yo g

you know what always gets me?

that not only was ed helping oswald get ready for the founder’s dinner

but when oswald said “it’s a shame i don’t have a plus one” ed replies with “i can’t go anyway i have a date”

what, was it just a given that ed would accompany oswald? that ed would be the mayor’s plus one to a prestigious dinner?

Chris: yo. one g spot, one love

Eva: isn’t that g-spot stuff also a myth?

Vilde: no?

Noora: everyone is different Vilde. One can be stimulated several places no matter if it’s the g spot or not

Chris: hellooo klaraklok (klara clever, Norwegian web page for amongst other sexual education)

Eva: but… I got really bad diarrhoea from that pizza
Did you guys get upset stomach?

Vilde: ew. No. I’ve never had diarrhoea.

Noora: I believe that

Sana: yo. What are we doing during Easter?

Chris: something epic. Please let this be an epic Easter.

Eva: I wanna party

Vilde: yes!! It will be the best Easter ever!

“Olafiaklinikken” is a Norwegian health clinic
it hurts that maven calore could've been a different (probably not the cruel boy that he is) if he didnt have elara for a mother

im sad

maybe he could find love that his parents never gave him. (not with mare though gods) 

maybe he wouldn’t had his love for cal forgotten and twisted into anger and hatred. (’my brother. my father. i know i loved them once. i remember it. but i dont feel it. that love isn’t there anymore’)

maybe he wouldn’t have gone to the dark side. 

maybe somehow, he could’ve been happy.  pained for his past, but he could’ve had a future that doesn’t involve him dying in the hands of his enemies. (’the pain makes you stronger. love makes you weak.’)

i’m sorry he’s a monster, yes, i know that, but he was made; that led him to his fucking twisted path now.

(Dumb story idea ahead)

Its the future, and Earth’s resources are running low.
There is a drastic measure put in place.
The hope is there are enough volunteers for this program.
Scientists swear the technology has been perfected.
It is brodcasted that volunteers to be shrunken down are being asked for.

Smaller sized people would mean smaller ammounts of resources being used.
Of course, more laws would be put in place for these tiny sized citizens.

(And in this moment, there is a group of people that couldn’t be more ecstatic.)

Also lets say this process you volunteer for is irreversible. Would you do it?
Lets also say the size you end up at is about 3-6 inches