yo i love this movie sm


don’t laugh but I’m writing an essay abt Rocky (1976) and I realize I really love Adrian’s character sm I identify with her she’s so great… like I’m not gonna be a gaylord and say she’s a feminist character lmfao because obviously not this is a macho boxing movie but it’s a fave of mine and Talia Shire is so perfect, vulnerable yet strong and convincing as Adrian, a girl who is controlled by her jerk brother Paulie who calls her a “loser” and tells her she’s an old maid because she’s 30 and unmarried and when u see her break away from this negativity tell Paulie to gtfo and have a healthy happy relationship w Rocky it’s so beautiful Rocky really does LOVE her ! though of course it’s the whole “she took off her glasses and wore a dress and then she was pretty and got the guy” bs storyline but I’m pre makeover Adrian… post makeover Adrian with a cute dumb jock bf and out of the control of a strict morally conservative familial figure is goals… but yea this is one of my fave movies I love it sm it’s sweet and cute every time Rocky yells “yo Adrian” I’m like love… is real