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Open Your Eyes

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 948

Warnings: Angst and some fluff!?

Anon asked “Hey, it’s the anon who requested ‘so far’.. I wanted to ask if you can do another imagine where the reader and Seb have been best friends since forever and they both have feelings for each other but don’t act upon it and they get into a heated argument and Seb sees how important the reader is in his life and idk what else.. thank you”

A/N: Part 2 to Who I Want to Be. Anyone wants a third part that may or may not be pure, filthy smut? Also, let me know if you want to be tagged.

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Wow okay, this took a long time (because i would procrastinate after i got frustrated with the ugly designs i kept making). I really wanted to create good designs for them. It took me many tries at designing good godly dresses heh - w -’ So many different designs until I got this!
Madoka’s design was based off the idea of a drying rose. The ends of it were suppose to seem like they were burned. The inside of the dress is just scary (but i bet homura would go in there, wouldn’t she? heheh). As for her wings, I wanted them to appear badly damaged and burnt (for the ai yo was strong). Madoka’s color scheme was suppose to be between red and hot pink.
As for Homura, who I had a hard time with lol, I just gave her all the diamonds in the world lmao. I really didn’t want to take away the effect of the feathers she has in her devil form, so the diamonds make up for it. I also gave Homura more of a blue and purple color scheme. * v * I tried to make Homura’s wings seem less dead lol, but still be near the original design.
This was really fun. I discovered a new style of coloring and I had lots of fun just doing the lineart lol. And although designing was a hassle, i had fun and i’m happy with the results  > v <
Hopefully I get to draw more MadoHomu like this *//v//*