yo g

*battles anxiety with the thought of victor really liking yuuri’s growing confidence

like, a lot more than he thought he would

and yuuri was already so touchable that victor couldn’t seem to keep his hands off, but now it’s victor trying and spectacularly failing to stay cool during the little moments yuuri’s femme fatale surfaces

the little things you know, the smirks when yuuri’s feeling good or the facades of confidence when speaking to important people or the zen surety he reaches on the ice when he doesn’t know victor’s watching

and just

give me victor just about panting over him, half-baffled because he’s acting like a teenager with a first crush, terrified at how big and important it all feels, how yuuri’s smile makes him feel, tying himself in knots and finding himself vying for yuuri’s attention and not fully realizing it until someone points it out to him

the thought of victor losing his damn mind over a content, confident yuuri gives me life, clears my skin, waters my cro p s*

you know what always gets me?

that not only was ed helping oswald get ready for the founder’s dinner

but when oswald said “it’s a shame i don’t have a plus one” ed replies with “i can’t go anyway i have a date”

what, was it just a given that ed would accompany oswald? that ed would be the mayor’s plus one to a prestigious dinner?


Ok first ten pages of this comic. I didn’t plan on it getting this long, but I tend to be too….detailed? ^^;; 

Anyways, watching all the cute stuff Nyu and Junky do with lil’ Hamster G made me want to make something with my G!Sans. ^_^ Sorry its crappy. Hopefully I can get started on the rest of it soon! (I’m hoping if I upload what I got done, I’ll be motivated to finish this! XD)

Uh oh! Little Hammie G is getting into the cigarettes!! You know what that means! ;)

Hamster G belongs to @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff
Gaster!Sans is Borurou’s but this version is mine ^^

Bigbang:  Toddler cousin calling you mommy

Original Request:  “Monsta X, BigBang and BTS reaction to your little cousin calling you mom ?”



Youngbae would give a surprised look as a wide smile grew on his face.  He’d look at you in wonder, seeing how you were going to react.  He wouldn’t say anything right there but he might ask you about it later.

*Doin’ a lil giggle when he/she calls you mommy*

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Little Seunghyun:

This lil shit would probably encourage the child, asking her/him stuff like “Do you want her to be your mommy?” Meanwhile, you’re swatting the back of his head, wishing that he’d be quiet.

*You’re Daesung, highkey wanting him to shut up*

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Like Youngbae, he’d look surprised but didn’t fight it when a smile appeared on his face.  He’d try to hide the fact that he thought it was amusing, unsure of how you would react.  His shy side would kick in and he’d become awkward at the sudden thought that maybe the child thought he was her/his daddy as well.

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Big Seunghyun:

Since Choi Boy is just a big baby in disguise, he’d probably make the situation amusing to himself.  Whenever the child was around, he’d call you mommy, while showing a smirk.  Because of him, you’d have to constantly reassure the child that you aren’t his/her mommy, it’s just that Choi Boy is a shit head.  Unleash your inner Seungri 

*”Hi mommy!”  


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Daesung would giggle a little to himself, careful not to make the child question him.  I don’t think he’d say anything to the child, or even you later on.  If you brought it up later, he’d tell you how he thought it was adorable seeing the toddler call you mommy.

*You’re Jiyong and you’re both equally as shocked that he/she just called you mommy*

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