yo mel look at this


Stood on the balcony watching over the city “so Mr Brown to rent this apartment it will be eight thousand eight hundred and eighty eight dollars every month. As you said you wanted something that you could lease for a couple of months and as a single man like yourself you will have the luxury of someone cleaning every day or whenever you ask because this place is open twenty four hours and is here for you and your convenience, clubhouse, pool house so you can entertain guests whenever you please” removing my shades “I like the location, I think this will be a good spot” turning around walking back inside the bedroom “no stripper pole here” I said laughing “I mean we could try for you” chuckling shaking my head “I am joking, I don’t think my girl will be best pleased. Trust me on this I am going to be good here, I usually get kicked out” the agent looked at me in shock “oh you’re not single” I guess he doesn’t look into celebrity gossip as much “nah and I’m sure Rihanna will be over here a lot so you know” he gasped “wow, well of course and we can always cater to Rihanna as well” he look so damn excited “this would have been a good party place, I guess one party won’t hurt but I will go with this” getting my hand out “hit me up when you draw up the contract and when I can move in, I have business elsewhere” walking down the stairs “dope place nigga” Starino got up from the couch “yeah let’s go, I’ll be late if not” looking at my watch, I still have time to go home.

Stepping out of my Lamborghini “I’ll hit you up later” Starino dapped me “look after my car nigga, ain’t want to see no marks on that” he laughed “I got you, don’t worry” sighing as I pulled my sweatpants up, looking to my side to see the SUV is here early to take me. Pushing my door open “niggas!” I shouted shutting the door behind me “I got the Apartment, shit is nice as hell” walking to the living room “oh Mel” removing my snapback, I was not expecting Mel here “hi Chris” she mumbled putting her head down, she looks sad as hell. Looking around the room “shawty not come?” Mel shook her head silently “her movie premiere” chewing on my bottom lip “okay I will leave y’all to it” walking off, I felt real awkward there like I just interrupted a real deep conversation.

Jogging up the stairs thinking about last night, me and Robyn left on bad terms. She left my place crying and that was the last of it, I didn’t bother to console Robyn either because I am just so mad at her for talking about me like that, I can’t tell her off without cussing her out while I am doing it. Them fuckers know about me still being a crazy motherfucker but how and why would she do that, I have so many questions and I have yet to read the blogs but I am ready for the media to ask me shit when I go because I don’t want people talking that I didn’t go to the premiere after what happened backstage.

“What you think?” reaching to the bottom of the stairs “nice, Robyn will be impressed to see. I mean you actually look really handsome, so handsome” Mijo’ head turned so slowly to Mel “calm yo ass down, he look aight!” a smiled formed on my face from the compliments I am getting “why thank you Melissa, I do look good” placing my shades on “if Robyn don’t suck yo dick for looking this fine then leave her” my head snapped towards the door “Lee? Where you come from?” I am sure these were supposed to go to the premiere with Robyn “my feet hurt” Lee stumbled along “I was going but Robyn had the biggest fit ever and argued with me and told me I was uninvited so she ditched me half way throughout the journey” Lee fell on to my couch “so I had to walk a little until I finally found a cab, she is a bitch!” Melissa’ hand is firmly pressed against her mouth trying to not laugh so hard at her “fuck you all” not even going to lie but Lee looks like a hot mess “look we not laughing but you can come with me, I am still going” Lee groaned out in annoyance “I am so over listening to her, she has done nothing but cry and now the world knows about the baby” sharply taking in a deep breath “ugh! Fine, I’ll come just do not kick me out of the car like she did” Robyn can be a real bitch at times “cool” slowly walking out of the room.

“You know what Lee” blowing out the smoke from my cigarette and putting the stub out “I am about tired of speaking to press and walking red carpets” looking out the window seeing the sea of press again “you must be done with the shit, understandable. Where are your minions and the two big ones?” getting my phone out of my pocket “oh I left them behind, I just want to get this done. I am not watching to movie because I have to go and do some other stuff but I can always pretend I did” switching my phone camera on “mhmmmm Mr Vain” looking at my face before I leave this car “nigga be looking fly as hell” squinting my eyes “no wonder your head is big, look at you” pressing record “sasquatch lives” moving the camera so Lee is in my camera view “you don’t want this Chris!! Delete that fucking shit” she was about to hit the phone out of my hands “okay, okay I won’t” shaking my head looking down at my phone and posting the video even if she gets mad at me.

Taking the last of the pictures on the red carpet “over here sir” the lady that was walking with me and telling me where to go “some questions!” BET shouted, I was about to walk by them “sure” with my hands behind my back still looking out for Robyn “you just missed Rihanna, did you not want to walk together?” BET are always messy so I need to create a good lie “she left before me, I had to go and look at an apartment” the interviewer nodded “ohh right we were thinking where you was and she said you was busy and something came up. You did say you was moving in with Rihanna what happened to that?” shit I did say that “well uhm me and Shawty are busy and I need to downgrade my place now so I will move to an apartment for a while” I hope this sounds believable “are you excited to see the movie?” he shouted over the crowd that started to shout “oh yeah for sure, I know Rihanna will be killing it as always. It’s always good to support my girl” I think Bey and Jay are here with the way the crowd is “the rumours on Rihanna being pregnant with Gregory’s baby is true?” looking down the carpet “no comment, I don’t know anything about it” which they knew is a big lie “we have to go now” the lady motioned me away just in time, seeing Robyn talking to E “you want to go inside or answer more questions?” shaking my head “inside” walking by the E crew “hey” kissing Robyn’ cheek roughly taking Robyn by surprise “oh my gosh” she held her chest in shock “see you inside” walking off, this does not mean I am not angry at her still.

Getting inside the building, I just want to talk to Robyn and then I am out of here “you see Robz face when you kissed her cheek though” Lee said, chuckling nodding “I have to be fake, I know she knows that I am still mad” watching out for Robyn “with my nigga breezy at the premiere of my bitches movie, we killing the game” looking at Lee recording herself and then seeing my face on her camera “you mean I killed the red carpet, I look at me” raising my arms, Lee pulled a face “we out here 500” Lee stopped recording “you and them blood signs, you finna get shot” smiling looking up seeing both of the girls I used to fuck with, I never dated them but I fucked with them and they were both models and twins, I smiled so hard “she is staring mad hard” Lee said pulling a face “I know, you wait here” walking over to them “long time!” I shouted, I think that was one of the best tims of my life, fucking with twins that like to share “same goes to you” the loud mouth twin was so quick to hug me “you stopped talking to me actually” wrapping my arms around her “because you’re an asshole but a sexy one” laughing moving back from her “I been getting that from a lot of people today, I know how to look good” she touched my hair “oh the baby curls are back, you know I loved that” giving the other twin a quick hug “quick photo” the twin passed the camera to their manager, stepping back wrapping arms around both twins at either side of me and then out of nowhere they both kissed my cheek.

The first thing I see is Chris being kissed by twins, he is so annoying but I know everyone is watching us and just waiting to announce we have split up and after this has leaked out I know they are waiting for it. I am happy he has come and showed the world that it doesn’t affect us and G will not break us even though we are due an argument, I am so happy he is here. Reading the blogs half the shit G said were all bullshit, the only thing he got right was that I was pregnant but I never got rid of it. I am not even talking to Jay after he has called me so many times and I know he is here but I don’t want to know, I don’t know if me and Chris will make it with the things that are forming against us. Chris saw me but also looked around seeing that people were watching us “baby” he finally left them twins alone, licking my lips Chris actually looks so nice, damn “keep biting your lip woman” releasing my bottom lip from my teeth “you okay?” he asked while his finger lifted my chin up so I was looking up at him “yeah I’m fine, you?” he gave me a little smile and then kissed my lips “you have some explaining to do” I knew this was coming “I’m not staying I have to go” moving his finger from under my chin “where?” removing his shades “I have to start packing my stuff, I bought an apartment. I am moving” my face soon dropped, he did this on purpose “what! I said for you to move in with me” he shrugged “you can always come to mine you know” now I am all annoyed with him “whatever Chris, I want to see this place” Chris licked his lips looking elsewhere but now I am too busy staring at his lips, my mouth slowly opened up, I just want to suck on his bottom lip “yo” Chris said clicking his fingers in my face “what!? I am not happy with you!” grabbing his Louis Vuitton scarf with my hands and pulling him into me “I want to see this apartment we can argue and I will tell you everything but you have to keep this on” a smile formed on his face “let’s go now, forget this and let’s go” letting go of his scarf and pressing it down with my hands on his chest.

Holding on to Chris’ hand making sure these bitches stop trying to look at my man, I am so happy Chris is with me even after last night he left me crying, I have been upset the whole night but now I just don’t care because the only person I want and care about is Chris, I want us to work and I am praying I get pregnant but I need to just relax and let it happen. Chris trying to sneak us out but this is not working out good, mind you this going to be the first time I have had sex since I lost the baby and I am kind of nervous. “Bitch!!” Lee screamed behind me “what?” trying to look behind me as Chris dragged us through the crowd “I am not about to go in a cab again, where are you both going?” I could barely talk because I feel like I am running “come here” feeling Chris wrap his arms around my thighs and picking me off the ground “Chris!!” I screamed out “you holding me up woman” I wish he wouldn’t do this “oh my god!!” he ran with me as everyone gawked trying to get their phone out “shit! Move!!” Chris ended up going through the entrance and walking on the red carpet, I just wanted the ground to swallow me up as we took the press by surprise. Chris was quick enough to go by them when they screamed out our names “put me down!” I whined, he is so embarrassing.

Me and Chris remained silent in the car, not a single word has been spoken while we sat in the car. The SUV came to a halt outside a newly built apartment complex, it looks nice from the outside but I won’t tell him that. Chris opened the car door so I decided to open my side and follow him, stepping out the SUV pulling my dress down “boo” I jumped back looking up “I was about to open your door but never mind” giving Chris a slight smile, nice Chris is always creepy at times. He placed his hand behind my back motioning me towards the entrance, I feel all nervous now. A guy opened the door for us and he bowed his head, this is like some hotel “Mr Brown” this random guy rushed towards us “you said you wasn’t moving in today, I have been rushing around” he seems out of breath, Chris chuckled “yeah well my girl wanted to see the place and I think we will be a while in there” he looked at me and then back at Chris all wide eyed “oh yeah Robyn this is Jason and Jason this is Robyn” Chris is trying to be normal, he is making me laugh and Jason seems nervous “so nice to meet you” he rushed and then looked at Chris “everything you need is in here, let me know when it’s free. Leave the envelope with all its things inside at the reception” Chris snatched the envelope walking off while pushing me along.

The elevator doors opened and Chris gripped my wrist and pulled me out of the elevator, I feel so nervous right now. He pulled me down the corridor towards a door, the only door that is on this floor “my place is better” I said frowning, Chris pushed the key card in the door “is this a hotel or something!?” Chris is not even talking to me, pushing the door handle down and pushing the door open wide enough for the both of us to enter. Chris let go of my wrist and slammed the door shut locking it in the process, throwing the envelope to the side “talk” he bluntly said, I was hoping that we would just fuck first so then he could have released a little bit of anger from that but no, I was wrong. Stepping back a little because Chris is all up in my space “about?” acting like I don’t know shit when I know that would just irritate him more “why would you speak about me to him? You had no right” looking down sighing “I know, I understand I shouldn’t have but we wasn’t together. I knew about your medication before you even told me about it” there is no emotion in his eyes which shows he is angry as shit “why was you even talking about me!? Speak the fucking truth” crossing my arms “me and him was just talking and he said you’re a horrible person and I said no it’s not him he is on medication now so it will calm him down, he was speaking about you and I was just saying something nice. I am sorry he threw back at you, I just don’t know anymore because I can’t trust anyone” shrugging not knowing what else to say “start by actually listening to me, if you want me then you need to trust me. People don’t like me and will always get at you or use you to get at me” pulling a face “what you mean?” Chris talks in his own language sometimes “I just want you to listen to me sometimes” Chris walked over to me grabbing my arm and pulling me into him, wrapping his arms around me as I had my arms still crossed “I have people asking me why I am still with you after getting pregnant, I just rather hide away with you for a while. You got anything important happening?” shaking my head silently “perfect, me and you about to spend some time together” slowly looking up at him, what is going through his mind right now is scary, he gave me a smile causing me to smile back at him.

Slowly opening my eyes frowning, I have no idea and I do not remember how I ended up falling asleep. Holding the sheet against my body, I know last night I did not sleep but how the hell did I just fall asleep like that. Rubbing my head lifting myself up turning my head towards the balcony doors that are open, I wonder how long I have been asleep because its night and I have nothing but my bra and panties on. Holding the bed sheet around me shuffling off this bed, I feel hungover right now. Dragging the sheet along with me “Chris?” I said lowly, I have no idea where I am going in this place and he is nowhere to be found. Making my way down the stairs making sure not to trip on the sheet that is around my body, I still don’t know if Chris is angry at me or not but he seems so calm but calm Chris can also be him hiding his anger and will show me the monster later, and by the monster I mean his penis. Taking in a deep breath as I made my way down, this place is actually rather big for an apartment, I jumped back a little as Chris started pressing keys on the Piano, and he is still wearing his outfit like I wanted him too. Chris stopped pressing keys as he swirled himself around on the seat “sleepy head” tightening the grip around the sheet “hey” I always end up looking like a shy girl with Chris “you fell asleep as soon as we sat on the couch, you must have been tired so I took your dress off and put you in the bed” thank god he explained, I nodded smiling shyly.

Chris placed my phone on top of the Piano, why does he even have my phone “you can either go home or stay with me but no phones allowed” I opened my mouth in a big oh “your phone has been ringing, so as mine but I don’t care less. Nobody knows we are here, me and you that is it. We can be us” I nodded smiling “I rather stay” his lips curled up grabbing my phone and placing it in his pocket “what are we doing anyways?” I asked, clearing his throat “sit on the table” he commanded. Making my way to the table, tripping on the sheet that was still around me “drop the sheet” I did as I was told and dropped the sheet pulling myself onto the slick, cool table. I sat on the edge, my legs dangling off the side. My heart sputtered out of control “you look guilty, what’s wrong?” he said with the most devilish smile plastered on his face, getting up from his seat pulling the louis Vuitton scarf off from around his neck “uh, no I am just wondering what you are thinking” he threw his scarf to the side and unbuttoned his top buttons “I don’t know” He stood in front of me simply staring at my nearly naked body “you know bipolar me, I could be thinking anything. Mind you I haven’t had my medication” His eyes raked over me, lingering on my breasts and panties. I gasped all wide eyed “you scared of me now?” He moved closer to me, placing each hand on my knees and spread them wide “why not!?” my breathing increased “you trust me right?” my mouth just gawked at him, I do trust him but I don’t like the crazy side to Chris “I do” I mumbled looking down at his hands on my knees “say it like you mean it, I’m not that bad you know” I have no idea if he is testing me or not but if he is going to be the father of my child and he is my future then I must trust him “I do trust you” looking up into his eyes “I lied, my momma will kill me if I stopped taking that” I knew he was testing me, I am not that stupid.

He brought his lips to my throat using his hand to angle my neck so that he got better access. His lips were soft at first warm like hot water. His free hand moved up my leg slowly, sending shivers over my skin. His fingers skimmed over the front of my panties and I gasped. I heard him chuckle softly “don’t laugh at me, I’m only like this with you” I said knowing he laughed at me, his voice low sending another shiver through me. My panties became even wetter than they already were. He skimmed his lips down my throat and chest, stopping just over my bra. His fingers still continued to move softly over my core lightly. He then quickly removed my bra, undoing the back easily. My entire body was tense, waiting for his next move. The heat from his hand scorched my skin, making it nearly impossible to think, I am always like this with Chris, and it’s always like it’s my first time with him. He ran his thumb slowly over the silky fabric of my panties, and more moisture seeped from my pussy. I bit my lip, body taunt as a wire. His eyes stared into mine deeply, never wavering. The intensity made my stomach quake with awe and anticipation.

I looked down at his hands, focusing on anywhere but those eyes that looked straight into my soul. Suddenly, his fingers slipped into the hem of my panties and grazed across my lips. My eyes closed and I stifled my gasp by biting my lip. I am mentally happy that I got that Brazilian wax, I was close to not having that wax but the decision I made I’m glad I did it. My thoughts were a jumbled mush as he plunged one finger deep inside of me. I moaned out loud, my hips bucking off the table into his hand. “Fuck,” I heard him growl. Then he pulled out of me and I groaned at his absence. Just what I needed, Chris toying with me when I hadn’t had sex for a while. I am practically wild with need. “Look at me” he commanded harshly. I struggled to obey, quickly opening my eyes. His eyes stared into mine and I moaned at the look he was giving me. His eyes were filled with lust, wild with it. My eyes were drawn south to see him straining against his pants. That hard bulge pressed against the black slacks that were suddenly more interesting to me “I’ll be damned if you’ll ever remember anyone else after I’m done with you” He said “we about to christen every room” I was beyond words, why did I even want to stay again “Christopher, you have to be nice with me” He ran his fingers once more over the thin material of my panties. “I’m always nice” he growled with a voice that was sex personified “but what I do know is we don’t need clothes” With one swift motion, he tore the ebony lace from my body. The fabric tore at my hip almost painfully before coming free.

He brought the panties to his face, inhaling deeply before stuffing them in his pocket. His firm eyes returned to mine “I smell good huh” I smirked, he always storing my panties away somewhere “smells like heaven and it tastes even better” His hands moved to my breasts, squeezing roughly. I moaned loudly and then cried out when he pinched the nipples, rolling them between his fingers tightly. The pain mixed with the pleasure, making it that much more intense. He began to rub roughly against my clit. My legs were spread wide open before him, I was fully naked but he was fully clothed. His fingers moved quicker into my swollen pussy and I gave an involuntary moan. I leaned back onto the table, resting on my elbows, clenching my eyes shut. My body began to twitch from my impending orgasm surging towards me. But then, he stopped. Growling in impatience, I grabbed the front of his shirt and brought myself up to him. I’d be fucking damned if I let him tease me like this. I hadn’t had sex in a while and he was going to finish what he started. “Don’t you dare stop” I growled into his face. I brought his lips to mine, his mouth attacked mine and our lips battled for dominance. His hands fisted in my hair, pulling slightly. My legs wrapped around his back as I brought him closer. He bit my lip, sucking it into his mouth and playing with it like a toy. “I fucking love you” he growled. My hands went to his pants, struggling to undo the suddenly complicated contraption. I was hovering on the edge of my orgasm, so close I was starting to feel pain. His hands gripped my breasts roughly, and a sharp lance of pleasurable pain shot through my body, straight to my core. I fumbled with his belt and pants, managing to unfasten them and shove them down. They stopped about halfway down his thighs, but I didn’t care.

I grabbed his dick in my hands, feeling it pulse against my skin with his need. I squeezed and he growled loudly. Grinning, I moved my hand over the head of his dick. Abruptly, I was pushed back onto the slick table. “Don’t fucking tease me” he said, his voice a warning. I smirked biting onto my bottom lip, he wants to be in charge. Without any warning, he grabbed my thighs in his hands, spreading me wide open again, and plunged his dick deep inside me. I screamed, my body seizing up in pure pleasure. “Fuck!” I screamed as he thrust into me again, he is such an asshole for not warning me. He slammed into me once more before I heard him speak. “Don’t tease me again” he growled. His hips thrust rapidly into me, and I was quickly brought to the edge. “Oh, fucking shit!” I screamed as I climaxed. He continued to drive his dick into my swollen, aching pussy, building up my pleasure again. A second orgasm loomed dangerously in front of me and I was so close, yet again. But he pulled out of me, his eyes crazed with lust and need. “Move back onto the table. Now!” I groaned, being left unsatisfied again. As I pushed myself further into the center of the table, my thighs rubbed against each other, creating a friction that made me bite my lip and moan.

Then he climbed onto the table with me. His lips curled into a deadly wicked grin as he crawled to me, stopping just in front of me. “Spread your legs” He commanded. Crashing his lips onto mine taking all speaking capabilities from me. His tongue wasn’t soft or gentle against mine, but filled with an insane, irrational need for what our bodies could do together. “you look so damn good” he said. Grabbing my hips in his strong hands and lifted me from the table before plunging me down onto his throbbing dick. My body was in an impossible angle, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t scream out at the pleasure slamming into me. He was kneeling on his knees while he fucked me. He continued to hold my hips, angling me just so. He hit places inside me that I didn’t even know existed. “Fuck!” My walls clenched around his engorged member that throbbed inside me. He slammed into me. I wrapped my legs around his back, making him go even deeper. “Your dick game is everything” I finally moaned out. He drove himself deeper inside me, not being easy on me. 

A low, throaty groan exited his throat as he released inside me. I climaxed once again as I felt his hot liquid empty inside me “damn” he mumbled, He pulled out of me still kneeling on his knees in front of me. Lazily lifting my hand and reaching over to his member that is semi-hard “I think I am going to enjoy the time I am going to have with you” pulling at his length, I feel so turned on just seeing Chris in his half buttoned black shirt all hot and flustered “just imagine all the sex” he grinned at me.