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“If I had not met him, I would not yearn for him. If I did not know him, I would not think of him so much. If we had not been together, I would not have to disappear. If I did not treasure him so much, I would not have so many memories. If I did not love him, we would not need to throw each other away. If we had not crossed paths, we would never have been together. Perhaps, if I had not met you at all…”


i love you guys, you ruined me 


Nam joohyuk bullying ji soo at the interview HEHEHE

Question: How do you think you rank in terms of body figure out of all the male cast members?

Joohyuk: Per my standards, around 4th place?

Question: If you are 4th, then who is 5th?

Joohyuk: (Without thinking) Ji soo hyung!

(Everyone bursts into laughter)

Kang Ha Neul: Because ji soo is easy to bully?!

Baekhyun: He said it immediately without thinking.

I fucking finished that Satans crated scarlet heart Kdrama and I’m not even kidding like I have NEVER cried so much, I swear I was literally sobbing throughout the whole episode.
I fucking hate that drama I’m soaking in tears and snort and my heart hurts and I hate everything but at the same time I want to live my life to the fullest bc ‘life is fleeting, it is all short and in vain’ or whatever that quote is.


The princes in the future

Crown prince Wang mu is now a family man.

The 3rd prince Wang yo is a good businessman becoz will all know he’s talented and ambitious

The 8th prince Wang wook is a school tutor. Daddy af.

9th prince Wang Won, is dating Chae-ryung of the future

10th prince WAng eun is a quirky, happy-go-lucky college student.

13th Prince Baek-ah is a street musician, if not an idol.

the 14th prince Wang jung is in military.

Meanwhile, Hae soo/ Ha Jin is awoken from her coma, coming back in the future. He cannot remember that much but memories flash here and there. Every night he dream of a man with a scar on his face and she will wake up in tears.

While walking to work he will caught a glimpse of a man who looked wxactly like the man in his dreams. The 4th prince Wang So is reincarnated as a bossy CEO who owned Ha jin’s cosmetics company. upon seeing him, she immediately brought into tears as memories of them together hit her like a tidal wave. But of course, he does not remember.

Now she is more determined to make him fall in love with her again, this time, without a throne and the law to set them apart.


The Final episode of Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The ending, wow…The ending was BRILLIANT! I cannot describe how pleased I am with the ending, and yes it was INSANELY sad but…it fit so well with the whole storyline and everything…the writers went along with the story and did not care what the fans wanted and that MAKES A FANTASTIC DRAMA!

First of all, I have no idea why this fandom was so angry and so upset about the ending. I saw posts here and there talking about their disappointment and how the ending was terrible…well that is indeed your opinion and this is mine. THE ENDING WAS WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

If you followed along with the ACTUAL storyline, paid attention to the conversations, to each characters part throughout all of this and stopped putting all your ATTENTION on the Wang So and Hae Soo ship, you would be satisfied and understanding of it all. THIS WAS NOT SOME CLICHE NORMAL DRAMA WHERE THE MAIN LEAD GETS THE GIRL, THIS WAS A TRAGEDY AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TRAGIC LOVE STORY. If anyone has read Shakespeare you can handle a tragic love story.

A word of advice for anyone who is going to start this drama now that it is over: WATCH THE SHOW FOR THE SHOW. DO NOT FOCUS ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON SOME CUTE LITTLE HAPPY COUPLE. Watch the show as it is! Pay attention, listen to the stories, listen to the conversations, and you will be satisfied.

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