the corner of his smile. “Warn me next time, big guy.”

With a soft touch to the other’s shoulder, Joey leaned up to reciprocate the kiss, pressing his lips to Lin’s cheek. He couldn’t help but wonder if it would move him just as much. 

Philkas fanfic: I want the world to know

(Written by me because I love these two and Philip deserves everything good in this world. So I gave it to him. You can find more of my fanfics in the links on my blog or just message me yo)

“You drive around corners like you want us to crash!”

Lukas laughed at Philip’s incredulous tone as he parked the motorbike outside the school. Philip got off first, unwrapping his arms from around the blondes waist and pulling off his helmet before Lukas did the same.

“I know how to ride without crashing, Philip. You’ve seen me do jumps with no hands, driving to school is nothing. Don’t you trust me?”

Philip smiled as they walked inside together. He hadn’t missed the fact that Lukas had decided to become more open about their relationship and he was excited at the thought that he could hang out with Lukas at school even if it was just ‘as friends’ while in public. But he hadn’t had any friends in school till now and with Lukas, he might actually be able to enjoy it there.

“I just don’t see why its necessary to drive that fast.”

Lukas bumped his shoulder against Philips, smiling knowingly.

“It makes you hold on to me tighter.”

Philip laughed and pushed him back, but his smile slid away as soon as they turned into the hall. Lukas stopped walking, looking at Philip’s worried face with a confused smile.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Lukas!” It was Brandon, one of Lukas’ friends. He was coming down the hall towards them, looking at Philip with disgust.

“You hang out with this creep now? I thought you hated him?”

Lukas turned around, already rolling his eyes at Brandon’s mocking tone.

“His name is Philip. And yeah I hang out with him. What does that matter to you?”

Lukas pulled on Philips arm, trying to get away from the asshole now blocking the hallway.

“Cause he’s weird. He’s been stalking you and-“
He hesitated, looking back out the window where Lukas’ bike sat, face screwing up into an even more sour expression.

“Did you two ride here together?”

Philip was quiet at Lukas’ side, steeping back a little, partially hiding behind the blonde’s shoulder as Brandon got more aggressive and Lukas didn’t even know why he had been this jerks friend before.

“Can you just leave us alone? What’s your problem with him?”

Lukas started to get angry now, holding his shoulders back and coming towards Brandon like he was going to punch him. Philip noticed and took hold of his wrist where Lukas’ fist was clenched at his side.

Brandon noticed too. “You protecting him now, Lukas? What’s gotten into you? What, are you two dating or something?”

He said it with a mocking snare and Lukas couldn’t stand to look at his ugly face anymore, or hear him talking about Philip that way.

“Yeah, you know what? We are dating.”

Brandon’s face went blank before he burst out laughing. Lukas could feel Philip freeze behind him, hand loosening on his wrist before squeezing lightly, thumb rubbing against his skin.

Brandon managed to wheeze out some words in between his bouts of laughter.

“Are you serious? You’re dating Philip? You two are gay?”

This was everything Lukas had been afraid of, being laughed at, being judged, being hated. But Brandon was a jerk and Lukas cared more about Philip’s opinion than some homophobes.

“Yeah, is there something wrong with that?”

Brandon stropped laughing, staring at them with disgust.

Lukas slipped his wrist from Philips hold and took his hand in his instead, turning around and pulling him down the hallway to their class.

Philip was staring dumbstruck at Lukas, his open mouth slowly pulling into a smile.

Lukas was smiling too, embarrassed. He stopped walking when they got to the end of that hall, looking at Philip as their hands hung, tangled, between them.


Philip laughed a little at Lukas’ blush.

“I can’t believe you just did that. It was amazing.”

Lukas shook his head, staring down at their hands instead.

“I don’t really want to think about it.”

“Okay, what do you want to think about?”

Lukas looked up at Philip through his eyelashes, head still hung low, and pulled on Philips hand to tug him closer. He could feel Brandon’s gaze still on them but right then, he didn’t care.


Philip smiled wider, glowing at this show of affection in such a public place.


“Yeah, kiss me.”

Philip beamed and lifted his free hand to Lukas’ neck, pulling him close and taking his mouth with his own.

Lukas closed his eyes and focused on nothing but the softness of Philips lips on his, the taste of his tongue, the feeling of his heart beating under his palm as his hand lay on the others chest between them.

Lukas was smiling again when they parted, forgetting all about Brandon as he looked at Philip.

“So we’re dating?” Philip smiled cheekily as he asked, making Lukas laugh as they swung their clasped hands into a gentle sway.

“If you want to.”

Philip nodded, his eyes bright.

“Of course. So… I’m your boyfriend?”

“Yeah I guess so. I’ve never had a boyfriend before, it’s kind of weird.”

Philip raised an eyebrow, pretending to be offended despite the fact that he was still smiling. Lukas hoped he’d never stop.

“I mean a good kind of weird. Now that Brandon knows he’ll probably tell everyone. We might have to move schools.”

“Are there even any other schools around here?”

“Umm, probably not.”

Philip pulled his arm around Lukas’ waist.

“Maybe Gabe can home-school us. Then you could say you’re dating the cutest guy in school.”

Lukas looked at Philip with a smirk.

“I already am.” Lukas pulled Philip to him and kissed his neck as Philip lifted a hand to the nape of the blonde’s neck.

“Hmm, you’re gonna make someone throw up.”

Lukas spoke against the skin of Philips neck, smiling as he held him close.

“I don’t care.” He pulled away suddenly and bit his lip as he looked at his boyfriend.

“Just don’t tell anyone what I said.”

Philip played with the hair at the base of Lukas’ neck, kneading the muscles there.

“What? That you think I’m cute?”

“Yeah, it’s so embarrassing and sappy. Even though I mean it.”

Philip laughed again and lent forward for another kiss, no matter who was watching.