yo i just super miss them

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literally what is the point in denying people labels for their own experiences other than to create a false sense of "unity" in the lgbt community...microlabels help people understand their individual experiences and there's nothing wrong w that.

Whoa whoa hold up yo, I did not deny labels, and I’m not here for that. No putting words in my mouth. That is a supreme jerk move. Those labels are super important for some and provide them with life stabilizing guidance, community, and framework.

What I think is missing in discussion of labels is the open admission that ITS OK IF THE WHOLE THING STRESSES YOU OUT AND YOU WOULD RATHER NOT.

Some LGBTQ+ people don’t want to micro-identify. They want to just live their generally non specific queer lives and microlabeling can at times feel like breaking down heart and mind to an anxiety-inducing excel spreadsheet.

Labels are good for you, they are not good for me, and those are both ok ways to be.

i miss 2012~13 popular fandoms, but not for the “tunglr is toxic” bs reason LMAO
back then it was madoka magica, portal, homestuck, gravity falls, OFF, Ib, dhmis, otgw, adventure time, good steven universe
now its like…… ta/z, ov/erwa/tch, s/vtf/oe, v/olt/ron, bo/t/w, n/it/w, musicals, and theyre all super boring to me

of course if you like those fandoms then i’m happy for ya!! i’m just sad nothing lines up with my interests
it’s also caused me to get invested in my perma fandoms again, like mario, sonic and kirby, which is good!

@randomsplashes i was brushing my teeth before going to bed (because it’s important è_é) and i was thinking about that hannibal and star wars crossover and my brain just jumped to: star wars, masterchef!au and like:

-the skywalkers (vader and luke) always cutting themselves on their knives because obviously they shouldn’t be allowed near anything sharp, ever.

-palpatine cooking everything with lightning

-han and leia being either angry at each other or eyefucking from across the room

-rey and finn (yeah i’m getting everybody in this shit) being newbies and being all cute and trying to help each other and poe, the experienced cook, taking one look at them and being like ugh. i guess i have to help them.

-obi wan being done with everything and sassing everybody while drinking all the wine.

-kylo and hux being just bad at everything, kylo just getting super angry and breaking everything and hux making whatever he cooks explode.

-and gordon ramsay yelling at luke: “yo wampa so overcooked it smells like yo daddy on mustafar!!!” vader being like: “hey!!”

-and we can always put hannibal somewhere in the middle. his opponents slowly missing without anyone noticing :p

(also i forgot people but i’m tired, going to sleep!! good night!)