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Yo can we talk about the quality of animation in this interaction, like HOT DAMN RT, it’s so smooth and human, fluid. The shading and ruby’s movement and her weight shifting qrow’s arm. God damn they get better every episode.

I’m super annoyed that this is the only thing of mine that gets attention. I AM A HUMAN, I DO ART, AND HAVE EMOTIONS. Notice me…

Make sure to read Part One before you read this one!

Your POV

“Ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking. We have safely landed in Los Angeles, California. Thank you for choosing California Airlines and I hope you enjoy your stay.”

After the lady and her son got up from the seats next to me, I stood up and stretched for a few seconds. My legs ached from the long flight, but I was finally here. I pulled out my small suitcase and backpack before texting Kian that I had landed while heading out of the plain. Eager to finally,meet my boyfriend in person for the first time.

Kian and I met a year ago today on Omegle. And we kept in touch ever since, a few months later he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we’ve been happy ever since. A few weeks ago I got a knock on my door and a friendly mailman handed me some roses and a plane ticket to LA. Kian and I will finally see each other in real life.

As I stepped out of the plane I started to get nervous. What if he didn’t like the way I looked in person? What if I make a fool of myself? What do I do when I see him? Do I hug him or shake his hand? I know I can’t wait to see him. Can’t wait to kiss him and touch him, and tell him I love him, I’ve wanted to tell him for so long but I wanted it to be special.

I walked into the area where we get our luggage, this is where he said he’d be waiting. My eyes scanned the area twice, no Kian. What if he decided he didn’t want to meet me and just didn’t show up?  I nervously checked my phone for a text from him, nothing. Getting scared, I looked around again. My eyes scanned past the door to the men’s room just as a familiar figure walked out. My heart froze, he was wearing that striped sailor shirt along with black jeans and the sailor hat covered his chocolate brown hair. He looks so much better in person, and he looked really good on a camera too…

He lifted his eyes from fixing his pants and they met mine. My heart felt as if it dropped into my toes, and the world around me froze. His lips spread into a shy smile.

Suddenly my feet seemed to think for themselves, I abandoned by carry on bag and I was running. He seemed to be running too. As the distance between us grew smaller my smile grew bigger.

Kians hands reached mine and my whole body lit on fire, he immediately pulled me into a hug I happily accepted. He smelled like the sun and bubble gum. I buried my head in his chest and he buried his in my neck. For what seemed like forever we just held each other like that. I Still couldn’t believe he’s actually right here.

I felt him pull away a bit, I looked up at him, he’s a lot taller than I expected. My head just reached a bit below his shoulder. I had to look up to meet his eyes. “Hi y/n,” he spoke with the voice I had heard hundreds of times over the year, yet it seemed deeper right now.

“Hello Kian,” I smiled goofily.

Then he kissed me. Just like that. His lips met mine and everything around us disappeared. My arms moved from His torso to wrap around his neck and his moved to pull me closer. His kiss was like nothing else, his lips were a little chapped from the heat, but they felt nice against my moisturized lips. He moved in sync with me, as if we’ve been doing this for years.

I was the first to pull back, even though I dreaded it, I needed to breath. I haven’t been breathing properly since I saw him.

Smiling, I said, “this is really nice. This is perfect.”

We were still wrapped in each others embrace. Kian let out an excited scream and lifted me up in a hug. He spun around a few times before stopping. My legs were still in the air. He kissed my nose and mumbled, “I love you.”

A gasp escaped my mouth. I was going to say it. I was always worried it would freak him out but knowing that he feels the same way makes me love him even more.

“Good,” I smiled, “because I love you.”

Kian pecked my lips before setting me on the floor. He took my hand in his and we walked to get the bag I had abandoned. “I got it,” he smiled. Dragging the bag behind us. “So how was your flight?”

“Honestly?” I laughed, “nerve wreaking! I spent the whole flight worrying about what in decided to wear and if my hair is flat because I took a little nap for thirty minutes. I wanted to look good…” My cheeks heated once I realized how I must sound.

My boyfriend kissed my head as we walked to the place where we retrieve my luggage. I was staying with him at his and friends  house for the summer, and he said we’d travel a lot. So I have a few bags. “You look beautiful,” he replied. “I remember when you texted me a picture of this dress and I told you you had to buy it. It looks good on you.”

The dress was a bright pink with sequence around the torso. It was simple but it hugged my curves nicely and looked cute with my hair down. “Thank you,” I smiled. “And you!” I snatched his hat and put it on, “you remember when I told you I liked this hat? Even though its not yours.”

He laughed, “jc said I can wear it for this special occasion.”

“I can’t wait to meet your friends,” I smiled remembering how they’d always walk into his room when we were skyping and say hi.

“They can’t wait to meet you,” he replied. “And that’ll happen soon, let’s just focus on getting your bags right now?”

We spent a while gathering my four bags. “There’s one missing,” I groaned.

“Are you sure you don’t see it?” He asked.

I searched for the baby blue suitcase, and saw nothing. “Nope,” I sighed.

He shrugged, “then let’s go speak to someo-.”

“Kian there it is!” I pointed at the conveyor belt that’s two away from the one we are at. “What’s it doing there that’s the wrong flight..”

But Kian didn’t hear the second part. He took off running to catch the bag before it goes in again. “Sorry!” He yelled at a man he bumped into. “Oooa sorry!” He said to a lady who’s purse he knocked down. “Hey move I need to get that bag!” He shoved through passengers as he chased after my bag.

A bunch if yells and ten angry mothers later, Kian walked back to me with a proud smile and my bag. “Tadaa!” He did jazz hands.

“You’re crazy,” I laughed. We loaded the bags onto a cart and together we pushed it out of the airport. I was hut by a wave of heat. “Ooh!” I fanned myself, “it’s hot!”

“Not used to that are you?” He laughed, “its Ok it gets better.”

“Y/n!” A familiar voice yelled. I looked to see Ricky leaning on a car, “welcome yo LA!” He sang.

“Hi Ricky!” I hugged him, “its so nice to see you!”

“You too!” He said, “Kian is really happy you’re here. He planned this whole evening its awesome.”

“Thanks Ricky but I hadn’t told her yet!” Kian said in that funny voice he does.

“Tell me what?”

“If you aren’t tired we can go out to dinner and then maybe walk on the beach?”

“Yes!” I jumped, “right now?” Kian nodded. “Okay! Let me just go freshen up in the bathroom?”

He nodded and gave me a hug. “I love you,” he smiled.

I kissed him, “and I you Mr. Lawley. I love you.”

[[ A little Opie smut to brighten your day 💞 ]]

“Hey, Jax.” You walked up to him as he sat outside the Sons clubhouse. “Have you seen Ope?” 

He looked up at you, took a long drag from his cigarette, and smiled. “Hey, sweetheart.” He nodded his heads towards the TM garage. “He’s in the garage.”

You nodded your head and gave Jax a light smile before you walked off to find your old man. He had been working extra hard lately, picking up extra shifts around TM and doing any mechanic job he could get his hands on. You appreciated all his hard work, but there was a downside. You hadn’t seen him nearly as often lately as you’d like. Sure, you shared the same bed every night, but by the time he got home, he was exhausted and usually passed out before you really got a chance to do much of anything. You loved your old man, and you loved that he was wiling to work hard. Of course, you needed the extra money too. But you also needed to get laid.

“Opie,” you sang as you walked into the garage. You rounded the corner to see Opie lying on his back under a car, his shirt lifted just enough for you to see the tiniest bit of skin. You felt your heart flutter. It had been way too long, and you craved the feeling of his skin. He slid out from under the car, his work shirt stained with oil and dirt. His hair was hidden under a beanie, and his beard was bushy and wild. He looked rugged and tough and oh so handsome. Just the way you liked him. 

He grinned at you. “Hey, babe.” He wiped his hands on a old rag, smearing it with oil. “How was your day?”

“Fine,” you answered, taking a few steps closer to him. You pressed a finger to his neck and ran it slowly down his chest. “But it’s better now.” 

“Good,” he replied, obviously not taking the subtle hints you were trying to drop.

“Yeah.” A mischievous smile played at your lips. “You wanna take a break?” 

He smiled and pointed back to the car he had just been underneath. “I’m almost finished, if you wanna hang around a few more minutes.” 

You shook your head and bit your lip. “I think you should take a break now.” 

He raised an eyebrow, his smile spreading. He quickly reached down, grabbed you by your legs, and slung you over his shoulder. “Yo, I’m takin’ a break!” he called over his othershoulder. He carried you to the back of the clubhouse, you giggling in excitement the entire way. He pushed the door open with his boot and placed you back on your feet.

“Take your clothes off,” he commanded as soon as he shut the door behind him. You smirked, surprised that he was being so straight-forward. Opie was usually a much more gentle, passionate kinda guy. He normally liked to take his time. But clearly it had been way too long for him too, and he was ready to pounce.

“Make me.” His grin spread. You knew how much he liked a challenge. He crossed the room, his thick leather boots crashing heavily onto the wooden floor. His hands reached for the hem of your shirt, and he tugged upwards, leaving you in only your bra in a matter of seconds. He unbuttoned your jeans and pushed them down your thighs. His eyes widened ever so slightly as he took in the sight of you standing there in front of him, wearing practically nothing and looking better than you ever had before. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

Your hands hungrily tugged at his hips. You needed him now. He pushed your hands away and pulled off his jeans. You ripped his boxers down his legs, and he slid your panties to the floor. You stepped out of them and jumped into his arms. He stumbled over to the bed, his strong arms wrapped tight around you, his lips crashing into yours. He let out a low growl and pushed you down onto the bed. He climbed on top of you, grabbing your wrists with one of his big hands. He forcefully pinned your wrists above your head. Your back arched in anticipation. He spread your legs with his knees and reached down, giving you a little taste of pleasure. It was just enough to make you moan. Loud. You squirmed in pleasure, fighting for your hands to be released. He grinned in satisfaction and positioned himself just right. He pushed himself into you finally, after what felt like forever, and you let out a deep, fulfilled gasp as he filled you. He thrust himself deeper, and you arched your back further. Every part of your body throbbed, begging for him. You felt like your nerves had been set ablaze, but in the most wonderful, agonizingly pleasurable ways. 

“Opie,” you moaned, wrapping your legs around his waist as he thrust himself in and out of you. He picked up his rhythm and tightened his grip on your wrists, refusing to let you go. You moaned louder. “Opie, baby.” You groaned, your entire body arching as far as it could possibly go just so you could be closer to him, so you could feel him. 

He thrust forcefully and let out a deep groan. He pressed his head to your neck. You could feel his fingers digging into your wrists. His other hand grasped at your waist, pinning you to the bed. He let out a barely audible gasp and groaned again. You knew it wouldn’t be long for either of you. You could already feel yourself about to be pushed over that ledge. He thrust one last time, let out a deep, thundering growl, and you both found your release. 

He collapsed on top of you, burying his head against your neck. He took a few breaths, then rolled onto his back so he was lying beside you. He sighed contentedly, trying to regain his composure. He rolled his head to look at you and laughed. “Now I could really use a break.” 

This one was trickier to write than usual – I think I’m on the verge of writer’s block. I might have to spend a couple of days taking a break to nip that in the bud before it starts. Either way I’m happy with how this turned out and might experiment with the premise of the reader being related to one of the Avengers again at some point in the future. Anyway, thank you to theunlikelyavenger for this request.

Prompt: I’m afraid I don’t have a very solid request to make, but Cap fluff would be a good summary of my current reading needs. Maybe where the reader is scientist-gone-avenger learning combat? Otherwise, free hands!

“Suit Up”

“Yo! (Y/n), you listening?” Tony shouted.
“To you? Always.” You replied, sarcasm dripping from every word. Being Tony’s younger sibling was fun but it had its downsides too and one of the main ones was that you had to put up with him 24/7. As much as you loved the man, you knew better than anyone how much of a pain you could be. For somebody who was several years younger than him, you always felt more mature in his presence.

“If you were listening, then tell me what I said.” He demanded, poking you in the ribs playfully. After swatting his hand away, you shot him a glare that demanded he grow up.
“You said that Steve was doing this out of his own good will so that I am supposed to behave and promise not to make him regret the decision.”

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Wow, this is a first.

I want to talk about this gif. (yes, it is a gif, and the scene actually appeared in one of the Japanese Trailers).

I want to talk about how it never appeared in the movie, and the only scene of Tadashi’s funeral (at the grave site)was this: 

They animated Hiro up close.

It never made the cut and never squeezed its way into the movie though.

They let us in on how physically lost and undesirable Hiro felt.

They showed us the hurt as he had to finally say goodbye to Tadashi one last time, and could you imagine what was going through his head? He looks so… So physically dead, so defeated and lost. Who’s to say he isn’t? Numbness is what his face reminds me of. His mouth slightly ajar as he stares down at what I’m assuming is a blank slate coffin. He feels and looks numb. He just lost his best friend, his brother. And he just can’t stop himself from feeling completely and utterly responsible for it.

Why couldn’t I have stopped Tadashi?
Wasn’t I strong enough to stop him?
Why didn’t he listen to me?
Wasn’t I worth it?

I wasn’t…

Everything in this gif is out of focus. Except for Hiro, the rain and the hand on his shoulder. I bet you Hiro was acting during this scene, trying to keep himself slightly put together without falling apart and crying into Cass’ shoulder. That’s why it’s raining and why the rain is so evidently animated.

Hiro Hamada refused to accept that Tadashi is gone, refused to cry in front of so many people who all loved Tadashi, all accepted and admired his older brother, so the sky cried for him.

The only time we see Hiro cry is when he finally accepted that Tadashi is gone, and that revenge isn’t going to solve anything. He accepts that Tadashi is here, not physically but in spirit and within Baymax’s programming. 
He accepts clearly and fully, only then.

I bet you he didn’t even notice Cass’ hand on his shoulder. He probably accepted it after a while but there was only one person he wanted to hold his shoulder and tell him that things were going to be okay. Tell him to ‘look up knucklehead, thing will get better, I promise.’

And that was Tadashi.

and I wish they’d have shown the small scene in the movie.

Pop: I wouldn’t do that just yet. [smack] ‘Cause your ass is mine…. I’ll whip that damn high top fade up off ya… I’m sick of your shit! I done worked too hard and too [smack] LONG for you to be running over me like you’re outta your damn mind! I done walked all across this damn city, got stopped by the [smack] GOD-damn law, looking for your monkey ass… All y'all kids over there dancing, [smack] doing the grind, and the [smack]PEEPIN’ and hiding, but I know your ass. You was there, wasn’t ya? Wasn’t ya? Wasn’t ya? WASN’T YA?[smack] I’m running the show around here. I’m wearing the pants and the apron, and I’m wearing yo’ ass OUT! [4 smacks] Whip ya 'till I get sleepy, 'cause I’m wide awoke, 'cause I [smack] JUST woke up. You think 'cause you’re, you’re big and yellow, I’m supposed to be like Mello…. Hell [smack] NAW! I’ll start a fight in an empty [smack] ROOM! You can call Child Abusers if you [smack] WANT to, but they better not come in here 'cause I’ll kick their ass too. [3 smacks] I’m gonna give you a whipping from now ON! I’ll kick the cowboy shit out of you [horse neigh, gallop, smack] Get your ass to bed. And don’t wake up 'til I TELL you to!

“Yes, sir. I understand. Pardo- I’m sorr- It’s just that I can’t really hear yo-” You sighed as your boss continued to scold you over the phone, but the only problem was that you were in the front row with screaming fans surrounding you, and you couldn’t really hear him. Thank God

You wanted to go backstage and continue speaking, but you had promised Harry that you’d be at at least one of the shows, and tonight just so happened to be a night that your boss seemed to be pissed with everyone. Also, you had promised Harry you wouldn’t take any calls tonight, but he wasn’t even looking at you, so you were fine. As long as you didn’t get caught, that’s it. Of course, you spoke too soon. Once you glanced up at Harry, he was staring back down at you with his hands on his hips. 

“Get off the phone!” He mouthed, waving his arms around as you gave him a sheepish smile, half-listening to your boss while half-blowing kisses at your boyfriend. 

“Do you really understand what’s going on? Our company’s sales have dropped by 2%, and that’s a lot! I don’t know what you’re going to do, but you better get the team to step up to the damn plate.” 

“I’m aware sir, it’s just that I can’t exactly hear yo-”

I don’t give a shit that you’re at your boyfriend’s concert! You either take responsibility or-” 

“With all due respect, sir. You didn’t assign me to be the team leader, you assigned the new guy as the leader. I’ve told you many times that I had the potential to lead this project, but you didn’t-” 

“S’cuse me, Y/N.” Harry interrupted your phone call, the fans screaming even louder at the mention of your name. “But shouldn’t you be singing and dancing instead of talking on the phone?” You waved Harry off playfully before continuing to speak to your ticked-off boss. 

“But you didn’t assign me to be the leader. Now, this isn’t my project, this is his project. Shouldn’t you be yelling at him instead? Because all I had to do was prepare the presentations, which are already done.” You said calmly. (Though, it sounded like you were yelling considering you were competing against screams that could cause earthquakes.) Your boss remained quiet as a little smirk replaced the frown on your face. 

Very well, Miss Y/L/N. See you Monday.” 

“So, are you going to have a good time now, or do I have to take the phone away?” Harry scolded playfully as you tucked your phone away, raising your hands to show him you weren’t holding your phone anymore. “Good girl.” 


not my gif!

I’m Your Idiot
Warnings: none

Waking up to the sound of incessant knocking was not a pleasant thing. It was the last thing I wanted to hear after just regaining consciousness. Knocking meant someone needed me to do something, and I was not a fan of doing something when I’m still half asleep.

“(Y/N)! Hey are you awake??”

I mumbled something incoherent into my pillow as I continued to try and fall back asleep.

“(Y/N) you better be awake! You said you would train with me this morning!”

I groaned as more knocks filled my ears. Realizing they weren’t gonna stop anytime soon, I dragged yourself from under the covers and wobbled to the door.

“I’m comin’…” I grumbled. Just as I reached out to open the door, it flung open and hit me in the face.

“(Y/N) are yo—…. What are you doing on the floor?”

I squinted my eyes and looked up to the voice of the culprit that just hulk smashed a door on my face. Steve raised his eyebrows at my form on the ground as I held my sore forehead in my hand.

“OW” I exaggerated while waving my free hand around.

“Look, I don’t why you’re on the ground but you said you would train with me this morning and it’s already 11 o'clock.” He explained as he waved off my obvious distress.

“Well I was sleeping but I think I might have some serious head trauma since you just face slammed me with door.”

Steve let out a long sigh then bent down and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “There. Is that better?” He asked with an amused smile on his face.

“Not really but I’ll go along with it and say yes.” He let out a small laugh as he stood back up and pulled me with him.

“How about you get ready and we go train as you promised me.”

“Mmm I don’t know I’m still a little tender from your assault…” I crossed my arms as I leant on the now open door next to me and grabbed my head to prove my point.

“I’ll buy you ice cream after we’re done training” he quipped.

I pretended to think really hard about his offer for a few seconds, “…deal.”

He smiled and grabbed my arm as he pulled me to him and kissed my temple. “You’re an idiot.”

I laughed and gently pushed him away so I could get ready. “But I’m your idiot!” I yelled as I closed the door.
A/N- o gosh I’m so srry… I have no excuse as to why I haven’t written. But never the less! Here is some Steve fluff!!!!


Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Runner

Running was something that made you happy, it was almost as if when you ran your problems cannot keep up with you, you are free to think without the worry and the guilt or any issues you would have in your life. It was amazing, the feeling you got as you tied your neon green laces into a double bow and stretched your legs gently, it was excitement and thrill that made you crazy for it. You used to always run with Steve every day, but recently he had been sent on a mission and wouldn’t be back for a few weeks, I mean you didn’t mind that much however, but you always preferred it when you had someone to run with, some competition.

It was early, very early, but you couldn’t sleep so you decided to go for a morning run. Deciding on just a sports bra and knee length almost yoga pants that were black and complimented your green sports bra. You never really ran in more than this because you would sweat and this was the best way to stop looking like you fell in a puddle of sweat. Tying up your trainers you set your playlist and ran, running laps around Avengers towers and gardens, you loved running through the gardens and around the fountains, it was a calming scene compared to regular day to day life.

It was a sudden flash that shot past you which confused you at first but you continued to run, thinking that because it was early you were probably still half asleep or something, just focusing on your pace. You had almost forgotten about it until it happened again this time making you slow down and look. You were really confused about what was happening but nevertheless you kept your pace and continued to run. The third time it happened though was different.

A flash appeared past you again but this time it pulled your headphones out and took your phone causing you to come to a complete stop. Looking up you came face to face with a very attractive boy with glowing blue eyes, your headphone wrapped phone in his hands. He placed his hand firmly on his shoulder before handing you the phone. “Pietro” he spoke, “Just arrived me and my sister are joining today you?” he questioned trying himself to gain his breath back. “Y/n” you breathe taking the phone but Pietro placed his other hand onto yours. “Oh yes, y/n, Fury told me a lot about you” he chuckled letting go of you.

“Yeah he also said you could do with a running partner and although you are a bit slow for me, I figure I can slow down.” He smiled, grabbing your hand and beginning to run again, only at your pace though, partly so he could chat with you, and partly so he could study your delicate features better, taking a clear look at how beautiful you are. Stopping you pulled him by the hand over towards you him standing a little closer than normal but you didn’t mind. “You keep staring at me” you giggle looking down as Pietro tilted your chin up. “Do i? Sorry could be worse could have been staring at your b-“you had to cut him off. “Thanks Pietro” you laughed as an idea flashed into his head.

“Look it’s what 6am, Fury told me about this place where yo can get coffee, I have never had coffee before, well American coffee so come with me?” he pleaded as you nodded slowly. “Here” he groaned picking you up bridal style and flashing off to the address Fury had given him. Stopping hi tracks he put you down and making sure you weren’t too dizzy before going into the shop. It was a good thing you kept money in the back of your phone. Handing the man the money you took the two coffees (Decaf of course) and handed one to Pietro before walking out of the coffee shop. “My turn to choose where we go c’mon” you giggled taking his hand him intertwining his fingers with yours. Strolling over to the small park that was hidden behind many planted trees and bushes, Pietro sat down on a bench pulling you down with him. It wasn’t until you had both chatted for about 20 minutes you realised how cold you were. Pietro noticed this too, throwing the empty coffee cups into the bin before taking his shirt off and putting it over your head, you had to admit you were warmer but Pietro was shirtless and he must be freezing half to death. Standing up you shuffled yourself onto Pietro’s knee wrapping your hand around his neck and trying to keep him warm. “Much better” Pietro chuckled catching onto what you were attempting to do.

Pietro looked down upon your eyes and noticed how tired you were growing, “Let’s head back yeah? The others won’t be up until later, were not supposed to be meeting you all until 12 so we can go back to your room, to sleep obviously, just because I don’t have a room yet” he spoke awkwardly as you tiredly nodded, Pietro flashing you back to outside of your door, you pressing the passcode in so that you could both just lay back on the bed. Pietro placed you down letting you sit up before himself finding a spot next to you. “Y/n?” he whispered making you gaze up at him.

Before you could properly react, you found yourself placing your lips onto him, before you could pull away, Pietro bit your lip, making eye contact for a second or two before letting it go and kissing partway on your mouth and partway on your cheek. “Night y/n, try and get some rest I heard that there was a new guy starting, his name was Pietro I recall, who is really hot” he teased making you giggle. “Night Pietro” you smiled back leaning over to cuddle into your chest.

it’s occurred to me that until I get better at colors (read: happier with my skills) this is as finished as this animation is going to get

so uh, here it is


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i’ve finally hit 500 followers! i’ve had other blogs before ca-0-lu and they’ve never hit 500 before i deleted them. this is the first blog i uploaded original content to and hit 500 followers with, so i’m very proud of this. :)

i don’t really keep track of who i reblog from, i reblog or like whatever i see without really noting whose post it is unless i want to follow the source of the post, so here’s a small follow forever!

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i’ll add more when i remember. thank you to all these lovely blogs and people for brightening up my dashboard! and thank you to everyone who’s following me! i hope i can bring better high quality content in the future! :)