yo i'm too lazy for this

The Juvia Lockser Defense Squad
No but imagine when Juvia and Gray finally start dating, and half the guild pull Gray aside to give him the ‘You Break Her Heart We Break Your Life’ talk.

I’ve had this lineart for months and only colored it now because I got too lazy hahaha. // Edit: I made a base of this. //
Oh, and there’s also an Inter-Guild Division:

For all you single people out there who are bummed out about today, TREAT YO SELF. Take a bubble bath, buy some chocolates for yourself, be lazy, get that thing you really want, take a nap, drink lots of water, get your nails done, or whatever.
Do what makes you happy today, because today is about love. Not just love for others, but love for yourself.
Take care of yourselves today 💜


Durarara Street Event

Today I went to the Durarara Street event in Ikebukuro

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if you aren’t playing Ace Attorney here’s why you should
  • fun (”but how can a game with lawyers be FUN?” keep reading yo)
  • a cast of developed, quirky characters
  • that includes plenty of strong, honestly FLAWED female characters
  • as a visual novel the cases and characters are fun and developed
  • to the point where you often find yourself quite invested
  • trust me tho you WILL cry from a combination of those
  • PUNS. Almost every single character has a pun in their name
  • more homosexual subtext than you can shake a stick at (between ladies every so often too)
  • objection
  • sherlock holmes will be in the next release
  • you can buy the original trilogy and the fifth main series game (Dual Destinies) on the 3DS eshop
  • and iOS if you don’t have a 3DS
  • just buy it if u don’t like it I’m sorry

Was watching Yo-Kai Watch and decided to make an oc, and I think I made an undertale au as well…..???

Here’s what it says in case you can’t read my shit handwriting.

Skelepun(sans)-causes laziness and the urge to tell puns and jokes
(Likes to be called sans)

Hapyrus(Papyrus)-causes the urge to randomly make spaghetti, random bones to appear, and a sense of happiness

Taqibunisin(taqibun)-causes no life, chaos, and doodles

Napstanotes(Napstablook)-causes emptiness and self-doubt

Mettamuse(Mettablook)-causes passion and self confidence

Shiba-kiinyan(me)-is satan

Toriangel(Toriel)-brings pie, love, and comfort

Bravyne(Undyne)-causes random spears and a sense of bravery and justice

Caster(Gaster)-brings a sense of something forgotten

ShadoPa-Chan(Aciel)-causes creepy shadows and random purple fire

Anxialphys(Alphys)-brings anxiety and genius streaks

Vivielaxipun(Vivielaxy)-causes no life, memes, and doodles

LegiJjhoa(Jjhoa)-causes random legs, no life, and doodles

@taqibun @jjhoa @vivielaxy for you(if you want)