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Stranger, Lover, Traitor [01]

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❝Here’s the first part! It’s rather long because it’s an introduction (plus inclusive of the sneak peek) but the future parts wouldn’t be as long as this! (:
►3180 words, part one
 When life gives you a drunken man, you let him ride on your tiger’s back. 

“Make sure Hope doesn’t eat all the berries again, the guests are getting suspicious to why we don’t get to serve any when we’re famous for it,” He warned, pointing at you with the knife because he’s making breakfast and you’re rolling your eyes before you waved your hands in the air, walking out of the door, “But they make it so easy!”

“Hey…” He growls, and for a second, you think he’s the animal. You snort, raising two hands up in defense, “Got it, I’ll make sure he doesn’t,”

“That’s good—“ He whistles.

“At least not allof them,” You retort.

“You little—!” He shouts but you couldn’t hear it all.

You were left to dashing out of the door, slamming it shut, trailing down the corridors and then out through the back to enter the greenery, the forest—the wild life. Your feet brought you quick and fast through the trees that covered the sun that started to rise, brightening and enlightening the day to a new morning. The nature engulfed you in once you felt that familiar feeling of entering what home felt like and it’s been quite a while since you’ve been living this way.

See… that man you almost into an argument with earlier was… someone you considered to be your guardian—he’s known to be as Pops for you, father. It’s difficult to talk about things like this but bottom line is, he owns a resort here for countless of years. He was living the dream in the business of hospitality. It used to be the limelight of this country, well-known to the world but once a ferry accident had happened, nearby the place he owned… no good news came out from it. He lost his only daughter, he lost his beautiful wife—he lost the reason why he’s working so hard.

And you… you weren’t that far from his situation.

You had lost the two people that brought you to this world, they were lost in that tragic accident and the mourning took longer than you had expected—you can’t even remember how long you’ve been crying, how many hours wasted in hoping they’d come back, how many minutes had gone by just like that because you were foolishly praying. He takes you in after seeing you weep by the ocean as your eyes watched the ferry your parents had board upon never return safely back to shore and witnessing the motor vehicle explode, taking any life on it down to the bottom of the sea, and the comfort of his arms took you in out of pity, sympathy—and mostly because he knew what it felt like to lose his whole world—it’s like seeing his own reflection except in a younger child.

Unknowingly, that’s how he took you into his life—and now you’re his world.

What made things more complicated is that you’re not exactly an ordinary child. Ladies about your age would be interested in many other things like going on fancy dates, the in and outs of fashion, looking out for those of the opposite gender, possibly even marriage, maybe focused in their work? But you… no. It’s speaks for itself because earlier, Hope is not a house pet that goes around eating berry  supplies for the guests by the lobby to eat… it’s—

The roaring of an animal could be heard, strong and brave, mighty and the leader of the pack brazed through the bushes, past the leaves and you stood on your ground with a grin. The orange and black striped animal tackled you down, rolling you over the dry soil and a squeal leaving your mouth when he has a growl sounding at the back of his throat the moment your body got caught in his tail.

“Hope!” You chuckled, noticing how he nuzzled into your neck, your hand reaching up to stroke the eager fellow’s head.

Yeah, you’re right—Hope is a tiger.

I sensed your presence so I came quick, he purred softly into your ears, whining quietly and feeling you scratch his head as you remained on the ground, using an arm to hug his torso the best way you can but he’s always too big. It feels incredible having the fluffiness of his beautiful fur against your skin, “You didn’t need to pounce on me like I’m your next meal—ah, which leads to remind you,” You gave him a light nudge and he rolled to the side as you got up and used the back of his head to aid yourself, pushing down on it like a leverage and he grumbled and looked up to you with his yellow eyes, you know I hate it when you do that.

Mhm, you can understand what Hope is saying. For some reason, others would hear their growls, their chirps, their roars but you would hear none of that. Of course it’s not out loud but let’s just say, the message you’d get was different. Whenever these animals make sounds, what they’re saying gets translated into your mind, thus, whatever you’re hearing from them are legitimately words and you understand them perfectly as if they speak your language. Apparently, you thought that’s how it is but one day when Pops asks who are you talking to? And you reply, the tiger, he’s hungry.

That’s when you knew your ability—and to your full advantage, it’s how you make a living now. You and Hope… the two of you go way back but… let’s save that for another time, yes? Because now’s not the time to go back to memory lane especially when he nearly cost you a knife to the face.

“And you got me in trouble again—you’re eating all the berries, aren’t you?”

The tiger backs off slowly, soft rumblings from his chest, trying to hide away and you’re huffing with your arms crossed, “So you did!”

I was hungry! The beast whined.

“I fed you two pieces of meat that day! Heck, Hope, it was yesterday!”

The tiger gets down to the ground, lying on his stomach and his eyes are not looking up to yours, I’m sorry…

He was doing that again—that thing with his eyes that makes him look so precious and he knows you can’t stay mad at him if he does that. You’re scoffing, shaking your head, “No, Hope. You’re going to get punished.”

The beast scrambles from the ground, whining louder, n-no! Anything but punishment! You know I hate being in the cage!

Now he’s roaring—and for any normal human being, they’d be scared to shit or even shit themselves but you were persistent despite his cries of please! Please!

You raise a hand and now he’s silent, obeying your orders and lying down to the ground again, mouth shut.

“No meat for the day,”

He threatens to get up, he flinches.

“Unless you want to be in the cage for the night?”

He remains on the ground, frozen.


You missed a spot.

You exhale and reach forward, scrubbing off the stain on the cage, tolerating any sort of additional parts they’d want you to clean before you head back because today was one hell of a night. Not only did you have to play waitress for the restaurant but you also had the night shift to clean the animals’ cages. Yeah, you certainly do not get paid enough for this—heck, you could easily ask someone else to do it!

But here you were, wasting your night away to make sure this is all squeaky clean.

That corner!

“Oh calm down, will you?!” You groaned, dropping to the corner to use extra force in scraping it off.

However, halfway or rather, in the midst of you grumbling your troubles away about how this shouldn’t be how you spend your weekends, there was a growl in the air but it wasn’t any other type of growl, it was your name. You shot up from the ground at the familiar noise echoing past the trees, through the crisp of the night and then the shivers ran down your spine because that’s usually the sound when an intruder is in here—in the forest…which was odd because it’s almost nearing midnight—it’s impossible for anyone to be out here late at night.

Hope is in the West! Intruder, intruder!

Immediately, you waved a hand at Sapphire, and she came towards you instantly. Throwing your leg over her torso and a light kick, she was left to sprinting towards wherever her instincts told her where Hope would be.


Dropping you off, you delicately stroked her head and nudged her away, “Head back, I’ll take care of this.”

She was hesitant, but the tigress stalked off step by step with her blue eyes remaining on you the whole time before she blended in with the trees and disappeared.

You took one, two, three steps forward, around the trees only to freeze in your spot when you see a man, dressed in a tuxedo, a glass bottle in his hand and his other pointing at the beast before him. The beast was almost his size and the fact that the beast was on fours was another thing. It had beautiful orange fur, black stripes and it didn’t seem to faze as it stood against the tall man.

Your eyes squinted only to focus on the man, his features unknown to you and he didn’t seem familiar—he didn’t feel familiar, either.

He turned his head a bit, the moonlight shining down on him and your eyes widened at the sight. He had pretty sharp features to begin with, dark eyes, pout lips, slightly sharp nose and a slender jawline—he could be a model for all you know and you’re left to stepping out of the dark before Hope would cause any damage because there’s no way you can bring this man back to life.

“W-Who are you?”

The man flinched at your voice and it’s hilarious because he’s not afraid of the huge tiger in front of him?

“Who a-are you talking to?” The man pointed at you with his finger, the bottle swinging idly in his other and he seemed to have slurred—bad. You could hear the alcohol reeking from him and he’s not even that close to you. His tie was loosened and he seemed so weak that you could give him a shove and he’d be on the ground by now.

There was a growl from the animal but you came close enough to place a hand on his (Hope is a male) head, trying to make him back off, “Stop, Hope…”

“Hope?” The man questioned, then laughed, “Who the hell is Hope?”

There was a louder growl, a snarl, a deadly warning and you swore you hear Hope scrapping his claws in the soil. “This is Hope,” You remained your hand on his head and for once, the man actually took a look at what you’re placing your hand on.

His eyes widened, his breath quickened—and then the glass bottle broke after a loud thud that followed after.

“Great…” You muttered under your breath, turning down to the tiger that looked up to you, “You made him faint.”

I didn’t even do anything.

“Well you’re a tiger! That’s why he fainted!”

Well sorry I’m not human. Plus, I thought he was going to hurt you!

“He’s drunk, Hope! He can’t do anything without tripping over his own foot,”

I was worried for you.

You sighed at his good intentions but now you were rather worried about the lying figure on the ground.

What do we do with him? The tiger growled softly, nuzzling his head by your hip and you shook your head because for once, as a person who knows what to do with everything around here, your mind went blank.

“I have no idea.”

You feel Hope’s tail going around your waist, and you saw through his plans, “Hope, we can’t just leave him here like this,”

Then what do you plan to do? He’s looking up to you, ready to obey whatever you’re planning and it takes you a moment to go through what you should do. The chances of you bringing him back to the resort on your own was rather slim because he looks like he’s able to topple you over with just his weight—and height. And it’s not a bright idea to risk allowing Hope to carry the man all the way there when there’s a function going on. So, taking things to your hands, you had somewhere in mind where he could stay the night before you’d kick him out the morning after—you had a show to run tomorrow and it’s not going to be easy sleeping in the sofa tonight.

“Wait here…” You mumbled softly, detaching yourself from the tiger before taking a few steps to reach the lying figure on the ground. You crouched down and gently picked up the pieces of glass to set them aside, “Could you bring the basket?” You asked, pretty sure that he was already stalking off somewhere to retrieve whatever you’ve requested.

The shards were set off in a pile beside him and you had tried to peel off the glass in his hand to place it on top of it all. His eyes are closed, heavy and he’s mumbling something incoherent and you can’t make up what he’s saying even if your life depended on it. Slightly in the pocket of his tuxedo, the jacket, you see a white corner poking out. It’s not right to snoop around but you have no choice, your hand reached for it, pulling the card out and you’ve managed to get his name.

Wu Yi Fan, CEO

You’re scoffing a laugh, rolling your eyes as you compared the image on his card (which surprises you) and the passed out image that’s 3D before your eyes—CEO my ass. Shrugging, you slip the card back into his pocket as if it was never touched. When Hope returns with the basket and you’ve put the pieces of glass away in it, you’re heaving his body onto Hope’s back and the tiger is grumbling.

Are you sure I’m still not getting any meat tonight? He asks, on the way back to where you two were headed and you snarl, “What are you expecting? You’re the reason why he fainted in the first place,”

Hope is grumbling, huffing in discontent and you understand what he’s saying and sometimes he forgets that you can hear his words perfectly.


“Put him in bed and wait by the door,” You say once you get into your place, just a house perfect for one somewhere in the trail between the back of the resort and the forest. Hope is delicately walking into your bedroom, on his feet carefully to make sure he shakes off the body on his back so the man is sliding onto your bed. Hope backs away from the bed and notices how the man is already getting used to the softness of your mattress and Hope is debating on whether he should or should not do it but he’s already doing what he didn’t know he would do.

He exits and uses his tail to nudge the door close before he reaches the main door, standing there casually as he waved his tail around. His senses pick up the scent of chicken meat and his mouth is dry when you stand in front of him with a grin, “This is for being a good boy,” You pat his head, then place the meat in his mouth.

He hums in content, thank you…

“I’ll see you in the morning, Hope,” You coo, stroking his head and then he’s nodding once with a grateful look in his eyes, goodnight.

You close the door and decide it’s time to check on another animal you’ve not set out to take care of for the night. The thought of being able to dive into your bed and sleep in peace is completely gone because once you reach your bedroom, you see an unknown man, though you know his name, it’s not the same. He’s occupying way too much space for you to slip in but you do notice that the blanket is tucked over him nicely and his shoes are removed—so those were the pair of shoes by your door…

And to think Hope was a bad tiger.

You swear when you’re about to leave the room, there was a soft no and it makes you almost freak out from the low and groggy voice. Freezing in the spot (and feeling like that dumb person in a horror movie that dies after hearing a sound), you’re fixing your eyes on him. It takes you less than five seconds to realize he’s frowning, his body facing you and it’s like he’s sleep talking when he mumbles a lot of things you can’t make up.

Sighing and unable to just walk away from this, you take quiet steps towards him and sit by the side on the bed, hesitating if you should touch him or not. You nearly let out a scream when his hand darts out to your way, clutching onto your wrist and you swear he’s not asleep. His eyes open and you’re hitching your breath because this is not how you intend to talk to him.

He’s introducing himself, hi… my name is Wu Yi Fan… and you’re dumbfounded like what the fuck are you supposed to say? He won’t remember this and when he slips his hand into yours, you’re widening your eyes from his sudden move and it doesn’t feel like he’s drunk when he’s demanding for your name.

You stammer out your name and for a split second you thought you had forgotten your own name.

He’s smiling in satisfaction when he hears your name but he’s tugging you down to the bed and rolling you over, embracing you tightly and you’re clenching your eyes shut from all the sudden movement and the warmth that’s engulfing you. It’s foreign, it’s unusual but strangely good. You tense in his arms, on the bed you call your own and sleep every night but it feels different tonight.

“U-Uh… M-Mr. Wu?” You try to nudge him away, “I don’t think this is appropriate—“

“Don’t leave,” He’s muttering the words under his breath, clutching onto you tighter and then making you press your cheek against his chest. His arms are caging you in, cocooning you towards his body and it’s impossible to break free even if you tried. He’s drunk, yes—but he’s strong and way bigger than you, much like a giant life-sized doll.

“You’re drunk…” You breathe, noticing how he’s staring down on you and you bet he can’t even see clearly.

It’s true when his eyes are blurry, in a daze—and his head is spinning, he’s seeing stars but he sees them in your eyes and he smiles. “And you’re really pretty,”

It makes you close your eyes because why the hell were you blushing from a drunken man’s compliment in the first place? You remain having your hands on his chest, trying to nudge him away but he doesn’t say a word, he doesn’t complain but he’s not letting you go, either.



You glance up once more and then you’re sighing for the umpteenth time today before you curse.

Well fuck, he’s asleep.

Then you hear a sound.

And he snores.

exo reaction to dating simulation games

Xiumin: “Why would you want me to play Adam Sandler dating simulator?”

Luhan: “Yeah, that’s something for me”

Kris:  “Do I really have to?" 

*After 15 mins he gets really into it*

Suho: "There is a dating sim with exo? Woah, I really want to see it to be honest”

Lay:  *Got noticed by T Rex after 3 minutes into the game*

Baekhyun: “i don’t play those kind of games…”

Sehun: “Do you want me to see your history?”
Baekhyun: “Be right back.. wait here..”


Chanyeol: “I played one where you could date Exo before, I dated myself”

D.O:  *Calmly plays for a long time without knowing the game is actually Katawa Shoujo and has a heart attack at a certain moment *

Tao: “Aren’t these games for girls?”

*Gets very emotional after an hour*
“Don’t die baby, I will always love you…”

Kai: *Laughs throughout the whole game*

Sehun: “Why would I want to play that?”

*Big-breasted babe pops up* “I’ll give it a go though”

EXO Reaction to finding their girlfriend up very late painting out on the balcony

Balie and I personally loved this request because we are basically the same. The night gives us inspiration and we stay up very late drawing or playing or writing. It’s our thing, how about you?

Admin A~

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*Joins you with his music* “Jaaaagi… is painting…~ and I’m singing outside… yeah~”


“Yo girl… this is what real artists do.. I taught you well… I’m proud!” *Kriscasso mode*


*Barely awake* “Hey jagi… I’m cold here! Come, I need my cuddles or I won’t fall asleep” *Spoiled maknae*


*Doesn’t even notice… he can sleep for days ya know? He is a panda*


*Practically does the same when he practices his dancing* “Oh oh remember that time I was practicing and you thought the alies took me back to the EXO planet?”


*Watches you from the window* “Hey there precious…. need a muse? I can be yours, I’m wearing just a robe”


*Wakes you very early in the morning* “Hey hey hey hey hey! Up! It’s time! We are going on a date.. because I want to” *That lil ….. Baek*


*Covers before going outside* “Y/N? You are wearing a jacket right? I know you get inspired at this hour sometimes but… it’s freezing here.. I’ll stay here until you come back inside”


“Jagi? What are you doing? Wow… that’s a beautiful landscape… I love it but… why are you painting outside?”


*Needs his jagi to sleep* “What… are you… doing… you can’t stay here… no matter what you… okay five more minutes”


“Woah Y/N… I don’t know what to say.. this is amazing, you did this during my sleeping time? Dreams really come true…”


*A little worried* “Jagi.. it’s starting to snow… you should come inside. I’ll make tea and you can sit by the window okay? But I don’t want you to catch a cold”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Hope you like it^^ 

Kai - “I have…. no idea what you’re talking about…” *acting all innocent*

Sehun - *starts to mock them* “Boo hoo! it was so loud! I couldn’t sleep! Oh stop complaining.”

D.O - “You guys are never gonna let this die, will you?”

Chanyeol - “This is just unfair.”

Baekhyun - “Er, i don’t know what you guys have been hearing, it was definitely not me or y/n…” *bursts into embarrassed laughter*

Suho - “This day couldn’t get any worse”

Kris - *Has no clue what to say*

Xiumin - “Ah, this is torture”

Luhan - “Guys! Shush! She’ll hear you when she comes back!”

Lay - 

Chen - “Well at least i can make my girlfriend scream.”

Tao - *101% done with exo’s shit*

  • Xiumin: Don't fuck with me i haven't had my coffee...
  • Luhan: Yo! Wassup evrybady.
  • Kris: *always finds an excuse to draw on the board* Im an artist i should be an art teacher. *poorly drawn stick figures*
  • Suho: *cant keep control of his class* I will call aLL OF YOUR PARENTS! *Never does*
  • Yixing: *Over sleeps* Fuck im late! *finally gets to school* Shit wrong class!
  • Baekhyun: *Teaches band and chior* *Surprisingly very serious about his profession*
  • Chen: *Molds his kindergarten class into well blossomed trolls*
  • Chanyeol: *Tries to take his job seriously* *Farts and blames it on the nearest student*
  • Kyungsoo: *The only teacher anyone would listen to* *Will literally fail a kid for laughing*
  • Tao: *Gossips about other teachers to his students* *Sits at his desk on his phone for the entire period*
  • Jongin: *In charge of detention* *Sleeps in teacher's lounge*
  • Sehun: *Grades student essays on how he feels about the student* This is a well written essay... the only problem is it was written by Steven... I'll give it a C+
Exo reaction when you two stuck in elevator

chen : * diva mode activated* since you already know who iam let’s use the time we’re stuck here to get to know who you are *overflowing confidence*

lay ; why is the elevator stuck? how long we’re gonna stay here ? are we going to die ?

luhan : so the electricity is out and there is no camera we’ll be stuck here for a while i know a few ways to keep us occupied

kris ; *doesn’t care about the situation at all* YO my name is kris but you can call me tonight * subtly slips his phone number and winks*

baekhyun : do the light switch dance on the elevator buttons to get your spirit up , when  he doesn’t get any reaction from you he gets overly dramatic*

we’re gona die in here i can’t die just yet im too young and too good looking to die now

when you laugh at his misery he forgets everything about the elevator and get flirty

kyungsoo : *too awkward to talk to you* the lord is testing my patience *prays* may the dark lord give me the strengh

chanyeol : *sees you freaking out goes checking out on you like the sweetheart he is*

kai : *freaks out immediatly and keeps pushing emergency buttons, doesn’t even notice you*  no no i can’t be late to practice *mental breakdown*

sehun : *not bad but gurl that outfit with those shoes* * bratty maknae mode on*

suho : don’t worry we’re gonna get out of here soon *tries to be smug  about it to make you feel better but he’s terrified himself*

xiumin : *not so subtly checking you out*

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