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We Fight Ourselves (Part 2)

Jon never truly belonged to her, but she knew that already. Fate had cast its die a long time ago—everyone, including herself, had to live with the outcome. At least she had her babe; at least she had her home. Sansa re-evaluates the state of marriage after brushing too close with death, but she’s not the only one whose views have changed [Rated M, post-series; deals with events from S7 and leaks from S8].

It was utterly foolish, she realized, having to go from one end of her home to another like a mouse evading the presence of a prowling cat. Still, it was the lesser of two evils, when it came down to it—any scenario where Jon happened upon her while she skittered towards her destination would be even less ideal. True, the glass gardens were on the westernmost side of the castle while the armory was in the opposite direction; the chances of running into Jon were slim to none, but Sansa just couldn’t shake off the paranoia that clung to her. She might have come out of her fever slightly worse for wear, yes, but she came out alive, breathing. If only Jon would see it that way, too.

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It’s like watching porn.

I am so pissed I’m literally livid. My mother is in prison and we haven’t spoken in nearly six months. She abandoned me around eight months ago with my Great Uncle. And even though my uncle is the best and only true father figure I’ve ever had I need to note that she left me with him only after I’d met him for a few months. She’s an awful mother. I have a brother and sister. Half. They’re both younger than me, my sister just turned 13, and my brother is 9.My sister isn’t an idiot and is finally at the age where she can see past my mothers manipulative nature and won’t put up with her shit much like me. My sister just text me and my mother wrote them from prison and is attempting to buy back their love despite of the shit she’s put them through. She wrote their grandmother, a woman she loathes, a woman she wishes was six feet under not dirt,  but concrete, and apologized to her for for not saying anything about the death of her husband. Then she had the fucking nerve to write at the bottom of the letter. “P.S. Why is Al [my sister and brother’s father] locked up? Did he get out?” My mother has put her own family threw hell and here she is attempting to waltz right back into it like it’s no big deal. Bitch, you just apologized for not saying anything about someone’s death and then you ask why your ex-husband is locked up? Is that your god damn business? She didn’t even apologize to my sister or my brother in their letters. In the letters she jumped straight into “once I get my income tax we can buy presents for ya’ll!” She makes me so god damn sick I want to vomit. She was going on about how she “goes to church at least five times a week” and is getting “baptized! Which is a big deal!” MY MOM IS LITERALLY THE DEVIL. YOU CAN’T BAPTIZE THE DEVIL. Also, you’re in PRISON! Don’t act like I don’t know how this shit works. The more active you are in the prison community the less time you’ll do. Atheists will pick up a bible real quick in prison in hopes of getting out sooner than their original sentence allotted. That bitch would go to church five times a day if she could just so she could skip out and get back to her old ways on the streets. And, even if she WAS trying to do right, my momma doesn’t even have a fucking soul! She literally lacks a soul. I’m not even kidding. One night her and my grandmother, her mother, before their falling out, went into a New Orleans Voodoo shop and put a death curse on my step-father. How much do you think a fucking DEATH CURSE costs? Because if I remember correctly Voodoo flows around the whole “karma” thing. She totally payed more than $35. Personally, I don’t believe in that crap and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but a few weeks later he got into a car crash that nearly killed him and his girlfriend. MY MOM USED BLACK MAGIC TO TRY AND KILL HER TWO YOUNGEST KIDS’ FATHER.

She’s literally fucking crazy and should be isolated from any and all other human beings. Last time she went to prison ( I think I was seven? Six?) she bragged about reading the Bible and how she was a “different person” but look where her dumb ass is now!! Like, even after that she was in and out of jail for years. I’ve had to call other druggies looking for my mother before. Google recent car crashes and shit when my mom didn’t turn up for a few days. Worry is her ex- boyfriend had finally killed her and if I was next like he so often threatened. I’ve had to plaay Sherlock Holmes with this stupid ass woman for years. Recently, I was pretty much friends with her god damn (now ex)parole officer since I was calling her so much trying to find my mom for the love of fuck.

If she truly was turning around she would’ve apologized and dropped the manipulative behavior. I mean she IMMEDIATELY jumped to “money for toys!!” in my brothers letter. IMMEDIATELY. No explanation for why she was locked up, no “I’m sorry for not talking to you” no nothing. Just toys.

The best part about this though is that in her letter to my (sister’s) grandmother she said, “Can you please not tell my mom?” (On account of her getting out on the 28th of March rather than the original FIVE YEAR sentence.)

Like, bitch. You’re in PRISON. WE ALL KEEPIN TABS ON YO ASS. 

I am so livid. 

My mom hasn’t spoken to me in six months. She abandoned me. She spoke to my sister and brother more than me withing that time frame. She always favored them over me.  She has put me through hell and back on more than one occasion and she writes them first? I’m her eldest daughter who had to grow the fuck up at the age of 9 and have my entire childhood ripped away because of that stupid druggie and she writes them first? She apologizes to my step-grandmother, to a person she could care less if they were dead or alive, she wrote to her first rather than her first born daughter that she put through hell? Where the fuck is my god damn apology? Where is my “I’m sorry for making you stay up with me all those nights when I was drunk. I’m sorry for blaming my abusive relationships on you. I’m sorry for all the times you walked in on me sticking a needle in my arm. I’m sorry for all the times I took you on drug deals. I’m sorry for all the times I ripped you out of your grandmothers care just to take you to one of my boyfriend’s houses on school nights. I’m sorry for driving you around drunk a lot. I’m sorry for showing up at your school wasted. I’m sorry for saying I hate you. I’m sorry for telling you that you’re childhood wasn’t as bad as mine.  I’m sorry for throwing you in a mental hospital because you wouldn’t do the dishes. I’m sorry I made fun of you for having depression. I’m sorry for guilt tripping you your whole life. I’m sorry I lied to all of our family members and told them you were an evil child. I’m sorry I’m a terrible mother.” Where. Is. My. Fucking. I’m. Sorry. Where the fuck is it. Why can’t I have a normal family. Why couldn’t that bitch had just left me with the family she originally gave me up too. I found out when I was nine that they were both doctors. I could’ve had such a better life. I used to fantasize about being raised by them instead of my alcoholic piece of shit mom who won’t even fucking say I’m sorry for any of the shit she has done to me. I never had a mom or a dad. Technically I’m an orphan right now because I have no parents. Thank god for my Uncle because he’s done more for me in less than a year than my mother has in 15. I’m just so angry I’m so god damn angry how could she do this to me. 

yo can someone please explain to me how linguistics works in rote?

the six duchies, bingtown, and jamaillia all speak the same language, but with different accents.  this is referred to as “common.”

the outislanders speak a different, but related, language

the mountain kingdom and chalced each have their own languages.  unlike outislander, these languages are unrelated to that of the six duchies.  chyurdan is apparently tonal.

common is spoken in clerres, but there is also an older language spoken by prilkop and beloved

the elderlings spoke……something.  possibly outislander, because prilkop could speak that, but not common.


i was tagged by the beautiful @kaurou and @snowpipercy to do the six selfies of 2016 challenge! alternately titled I Only Took Six Good Selfies This Year 

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I decided to join in on the ship playlists going around and made a Lailix one for others to enjoy if they so choose!

Song list-

Layla - Eric Clapton | That Girl - All Time Low | Loverboy - You Me At Six | Miss Independent - Ne Yo | Paint it Black - VersaEmerge | Wonderwall - Oasis | Twin Skeletons - Fall Out Boy | The Poet and the Muse - Poets of the Fall | Miss Murder - AFI | Angel - Theory of a Deadman | Without You - Lana Del Ray | Heaven or Hell - Digital Daggers | Cemeteries of London - Coldplay