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Sunshine about to steal all the Ahgase fanbase once they find out this hidden talent and I will be standing in the back with a stop sign because y'all have slept on my bias for too long. I feel like no one has seen this so I’m bringing it back around. His flow was so natural and the way he delivered it was like he has been part of the rap line since day one. JYP and GOT7 please write more songs where he raps….it is a must have. Youngjae is truly the all arounder in this group, along side Jackson and Yugyeom. This talent is too real man. But lowkey if you haven’t listened to any of their Japanese album you need to! And don’t forget to listen to their new one ‘Hey Yah’.

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hello! can you do a jaehyun scenario with him as your best friend and he suddenly confesses to an oblivious you?

Sorry for the long wait! It didn’t turn out as good as I expected it to be… but I hope you still like it. 💓  I’ll work harder next time hehe. PS. Warning, might be a slight bit cheesy lol. 

Listen: x


You shifted around in your seat on the bleachers, trying to get a more comfortable position, while lightly tapping your foot against the seat in front of you, impatiently waiting for Jaehyun to finish baseball practice. Did he always have to drag you along to the games? This was just a practice game too. He already knew you weren’t an athletic person and that you couldn’t care less about watching sports. 

“________!” Jaehyun called to you, waving to you from his position on home-plate, getting ready to bat. 

“I’m watching!!!” you yelled back. 

“I can see you on your phone though!” he shouted. 

You discreetly shut off the screen of your phone and instantly stuffed it into your pocket. 

“I’m not…” you whined. 

He just gave you a teasing look of disapproval, shook his head still smiling, and focused his attention back on the game. 

Jaehyun and you have known each other since your second year of middle school. When you first met him, he had just moved in next door. You still remember how you sat at the passenger’s seat of your mom’s car, nonchalantly looking out the window, when you saw a sleek white BMW pull in front of the garage next door, parking beside a massive moving truck.

Your mom had been anticipating the next family that would move in and had already prepared rice cakes to bring over to welcome them.

“You should come with me, _______. Have some manners and greet your neighbours!” she scolded.

Truthfully, you didn’t really care nor want to, but you obediently listened since it was almost impossible to win an argument against your mom.

He was wearing a casual black and white plaid button-up over his white tee, a simple snapback, and a pair of jeans. He was helping the movers with some of the heavy furniture. You still remember the brief eye contact you shared with him and his sweet smile in response. You couldn’t deny that he was quite handsome, but he seemed a little too perfect. 

You stood there awkwardly with the plate of rice cakes in your hand, waiting for someone to accept them so you could go back home. Your mother had already gone to talk to his mother, chatting excitedly and already acting like best friends. Typical neighbourhood mom friendships, you thought.

Your mom gave you a look of disapproval and motioned for you to come and join her. You reluctantly walked over and offered the rice cakes to his mother. 

“This looks delicious, thank you sweetie!” the beautiful woman dressed in professional-looking attire gushed.

“This is my daughter, ________. She’s fourteen years old.” your mother introduced.

“Same age as my son then!” his mother replied enthusiastically. 

“Will he be attending Hyundai Secondary School?” your mom asked.

“Yes, we still need to finish up some paperwork but he’s transferring there. Maybe ________ will be able to bring him around?”

Jaehyun finished carrying the heavy furniture to the door and quickly rushed over, while dusting off his hands. Then, he performed a perfect ninety-degree angle bow. Not that you expected anything less from him. From first glance, he already looked like an obedient son, a son that any mother would be proud of. You could already feel the incoming nagging from your mother. Just great.

“It’s nice to meet you, Aunt. I’m Jung Yunoh, but everyone calls me Jaehyun. I’m fourteen years old and I’m looking forward to getting along with everyone in this neighbourhood.” he introduced himself, then smiled widely, his dimples deepening.

So that was the first day you met Jung Yunoh, the epitome of mom’s best friend’s son. You didn’t like him much at first. You knew he was a good guy, but he was just too perfect for you and you couldn’t relate to him.

He extended his hand to you and smiled again, “Pleasure to meet you, what’s your name?”

“I’m _______, nice to meet you too.” you smiled, albeit a bit stiffly.

Your mother couldn’t stop gushing about him that night at dinner. “Did you know he ranked second in his class at his previous school? And he’s also good at sports. He was also in the school choir and he even helps his mom out with cooking.”

You rolled your eyes and muttered, “Mr. Perfect” under your breath.

“________, you should be nice to Jaehyun and hang out with him at school. He would be a good influence on you, and he can even teach you how to cook. He’s especially good at cooking spicy pork and he offered to make it for us, isn’t that so sweet of him?”

You nodded and then faked a smile. I know how to cook too. I can make chocolate chip cookies

Seeing Jaehyun at school was double the stress. The first day at school, he already made a group of friends. You glanced at him from your lockers, surrounded by all the popular kids, different squads already trying to “recruit” him. 

“Yo Jae!!!” one of the jocks in your class, shouted. 

Jaehyun swiftly moved his hands, to what looked like a complicated handshake. 

They chatted for a while and you overheard him inviting Jaehyun to join the soccer team. Jaehyun said that he would consider the offer favourably and get back to him. 

Your thoughts were interrupted by a few nudges, squeals, and loud whispering from your two friends. 

“Oh my gosh, that’s the new kid. He’s so handsome… you’re so lucky he’s in your class.“ 

You just shrugged in response. “Well yeah, he’s okay. I still think Johnny is cooler." 

Johnny was an upperclassman who had studied in America prior to transferring to your school. He had a down-to-earth personality, but he was also more of a "bad boy”. You liked it the most when he spoke English. He was fluent and his pronunciation was just like how you heard it in Hollywood movies. 

“Johnny’s cool too, but Jaehyun is soooo my type.” your friend clasped her hands together and sighed. 

You placed the last of your books in your locker and rolled your eyes, ignoring the heightening sounds of squealing from your friends beside you. 


"I think he’s actually heading in our direction…what should we do?!" 

You felt a tap on your shoulder, and whirled around to come face-to-face with Jaehyun. 

"Hey _______, so I was thinking… would it be alright if you gave me a tour of the school?" 

You felt a wave of confusion wash over you. Why would he ask you to tour him around the school when he already made friends? You didn’t even talk to him all morning, other than a quick greeting before class started. 

You shrugged casually. "Sure, I can." 

Long story short, you continued to hang out after you toured him around the school. You took the same bus on the way back home and you would take turns treating each other to the snack stall after school. He would also often help you with your homework, especially English. 

You smiled to yourself, thinking back to that time you were preparing to ask Johnny to help you with your English homework. You had quickly ran to Johnny’s classroom at lunch break, smoothing your hair and fixing your skirt once you arrived at the door, preparing to walk in, when you overheard Jaehyun having a conversation with Johnny. 

That was normal, you already knew Jaehyun was the type of person who got along well with everyone, but… he was speaking in English. Absolutely fluent English. 

"So, I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Jaehyun asked.

“Yeah, at the baseball diamond, that ok?” Johnny replied. 

“Yeah, man. " 

You gasped. He hardly had any accent. What the heck? So he was bilingual too?

You were so shocked that you didn’t notice that Jaehyun had already walked out of the room and was staring at you with a quizzical look. 

"Waiting for me?” he asked. 

“No, I was going to ask Johnny something. Not you, Jae." 

"Well, I don’t know… you always ask me for help.” he chuckled lightly. 

“Not for English.” you stuck out your tongue. “And since when were you good at English anyways Jae? I can’t take you seriously, you’re good at everything." 

He laughed and jokingly teased, "I’ve been in America for four years, man!”

You raised your eyebrows, judging him. “Four… years?” You questioned hesitantly. 

“Yeah, before I transferred here!" 

You felt a tinge of embarrassment and promptly turned to walk in the other direction, but he just caught up to you and easily grabbed your English textbook out of your hand. 

"You don’t have to ask for Johnny’s help,” he said before flicking your forehead and running off. 


Now, you were both in your last year of high school. Even when you drifted apart from your friends in middle school, you were still as close as ever with Jaehyun. There was just this bond that couldn’t exactly be described in words between the two of you. 

Throughout the past four years, you had already talked about every subject that you could think of, but somehow, you never ran out of topics. You were both so open with one another. Lately, the subject of your conversation often revolved around the dreams and plans that the two of you had for life after high school. Jaehyun has always talked about how he wanted to play for a varsity baseball team at university. His long-term goal was to play for a professional baseball league, but if that didn’t work out, he was also interested in becoming an architect.

Jaehyun had always told you about the stories from when he stayed in America. He talked about how his family had went on many road trips to states nearby, and the many buildings and high-rises that piqued his interest in architecture.
As for you, you didn’t really know what you wanted to study yet but you have always wanted to study in America and experience a campus romance there. You always imagined how your first relationship would be like, and it may sound strange, but once in a while, you thought about how it would affect the relationship between you and Jaehyun. 

Jaehyun had always been handsome in that neat and proper boy-next-door way, but he had grown a lot in the past year. He was a bit more buff than before, since he had recently started working out. He had always been popular with the girls since he moved into the neighbourhood, but after he matured, they paid twice the attention to him than before. 

Last night, you saw him towel-drying his hair in a simple black wife-beater, and you had noticed that the muscles on his arms were more prominent than usual, even though he wasn’t purposely flexing them. 

You shook the thought out of your head. You never saw him that way. Well, you would be lying to yourself if you said you never thought about dating him even once. But you just couldn’t imagine it. You’ve already known each other for four years, if the two of you were anything more than friends, it would have happened already. 

However, you were worried about how the relationship between Jaehyun and you would change if either of you were to get into a relationship which would obviously happen sooner or later. Jaehyun always said that he would think about dating and relationships after high school ended… maybe by then the two of you wouldn’t even be in the same city.

You were still lost in your thoughts when you saw a hand waving in front of your face in your peripheral vision. Suddenly, his face popped out of nowhere, his navy baseball cap still on, his pale skin still as clear as ever, his sharp eyes staring directly into yours. You did a double take. Not because of his flawless features, but because his face was barely an inch from yours. Or maybe… a bit of both. 

“What are you daydreaming about now?” he laughed.

“Thinking about when I can go home and sleep,” you lied. 

“Typical, ________.” he chuckled and took off his baseball cap, shaking his hair dry. 

Almost immediately, you heard a bunch of squealing behind you. You had gotten used to it by now, being Jaehyun’s best friend and all. But, it still surprised you sometimes that he would hang out with you when he was so well-liked and you were just so… average. 

“By the way, you’re coming to watch the actual game tomorrow right?” he asked, one hand readjusting his cap, the other tossing a baseball up and down in the air.  

“Of course, I still have to come and support my little Jae. Even though I’ll be bored as hell.” You teased, reaching to pinch his cheeks. 

He smiled meekly. “As long as you’re there." 

You felt a warm stirring in your heart but ignored it. You’ve always been really supportive of one another, so that line shouldn’t have any other meaning to you. 


As soon as your alarm rang, you went to the washroom and washed up, changing into a striped baseball t-shirt that you had personally customized with "JAEHYUN 14” written in bold navy letters at the back. 

Today’s game was a crucial game for all the players who wanted to further their potential. There would be many coaches from prominent universities who would be scouting athletes for their sports teams. The probability of Jaehyun getting scouted was indubitably high as he’s a star player on the team, but which university would scout him was the question at hand. 

Although you pretended to be disinterested in the game, truthfully, you were maybe even more nervous than him right now. Today’s game was a breaking point that would decide the future of his baseball-playing career.

You chose a seat near the back of the bleachers and took out your phone to check the time. Most of the stadium was filled and you could hear the audience feverishly chatting about the professional coaches who had arrived and were sitting near the front. 

“I heard coaches from the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League are here today to recruit players!" 

"Wow, that’s insane… doesn’t it include Hosei and Keio U? Can’t believe there are even foreign universities recruiting for today’s game.”

The mere thought of Jaehyun getting scouted by such well-renown collegiate teams left you awestruck. But at the same time, you couldn’t help but feel a little heavy-hearted, because that also meant being far away from him, and the inevitability of drifting apart. 

You watched as the two teams took their positions on the field. Jaehyun’s team would be fielding first. From your position, you couldn’t really see his face clearly, but you could recognize his tall silhouette from a mile away. The first half of the game went by faster than you expected. Jaehyun’s team, the Hyundai Rockets, recorded three outs within a ten-minute period. Then, the two teams took turns switching between batting and fielding, but neither team scored many runs. 

The game was currently in the ninth and final inning. You spotted Jaehyun on the field shaking his head and adjusting his grip on the bat a couple times. From his actions, you could tell that he was more nervous than usual. The opposing team was leading, but only by a narrow margin. Still, he was noticeably agitated. You knew that the result of the game would impact the amount of offers he would get. 

Unfortunately, you were sitting a bit too far, but that didn’t stop you from going all out to cheer for him. You turned around and stood up on the bleachers, showing off “JAEHYUN 14” on your back, shouting “JUNG YUNOH, WHAT DID YOU PROMISE ME?!”. 

Right at that moment, he swung the bat with precision and force, hitting the ball at the most accurate angle. Loud cheering and clapping immediately erupted from the bleachers and many members in the audience shouted, “IT’S A HOME RUN!" 

Since there were already two runners on base, the Rockets earned three runs, changing the score from 2-3 to 5-3. Just then, the ninth inning came to an end and all the members of the team ran to Jaehyun to lift him up in the air. 

You saw the coaches leave their spots and approach Jaehyun and decided to celebrate with him tonight instead. 

You thought for a few seconds before texting him. 

"I’m so proud of you… text me when you’re back home. I’ll see you tonight!" 

You knew he wasn’t going to see the text until later, and starting lining up to head out of the stadium. But suddenly, you heard his voice calling your name. 

”__________!“ He called. It was loud, but it wasn’t a shout. For some reason, it made your heart beat a little faster. 

You turned around, eyebrows raised, mouth slightly ajar. 

"Catch!” he swiftly threw a baseball at you, and to your own surprise, it landed right in your hands. 

Is he giving me the winning baseball as a memento? But he should keep that… You thought. 

But at the corner of your eye, you spotted something different. Scrawled across the baseball in black marker, it read “ME + YOU… USA?" 

Dazed, confused, flustered… what was the word that you were looking for at this very moment? 

Sensing your bewilderment, he excused himself and quickly ran up to you.

"Jae… I-What does this me-?” you started.

He took a deep breath before replying. 

“I’ve spent a couple years practicing for this game." 

You nodded. "I know how important it is to you.”

“But it doesn’t compare," 


“I’ve spent even longer… preparing to say this to you." 

You felt the butterflies fluttering around in your chest. 

"Life after high school, I want to spend it with you." 

You were speechless. 

He took a step closer and reached forward to embrace you, his head resting lightly on top of yours, one of his arms comfortably wrapped around your back, the other stroking your hair. 

"Do I have to say it more directly?” he whispered. 

You nodded. 

“Me and you. Campus romance?” He slowly let go of you and took a step back. 

You wanted so bad to just melt in his embrace and nod your head, but not without a proper explanation. You needed to make sure for both you and Jaehyun that this is what he wanted.

You pulled away from him slightly, feeling him flinch a little, eyebrows furrowed from your reaction to his feelings.

“Jae… this game is what you’ve been waiting for since you first entered the baseball team. If you really go to America you may not get such a big chance again. Your dream is just a step away from you right now… I’ll always be here for you but this chance could slip away any second.”

You gave him a soft smile and placed your palm softly on his cheek before turning away.

However before you could walk away from him, he held your hand lightly and twirled you back to face him.

“To me it’s the exact opposite. Baseball will always be ready for me to play whether it be leagues, university team or even just for leisure with my friends. But there’s only one chance for me to be with you, going through our university years together just like our high school ones. This is our youth to spend with one another… I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else.”

You bit your lip slightly, suddenly feeling shy after hearing his deep words that held so much meaning within them.

You thought he was done but he stared deeply into your eyes once more.

"Besides, whenever we talked about relationships or brought up your dream of a campus romance, I could never imagine anyone else but me beside you…give me the chance to make it happen okay?”

This time, you smiled at Jaehyun widely, knowing that he had carefully thought this through and intended to be the one beside you during the next couple years and perhaps even more. You nodded your head in his direction.

He smiled back at you and pulled you into a tight hug, excited that his true feelings were returned.

You melted into his embrace as you thought to yourself, perhaps your dream of a campus romance was never really your dream in the first place, but instead to have Jaehyun beside you in America, showing you all he talked about. The one you needed then, now and later would always be him.

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30 Childhood Photos of the Hottest Korean Celebrities Under 30

30 Childhood Photos of the Hottest Korean Celebrities Under 30

It’s Children’s Day in South Korea (May 5) and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of the hottest, young K-drama stars under 30 in Korea right now and their childhood photos to track where all that talent and looks came from!

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itsnicolebiatch  asked:

Hi I want to learn how to say "my name is_." And other common greetings & phrases. But each site/video I watch shows it a different way. What are the most common ways to say these phrases?? Thank you(:

Hi Nicole! Sorry for getting back so late! There are many “basic” greetings/phrases in Korean! I think you might be getting a little confused by the differences between formal and informal language? To answer your question about how to introduce yourself, you can say:

“안녕하세요 저는 (insert name here) 입니다.”
[an nyeong ha sae yo, jeo neun (name) ib ni da]


“안녕하세요 제 이름은 (insert name here) 입니다.”
[an nyeong ha sae yo, jae yi reum eun (name) ib ni da]

You’ll notice that between the first and second sentence, the only part that changed was the word before your name! The first sentence means: I am (name), while the second one means: My name is: (name).

Both are commonly used, and are ok to use in both formal and informal settings!~

I will work on making a common greetings post (with both formal and informal variations) when I have some more time after my academic testing is all finished! I think it would definitely help a lot of people who are also confused about this!

If you’d like, there are many resources on YouTube that offer audio and visual lessons, so for now I hope that you can continue to learn through those, as well as maybe some Kdramas if your listening is good enough (they often use colloquial speech that may help you c:)!

Hope this helps!!

i reached my goal of 500 followers, thank you so much to everyone who helped me out, i am very thankful :) thank you everyone who still sticks around and talks to me even though i’m an annoying lil poop 💕

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