yo i ship you so hard now


Yo! so I just wanted to say that my commissions are now officially open! and I also wanted to say thanks for taking interest in looking at the chart and checking everything out! Anywho, on with the rules! ->

- Humans
- Gore (depending on what you ask me)
- OC’s
- Self Portraits ( non realistic tho ) 
- Shipping ( depends on the ship ) 

- NSFW ( porn basically ) 
- Robots / Armor 
- Animals 
- anything that’s basically hard to draw 

If you are interested then please message me on my email if you need anymore info @ spaceking115@outlook.com

anonymous asked:

People be like ELUCIEN! VASSIEN! And I'm over here totally obsessed with the idea of Vassa and Mor (Varrigan? Massa? Lol I dunno) and I don't even think they've spoken BUT I SHIP IT SO HARD HALP

I read this and five seconds later I had a three part fic minimum half written in my head. I NEED to write this. and the 500 other things I’ve promised people. It’s definitely a WIP now yo. I like Vassa because she’s such a blank canvas you can make her anything. And Mor’s new lady lover is my new FAVOURITE thing to make her <3

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I ship your oc with youriki so hard right now, can I see more of them? Your art is just wonderful.

“Yo, damn Youriki you have a fine ass! Can I grab it???”

- Dammit…go back to sleep already….. -

Mun: Aawwww, thank you so much Anon I really appreciate it~ ♡(Ő v Ő人)
I think Youriki had enough already Nora…


In my headcanon that’s why Blackwall changes the topic drastically after this. Oh Dennett, you ship them so hard you couldn’t stop staring at them in my playthrough, eh? I feel you, man.

I still got to the /bottom/ of the topic soon after that B) I regret nothing. Yet. I need to do more fanart I love these two together ayyyyyyyyyyy *sobs*

“You, you give me something…”
“There’s nothing I’m running from, you make me strong.”
“And without you I might blow.”
“My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships.”
“But, I’m sinking somehow.”
“Drifting, weightless, waves try to break it.”
“Trouble on every corner.”
“I’d do anything to save it. Why is it so hard to say it?”
“But, you’re all I need now.”
“You make me strong.”

put them together and what do you got? Bippity, boppity, boo.