yo ho ho

For my Younger Babes

For those of you younger than 18, don’t worry I’m not here to shame you or to patronize you, it really wasn’t that long ago that I was a minor. Trust me, it really wasn’t that long ago. So I understand very well what ya’ll must be going through. In high school so many things changed in my life, not just my family or environment but also my way of thinking shifted. This shift is normal, change is normal, there’s nothing wrong with what you are feeling or thinking. However personally I found that this is not the time to be acting out on your thoughts. It’s not because you’re stupid, because you’re not, and not because society claims it’s wrong - it’s simply a matter of timing. You need to know exactly what’s happening and how to deal with it before you can act on it. Learn what you like and don’t like, learn to interpret what your body and your mind are telling you, learn to please and love yourself before you put yourself out there. When you miss this crucial step this leaves you vulnerable to people who will want to tell you what you should like and what you should do, instead of what you want to do. Please avoid sending and receiving nudes, not because there’s anything wrong with your body, but because it could get you in serious trouble and I want you all to be happy and safe. No one ever saw my naked body until I was a legal adult, and honestly it makes me so happy that it happened like that because by then a fuckboi was trying to take advantage of my supposed inexperience but I turned it all around by showing him that I knew what I wanted and what my body wanted. By the end he was begging to sleep with me but I decided I would not give a dick like him exactly what he wanted. 

If any of you have already found yourselves in unfortunate situations and did not get out of it like you planned, you are not to blame for anything. I was only lucky to avoid an unfortunate situation, but when someone has made the decision to ruin someone’s life like that it is on them and not you. It’s never your fault. This could happen to anyone of any age, gender, race, and social class - it’s not your fault. 

My babes, I want you all to have fun, be happy, and enjoy every great thing that life has to offer. Honestly, when the time comes, you will all be so grateful (and very pro hoes). ;)


All of a sudden, out of the middle of the trees in front of us, a thin, high, trembling voice struck up the well-known air and words: “Fifteen men on the Dead Man’s Chest Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” I never have seen men more dreadfully affected than the pirates. The color went from their six faces like enchantment; some leaped to their feet, some clawed hold of others, Morgan groveled on the ground. “It’s Flint, by –!”

“Marinette!”she blurted out, making him look at her with confusion behind the half-lidded eyes.”My name is Marinette.”

“Marinette.”he caressed her face gently, while he whispered her name as if it was the greatest treasure in the whole world.

Helpp @taulun @marinette-buginette you’re both killing me with your mermaid!au *sobs*

Let’s pretend these are ketchup stains and everything will be perfect ;-;

Hoe Tip #9

Don’t settle for anything or anyone. I don’t mean for you to be completely selfish but your happiness is just as important as someone else’s. Don’t stick to someone just because they’re convenient, you’re likely to get just as good (if not better) dick/pussy from anyone else. Your time is sooooo not worth wasting.
I’ve dropped guys that were wasting my time and even though you will feel the loss it’s not going to last for long. It’s honestly a much bigger relief knowing the world is open and ready for you to take it, instead of having your expectations shattered by one person who doesn’t matter.
Your time is worth a lot.

your fave is problematic: nikolai lantsov

- too cool 4 u
- superstar.mp3
- so perfect he literally created another version of him that’s basically his raggedy alter ego
- said alter ego is just nikolai playing with ships instead of subjects
- ALSO somehow has even more sex appeal than the original which is like… holy shit wow a+ 11/10 would bangbarabangbang
- yo ho ho a pirate’s life for me (and a bottle of kvas)
- brilliant, talented, showstopping.gif
- better than your faves 2kforever
- will probably smack his face into the mirror one day bc he’ll be too busy flirting w/ his own reflection
- but according to sturmhond crooked noses are in so it’s fine
- allergic to the word impossible
- meteor shower boy™
- has this really nasty kink called treating your crush/partner with respect and supporting them no matter what. disgusting right
- will (and has) sacrificed himself for his kingdom/people……. seriously someone kinkshame him like wtf how dare he
- …… be so perfect
- did i say perfect? bc p e r f e c t ✨✨✨✨✨✨
- how do you flawless™
- 2 sexy for your crown
- nikolai: i don’t like drama!!!!
also nikolai: 👀👂🔍
- will steal your heart and never give it back like once you meet him that’s it. bye fam it’s been real i’m forever enchanted by this perfect man… this perfect fictional man