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Yo anyways some anti is making really transphobic posts and being super disrespectful

Now I know alot of you guys would report this if u saw it but this anti likes to use ship positivity tags so it would be p hard for any of us to see it

I’ve already sent an ask telling them to tone it down and hopefully they’ll listen and apologize for their comments but maybe u guys could send them some more asks and messages to tell them to stop

There was no way I could do this, I was only a song in and I didn’t want to be myself. I didn’t want to remember everything we had, everything I left. I couldn’t help the guilt that hung heavy on my shoulders. That clung to my bones and haunted my mind.

The wine was easing the sting but it was still prominent. I could feel everything again as if it had just happened. As if I had just left.

Piano chords started slow into the next song, thankfully the title wasn’t something that had sentimental value to me like the previous one had. That didn’t mean, however, that hearing his voice hurt any less.

“Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times.” stung, since I had been crying. It’s like he knew that if I ever were to hear this, I would be a mess after the first song. That I’d be in tears and that he’d have to consult me like he always had.

I always admired how calm and collected Harry seemed compared to me.

There had been so many times he had seen me broken before him, see me a sobbing disaster over the littlest things.

“Baby, it’ll be alright.” Harry cooed, his fingers stroking my hair as I cried into his chest.

I could hear the hint of his smile in his words, and when I looked up to him, it confirmed how hilarious he found the whole situation.

“It will not be ‘alright’, Harold.” I hissed, my eyebrows furrowed as my vision blurred with more tears. “I think my ass is broken.” I said, as a consistent pain radiated through my body.

“Your ass is not broken.” he said, his laughter threatening to spill with each word he spoke. “It’s not funny!” I yelled, attempting to use his shoulder to stand, my legs still wobbling. “See, I can’t even stand normal. My ass is broken. I’ll never be the same as I was.” I said, more tears falling down my face.

“Brooklyn, I swear, I’m trying to keep a straight face. Stop saying your ass is broken.” he spoke through gritted teeth, his eyes light. “You just fell down the stairs.”

“I SLID DOWN THE ENTIRE STAIRCASE, HAROLD. THATS LIKE THIRTY STEPS OF ASS POUNDING.” I screamed and his demeanor fell. Clutching his stomach, he let out loud and hearty laughs.

“It’s not funny!” I whined, finally feeling the strength return to my legs. I removed my hand from his shoulder to cross my arms over my chest. “You just yelled the words 'ass pounding’ in a sentence. The situation is a little funny.” he said between gasps.

My tears began to dry as I held back my own laughter, “My ass is broken, Harold.” I sneered, to which he stood up straight. Coughing slightly as his face went straight, his eyebrows knitted as he tried his best to seem endearing. But soon after air puffed from his lips as his face tore into a laugh, his dimples poking at his cheeks.

“You’re a pain.” I sighed, my lips turning upwards at his reaction.

He looked up at me through his eyelashes, his smile changing devilishly. “Am I…” he started, moving slightly backwards from where I was standing. His body pivoting in the opposite direction from me, as I stared to him confused. “a pain in your ass?” he said before darting away.

“I SWEAR TO GOD, HAROLD!” I screeched before finding my balance and ran after him.

“Just stop your crying, baby it’ll be alright.” it took all I had not to slam the wine bottle against the wall. To not have a full blown mental breakdown.

He always knew what to say or do. Even now, when I’m not with him, he’s saying the right thing. Even with him being wherever he is, he was soothing me.

I slammed back onto my mattress, my hands finding their way to rake my face and up into my hair. Knotting my hands into my blonde locks as I held back the urge to scream.

“It’s for the best.” I slurred, my mind jumbling as it got harder to believe the words I was saying.

What if it wasn’t for the best? What if I had fucked up one of the best things that happened to me? I already knew I had but I figured it was better for him this way. What if it wasn’t? I didn’t know how to feel.

My heart screamed at me, told me that I was an idiot for ever trusting my brain.

“Baby, stop crying.” he said, his large hand engulfing my knee as he squeezed it lightly. My hands were pulled towards my face, covering my mouth as slow tears fell from my eyes.

His mouth didn’t match his eyes. Where his lips were turned upwards, his eyes were filled with worry.

I tried to stop crying, but I couldn’t. I really wanted to, and I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t. “Your face.” I stuttered, my voice caught in my throat. “Baby, it’s fine!” he assured, his hand leaving my leg to pull my body into his.

“You just looked so distressed.” my words came out mumbled as I cried into his chest.

“I’m not actually dead, I’m right here.” he said, his fingers dragging from my shoulder and down my back. “You just looked so helpless.” I said, sniffling as I looked up to him from where I laid on his torso. “You were drowning!”

“I knew I should’ve warned you.” he sighed, his smile returning. “Or at least blocked the words 'Dunkirk’ on your twitter.” he joked.

Someone has just sent me the first cut of the Dunkirk trailer, and in the two seconds of seeing Harry underneath water my eyes had flooded. “Not funny.” I groaned, bringing my hand to swipe at my cheeks.

“You have to promise me you’ll never go to war.” I said sternly, my eyebrows lowered as I glared at him.

“Don’t really think that’s something you need to worry about.” he joked, his hands brushing through my hair.

“Promise me, Harold.” I warned, I knew the situation would never arise but I just needed some reassurance that he would never get stuck under a boat. I don’t know why, but I knew it would make me feel better.

“I promise.” he said. He brought his hand to the front of my face, his pinky jutting towards me. I let out a soft laugh, moving to bring my finger to twist around his.

He took a hold of it with his other hand, wrapping his fingers around it and bringing it to his lips. “And you have to promise to never go swimming again.” I added, semi-joking. He stopped his gentle assault on my hand to look at me. “Ever again. No more water for you.”

“I swear I’m a good swimmer.” he said, his lips ghosting against the back of my hand. I shook my head.

“What if I need to shower? Does that count as being in water?” he questioned, his tone suggesting that I was being ridiculous.

“From now on I will wash you with the hose outside.” I said, trying my best to keep my composure. He dropped my hand, eyes rolling as my smile broke on my face. Letting out a chuckle as he joined.

“You’re insane.” he said, his thumb moving to trace down my jawline. I raised my eyebrows, “Must be why I’m dating you.” I stated nonchalantly as I moved to stand from the couch.

It took him a second to realize what I had said before he let out a “hey!” and moved to grab my waist. He pulled me back down on the couch, shifting so that he was hovering over me. His fingers finding my sides as he tickled me.

“TAKE IT BACK!” he yelled as I fidgeted beneath him, air not fully getting to my lungs as I let out loud laughs. “NEVER!” I protested, kicking my legs to try to slide myself down the couch. It would’ve worked if he hadn’t noticed.

He smiled from ear to ear, gripping my waist once more and pulling me back to the top of the couch. His legs straddling either side of my body so that I couldn’t move. “Now tell me all the reasons you love me and I’ll stop.” he demanded, his fingers still brushing on my skin.

“NEVER!” I screamed through giggles, as he continued even harder. My air intake was getting low as tears came to my eyes again. I didn’t know how much longer I could handle this. “OKAY! I’ll tell you my top five.” I gave up, to which he nodded. His fingers slowing as he sat up, his eyebrows twitching up, silently telling me to begin.

“You’re kind to every single person you meet.You put your heart into everything you do. You do nice things without me having to ask. You always think about how I feel in situations rather than assuming I’m being irrational. And you love me good.” I counted on my fingers, mocking a southern accent as I finished my list.

He moved his head down to kiss my lips, “That’s so sweet of you to say.” he joked, his hand touching his chest. “Your turn.” I pushed, arms crossing over my chest as I tried to steady my breathing.

“You’re alright.” he shrugged, moving his legs to walk towards the kitchen. I laughed, picking up a pillow and chucking it to his back, screaming out a “hey!”.

“That’s not very nice, you donut!” I added before turning my attention back to my laptop that was placed on the table in front of me.

“Don’t make me play the trailer again.” he yelled, peaking out from the kitchen doorway. I swung my arm back to give him the finger as he laughed.

“We don’t talk enough, we should open up before it’s all too much.” he belted and I felt those words hit my heart. It felt as if everything he had written was specifically to me and I hated it. I hated knowing he felt this way. Maybe I should’ve continued to be blissfully unaware.

I couldn’t find the strength to finish the song. My fingers slamming to pause Spotify as I screamed.

I brought my pillow to my face, clutching it tightly in my fingers as I screamed again. My frustrations and feelings pouring out all at once.

Tears dampened my pillow as I pulled it from my face, afraid I would suffocate myself.

I grabbed my phone, unlocking it without looking before slamming in Lily’s number. It didn’t even ring twice before she had picked up. “What song are you on?” she asked, not bothering to say 'hello’.

“Sign of the Times.” I coughed, I could never talk when I cried. My throat would close and it was hard for me to articulate. I needed to speak in short sentences.

She sighed, “I’m surprised. I was waiting to get a phone call after the first song. Or none at all. I didn’t actually think you’d listen to me.” I turned on my side, my legs curling into my chest. “It’s so hard.” I sobbed.

“I know, but you need to do this. I know you. I know it would kill you not to listen to it. It may seem rough now but you have to get through it.” she soothed, her tone soft. I knew out of all people, Lily hated seeing, or in this case hearing, me cry.

“I can’t.” I said, my head shaking even though I knew she couldn’t see it. “It’s the least you can do for him.” she snapped, her voice on edge.

Lily never fully understood why I did what I had done. She even tried to talk me out of it originally when I had came to her house that night. She loved us together. She always told me how perfect we were for each other, but even when she said it, I couldn’t believe it.

But she was my best friend, so when I had put my foot down she had supported me. She helped me find a new place and helped keep my mind off of him.

I knew she was doing this for me, that even if it hurt, it would be better if I knew. If I knew how he felt and what I had put him through. I just needed someone to be stern with me right now, someone to tell me that I needed to stop being a baby and deal with this.

“I’m here if you need me, you know that. Even if I’m not there, you can call me again if it gets too much and I’ll slap some sense into you.” she joked, to which I couldn’t help the laugh that fell from my lips. “Hell, I’ll even come to your house and slap you if need be.” she continued, I sniffled, “I know.”

“I honestly thought you’d pretend to listen to it..” she said, mainly to herself. “I love you, call me if you need me.” and with that she hung up.

I need to push through this, I needed to get it over with. I picked up the wine, it’s contents close to being half empty.

I hit play and took a drink simultaneously, Harry’s voice radiated back through my room as he sang the new few lines powerfully.

“We’ve got to get away.” he whispered into my ear, making me jump. I looked back to him, his eyes were focused forward. “Don’t look at me, it’ll be suspicious.” he continued, talking from one side of his mouth. I laughed, looking back to where I originally was. “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t want to be here anymore.” he said, sounding similar to a child. “This is your party..” I stated, taking in all of our friends.

Once again, Lily was given another reason to throw a party. Although the Dunkirk trailer had originally made me cry, Lily found it appropriate to celebrate it’s coming out. She somehow found out Harry’s friends from New York’s numbers, I assumed with the help of Niall, and invited them to her house.

“That’s why we have to be sneaky. We can’t let them know we’re leaving.” he said, his eyes darting back and forth, scanning the crowd.

“We can just say we’re leaving.” I suggested, turning to look at him fully. He put his hands on my shoulders, turning me back around with wild eyes. “Are you insane?” he asked to which I laughed. “According to you, yes.”

He nodded, “True, but not the point. You need to help me. I need someone to boost me out the window.”

“Absolutely not.” I laughed, walking off to find Lily. “Where are you going?!” he panicked as I continued to walk off.

I found her with Niall, his arm wrapped firmly around her shoulders as they laughed to one another. Drinks spilled from their hands moving back and forth as he rocked them both. “I think we’re gonna head out.” I said, catching her off guard. “Alright, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” she said, looking over my shoulder. “What’s Harry doing?” she asked and I couldn’t even take a guess on what he was probably doing.

“I don’t know, I’ll see you later. Bye Niall!” I said walking off to the door, grabbing Harry’s wrist from the wall he was propped against and pulling him outside.

“I don’t think they saw me, I was incognito.” he beamed, proud of himself. “A six foot tall, broad ass man trying to blend into the wall with his arms stretched out isn’t exactly incognito.” I joked, handing him his car keys from my purse. “It worked didn’t it?” he said, nodding down to me with an amused expression.

“Oh yeah, you got us out of there.”

Small memories like that one were the ones that hurt the most. The ones that held more significance in my heart than anything else. It was the little things that truly haunted me.

He always loved that I remembered small things. Tiny moments that would slip his mind would be my favorite. The way he would goof around, the insignificant conversations we had, the quick jokes he’d make, the way he would look during small situations always stuck with me more than anything.

He would love to ask me about random things I remembered, like that night at the party. How small the encounter was but how I remembered every detail.

At night we would lay in bed together and he’d wrap me in his arms and ask me about what we did that day. Ask me what stood out to me. He was the only one who had cared about that. Who payed attention to me in ways no other man had before. That’s what made me fall for him so quickly.

He was so different than anyone I had met before.

The night before I left was one I could recall every second of, because I knew what was going to happen. He had no idea, so I spent the whole day memorizing everything. Every little detail because I knew it would be the last time I’d have him to myself.

“Do you ever think about how this will play out?” I asked, my nails picking at the skin of my lips. I knew he was leaving in a few hours to go write, I knew that when he left I was going to grab my things and leave before he got back.

I spent days trying to rationalize it, figure out if it was the best thing for us. That morning I had made the decision that it was. He looked at my from over his laptop, his face twisting at my words. “What do you mean?”

“Us. Did you think this would last as long as it had?” I asked, not able to meet his gaze. “Brooklyn, you’re scaring me. Are you okay?” he said, shifting his laptop to the table between us and moving from his couch to sit by me. “Did you?” I reiterate.

He sighs, bringing his hand to rake at the back of his neck, “I hoped we would. I wanted to be with you the second I saw you.” he explained, he didn’t realize how much his words had effected me. I was trying to keep my composure.

“What if it hadn’t? What if that night we never spoke? Would you have been okay with that?” I continued, he didn’t know I was testing him. Testing to see if he would be okay after I left. I needed to know before I did it.

He looked at me, his hand moving to my back, “What’s wrong? Talk to me.” he soothed, I kept my eyes on the floor. “Just answer, please.”

“I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without you and I don’t want to. I don’t want to think about how it would be if we hadn’t talked because we did and we’re here. I think you were meant to be in my life. Whether it was that day or months from then. We would’ve crossed paths. I know we would have.” he explained and it took all of me not to start crying. I nodded, not wanting to dwell on this anymore.

I wanted to cherish every moment of today. I wanted to look back and remember every little thing or smile he gave me not me sulking and ruining our last day together. “Okay.” I said, moving in to curl into his side.

He kissed my head, rubbing his hand up and down my arm. “I really love you, Harry.” I breathed, pushing back my tears. “I know you do, baby.” he said, his fingers catching my chin as he pressed his lips against mine.

“Believe me, you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.” he laughed, kissing me once more as I smiled. “We would’ve met again somewhere. Somewhere far away from that club.”


frogjester  asked:

question for you: what are your ships? with all the kisses and possible crushes it's hard to tell. question toward greece: why yo hair so fuzzy. ((i love this blooooggg, so cute!))

Greece is not so comfortable about the fuzziness of his hair so i’m going to answer because i have the same : humidity. It makes it all fuzzy // Cyprus

[[and now for the ships WELL. Let’s see.]]

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In my headcanon that’s why Blackwall changes the topic drastically after this. Oh Dennett, you ship them so hard you couldn’t stop staring at them in my playthrough, eh? I feel you, man.

I still got to the /bottom/ of the topic soon after that B) I regret nothing. Yet. I need to do more fanart I love these two together ayyyyyyyyyyy *sobs*

“You, you give me something…”
“There’s nothing I’m running from, you make me strong.”
“And without you I might blow.”
“My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships.”
“But, I’m sinking somehow.”
“Drifting, weightless, waves try to break it.”
“Trouble on every corner.”
“I’d do anything to save it. Why is it so hard to say it?”
“But, you’re all I need now.”
“You make me strong.”

put them together and what do you got? Bippity, boppity, boo.