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People talk about Louis not having a photo shoot, so, if yo could pick a magazine and the type of editorial, what would you pic? I'd say Interview Magazine or iD or Dazed and as extreme a fashion editorial as possible but not over the top. Would like a hair change, for example with a longer side and bleached or silver, just for the editorial to play with it not just to use for your typical promo. We should tag the magazines

god, i’m terrible with this question because i don’t really know magazines but louis can pull off SO MANY looks and SO MANY hairstyles like……the day he does an epic photo spread for a magazine is the day i can die happy. also since you mentioned silver hair, do you know what i’d do for a blonde louis shoot?!?!?! or so many colors tbh….i’ve reblogged so many edits with different hair colors on him and he pulls them all off. if you guys want me gone, tell louis to let them dye his hair because my heart would stop beating. he is so fucking gorgeous and he knows how to look good and confident and pull an outfit off whether he’s wearing stuff that costs $20 or $2k, whether it’s casual or dressy, and i fucking love that about him, so put him in a spread where he gets to wear shit that stylists specifically picked for his petite and perfect body and do his hair up all cute and pretty and let him loose to strike his poses and show off his best angles (aka every angle) like…….damn, dude. I’ll dig my grave right now because i know i won’t survive it. i can’t fucking wait.