yo how you doin

Yo, hello, how you doin? I’m fine finally. I’ve been struggling with a nasty cold, that is why I haven’t been responding to asks or messages for a while. I simply didn’t have the will or the brain power to work out how to talk to people over the internet.. but here I am! Back at (what feels like) long last.

rule: answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people

tagged by @xbaepsae​ yo gabby how you doin’


1. drink - stella artois
2. phone call - momo // @taetaetrashhh
3. text message - mom
4. song you listened to - Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under
5. time you cried - saturday when I had a mental breakdwon


6. dated someone twice - nope
7. kissed someone and regretted it - yup
8. been cheated on - nope
9. lost someone special - yup
10. been depressed - lol when am i not
11. gotten drunk and thrown up - like twice

fave colours

12. mint
13. peach
14. lilac

in the last year have you…

15. made new friends - tots
16. fallen out of love - ha yeah
17. laughed until you cried - yes
18. found out someone was talking about you - uhh no but it’s happened I’m sure
19. met someone who changed you - @minghaseok (are any of you shocked at this point no)
20. found out who your friends are - yeah and now I don’t have a lot (or any)
21. kissed someone on your facebook friends list - yup


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know irl - all
23. do you have any pets - no
24. do you want to change your name - my nickname is fine for me
25. what did you do for your last birthday - worked
26. what time did you wake up today - 8 AM
27. what were you doing at midnight last night - sleeping
28. what is something you cant wait for - the sweet embrace of death
30. what are you listening to right now - my mom yell at my dad it’s fun
31. have you ever talked to a person named tom - uhh idk?
32. something that’s getting on your nerves - boyfriend
33. most visited website - tumblr
34. hair colour - brown
35. long or short hair - in between
36. do you have a crush on someone - maybe? i don’t know anymore but i’ve had one for the longest time and it isn’t my bf ((whhoooopppsssss))
37. what do you like about yourself - my lips, my cheeks, my hands, my arms, basically all of me except my knees and my nose
38. want any piercings? - my ears will be covered soon + maybe something on my face
39. blood type - O negative, the most unlucky blood type to have (in the case that the entire world of every different blood type can receive my blood but I can only receive more O negative blood)
40. nicknames - lex, lexi, alex, vegan
41. relationship status - soon to be single
42. zodiac - leo
43. pronouns - she/her
44. fave tv shows - ncis (the Tony, McGee, and Ziva show), iZombie, the marvel shit that isn’t Iron Fist, that 70′s show (ignoring season 7 + 8)
45. tattoos - yeah, one so far
46. right or left handed - left
47. ever had surgery - no
48. piercings - 2 lobes and 2 cartilage 
49. sport - dance
50. vacation - mostly to the beach/to the lake, this summer I’m going on a road trip and not taking anyone with me
51. trainers - tf is this lol

more general

52. eating - craisins 
53. drinking - uhhh nothing
54. i’m about to watch - more ncis
55. waiting for - the sweet embrace of–oh, already used that. waiting for my life to no longer be the funniest joke I’ve ever heard
56. want - some stability
57. get married - probably not, for everyone elses sake
58. career - who tf knows i’m bad at this whole adult thing

which is better

59. hugs or kisses - platonic kisses (cheek kisses, forehead kisses, temple kisses, i’m soft please don’t look at me)
60. lips or eyes - eyes
61. shorter or taller - taller
62. older or younger - don’t make a difference to me
63. nice arms or stomach - nice dental
64. hookup or relationship - platonic relationships (hookups if i have to pick)
65. troublemaker or hesitant - troublemaker

have you ever

66. kissed a stranger - yes
67. drank hard liquor - yes
68. lost glasses - yes
69. turned someone down - yes
70. sex on first date - yes
71. broken someone’s heart - yes
72. had your heart broken - no
73. been arrested - yes
74. cried when someone died - yes
75. fallen for a friend - yes

do you believe in

76. yourself - no
77. miracles - no
78. love at first sight - no
79. santa claus - no
80. kiss on a first date - yes
81. angels - only one @minghaseok


82. best friend’s name - angelika
83. eye colour - brown or black, depends on the day
84. fave movie - i don’t know there’s a lot and i can never think of these things on the spot
85. fave actor - who tf cares lol

wow I’m bad at these

okay I’m tagging @minigguk, @floralyoongii, @btsaeipathy, @rainbowjoon, @taetaetrashhh, @wenotes, @taegiboo, @omfgbts, @promixity, @pinkpjmin, @pocketofjeonbunny, @pocketofyoonmin, @sugaswagdaddy, @dailydoseofdia, @defspul, @denouemin, @flowerjimin, @guktwt, @gukyi, @hobijoon, @hipsterminseok, @jiminsmrs, @lxveille, @crystallurvesftbubblybaek, @coughingupcherryblossoms, @suganochu, @softyoonkook, @notyoongiswife

in case you were wondering I literally tagged 90% of my mutuals (plus some i’d like to know) because hey why not ((also for people who probably are wondering who tf i am it’s @ohnochudont technically lol)) ((((((((WHO THE FUCK IS EVEN READING THIS))))))))

How Seventeen Wakes you up
  • Scoups: *puts his face right in front of yours and whispers your name*
  • Jeonghan: *you hear him scream from burning his fingers on a waffle maker trying to make you breakfast*
  • Joshua: *starts singing reasons why you should get up*
  • Jun: *starts poking you*
  • Hoshi: *straddles you and shakes your shoulders*
  • Wonwoo: *starts playing trap music and waits until the beat drop to start jumping on your bed*
  • Woozi: *whines your name*
  • Dk: *hits the highest note he can possibly hit*
  • Mingyu: he'd be sleep too smh
  • The8: *walks into the room with breakfast*
  • Seungkwan: ....yO ladiESSSSS
  • Vernon: *whispers* hey how you doin lil mama lemme whisper in your ear
  • Dino: *crawls on top of you*

anonymous asked:

Yo dude, how are you doin? It's cold and icey where I'm at, kinda sucks.

Yoooooo! I’m doing pretty good. Can’t really complain at the moment. Managing school, spending more time with friends, etc. etc. etc.

So we talking just ice, or actual snow? Maybe pretty at least. It’s been in the 50s (Fahrenheit) here lately, and I am a sweet summer child untouched by the horrors of this world so it feels cold to me. |’D


Hey guys! Commissions are now once again open! 

I’ll draw pretty much anything (except nsfw!) including but not limited to: fandom characters, OCs (love drawing em’), gore, shippy stuff, and even short comics! Commissions are done within a week at most but I usually get them done within a day or two! Vist here for more info.

contact me at ashleydusk77@gmail.com an we’ll talk! :3c