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I think that's what everyone was expecting tbh. Whether Zelena died or not, everyone thought that payoff for OQ would be that they get to raise this baby together, Regina getting a daughter she couldn't have because she's infertile. I honestly thought that was the direction they were going. I still can't believe it was all for nothing.

I know a lot of people were hoping for OQ to raise Peanut together as the reward for this mess of a storyline; for me, Zelena’s death was a pretty crucial part of me being able to look forward to the future of canon OQ again. I did not, and still do not, think that Zelena had any right to raise the child that she conceived by raping Robin, so a shared custody situation was just not in the cards for me.

The whole “daughter she couldn’t have because she’s infertile” doesn’t quite sit right with me because Regina already has a child. Henry. She also clearly loves Roland. She doesn’t need another child to somehow make up for the fact that she’s infertile.

I’m also really sad that they decided that redeeming Zelena in 2 episodes and forcing Regina to forgive her sister for raping her soulmate because of some magically restored childhood memories was a better story than Outlaw Queen, better than Regina finally having someone to see beneath her exterior, someone who still knows what she did and what she was, but loves her anyway, than Regina giving Robin a home, someone who he can relate to, someone to help him move on from Marian and find love again.

It’s not just sad, it’s a goddamn tragedy. And I, for one, am really sick of seeing Regina’s story turn into a tragedy.

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And I though I was over it. OQ has to be the worst treated ship on OUAT. They were saddled with the worst storyline possible - Robin got Regina's sister pregnant because he thought she was his wife, and then... nothing. No conversation about their future, how they feel, nothing. Regina didn't even hold the baby. But Zelena gets to name their daughter, gets to raise her, gets to say goodbye to Roland and hug him, promise him she and his sister will visit... Regina only gets a dead bf.

I don’t know how much more of a message OQ fans could’ve sent to A&E about how angry and betrayed they felt over his death. How personally hurt they felt by the creators making promise after promise about how their story would get it’s day in the sun, about how they’d explore more of Page 23 and the Missing Year, what them being soulmates meant, all the conversations and moments we were promised, and then they proceed to not just yank the rug out from underneath us, but kick us once we were down.

It’s just like… the scenes were the one thing. The one frickin thing we might get out of the whole shit sundae.

And what do they give us?

A twenty second Underworld filler. I’m grateful for that scene, I truly am, but the one that I really wanted to see, that I truly thought we would get because if they really cared at all about Robin or his fans, they would’ve included it for them as a farewell to one of our favorite characters, was the reunion with Roland.

The fact that they apparently didn’t include it, for me, just feels like a slap in the face after an entire season of being shat on.

I think I’ve made my thoughts on how they treated the Baby Plot and Zelena’s redemption perfectly clear in the past, and my disgust and disappointment and anger isn’t being helped by the fact that even after Robin’s death, even after the shitshow that was S5 is over, A&E are still finding ways to crush my hopes about OQ. And I honestly didn’t think that was possible.