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some bomb ass study music
  • sorry - halsey
  • let it go - james bay
  • tenerife sea - ed sheeran
  • simple as this - jake bugg
  • oblivion - indians
  • without words - ray lamontagne
  • cellophane - sia
  • i see the light - tangled
  • lostmyhead - the 1975
  • unsteady (erich lee gravity remix) - x ambassadors
  • half the man - rozzi crane
  • meet me in the hallway - harry styles
  • down - marian hill
  • bloodstream - the chainsmokers
  • rose gold - pentatonix
  • cruz - christina aguilera
  • suite for solo cello no. 1 in g major - yo-yo ma
  • the scientist - coldplay
  • skinny love - birdy
  • urn - childish gambino
  • the long grift - hedwig and the angry inch
  • two ghosts - harry styles
  • eye of the needle - sia
  • november has come - gorillaz
  • xo - john mayer
  • almost - dnce
  • if i believe you - the 1975
  • non, je ne regrette rien - edith piaf
  • blood theme - dexter
  • kiss me - ed sheeran
  • one - ed sheeran
  • magic - coldplay
  • somewhere over the rainbow - israel kamakawiwo’ole
  • heathen - colouring
  • skyscraper - demi lovato
  • lose it - oh wonder
  • burn the pages - sia
  • i’m in here - sia
  • the wave - colouring
  • last living souls - gorillaz
  • long way down - tom odell
  • tee shirt - birdy
  • beside you - 5 seconds of summer
  • footprints - sia
  • heartbreak warfare - john mayer
  • nocturnes, op. 9: no. 2 in e-flat major - chopin
  • all i want - kodaline
  • all alone - gorillaz
  • from the dining table - harry styles
  • everything has grown - colouring
  • an encounter - the 1975
  • drive - halsey
  • i miss you - blink-182
  • photograph - ed sheeran
  • all we do - oh wonder
  • trouble (stripped) - halsey
  • not about angels - birdy
  • young god - halsey

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Find Yourself (And Be That)

*Voice crack* I just wanna cry, lmao. 


Okay, so, after a week, kind of? Writing between work, tesis, school, and stuff, I was finally able to finish this small (yah, small, sure) fic, LANCE CENTRIC, based on wonderful amazing tumblr mutual of mine: Waffle-Walks who had the amazing prompt: http://waffle-walks.tumblr.com/post/158575588090/i-am-a-slut-for-the-idea-that-lance-finds-his

Ok, I’m done, I honestly have nothing to say expect this was inspired by her, and well yeah, basically. 

I really really hope you enjoy! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the prompt. Just, u know, OCs and stuff.

Lance wakes up to the sound of Blue’s soft cries in his mind.

He can feel her gently pushing against his thoughts, as if nudging gently but with enough force to make him come back to reality slowly.

He blinks groggily, his eyelids heavy but he pushes through to finally open them fully. It takes him a few ticks to get his surroundings, his cabin being too dark to make his vision clear but soon enough, the glowing blue light of his Lion appears and it’s enough for him to see.

“Blue?” He calls quietly, voice small and hoarse , “Hey, beautiful, you with me?”

Blue purrs inside his head and it makes him sigh in relief.

“Glad to see you’re okay too, beautiful.” He chuckles before hissing in pain when shifts in his seat.

He looks down and he groans when his eyes catch the small but deep gash on his left side, his armor half ripped open and blood dripping from the wound.

“Great.” He mumbles sarcastically, his hand hovering over the wound shakily, “Just…just great, fuck.”

He feels Blue worry and Lance sends a comforting feeling back to her.

“It’s okay, girl. I’m okay, It’s just a small flesh wound.” He jokes weakly, raising his right arm enough to tap the nearest compartment and taking a small white box from it.

The move itself is enough for Lance to grit his teeth in pain and it’s not a tick later before Blue’s concern purrs echo in his mind once again.

“Blue, I’m fine, it’s fine. It’s just a scratch, okay? It doesn’t even hurt that much –” He gasps when his hand brushes against the red sensitive flesh and Lance hisses in pain.

“Ow.” He whines softly and Blue sends him a wave of exasperation.

“I can feel you roll your eyeball-less eyes, Blue. Stop, I don’t need your sass.” He grumbles, scoffing indignant when Blue sends him a mocking purr. “Did –Did you just imitated me mockingly?”

Denial waves comes to him and Lance scoffs once again. “Sentient Lions these days, I swear.”

Lance’s mouth twitches fondly when he feels the soft amused purrs in his mind and it makes him to crack a small smile as he turns to work on his wound. He winces when the cotton covered in Altean’s gel meets his flesh but he takes comfort in Blue’s gentle and warm waves in his mind as he keeps going.

“Okay.” He breathes out as soon as he finishes wrapping his wound, “Okay, okay, okay. Alright, baby girl, what’s the damage?”

The Blue Paladin of Voltron stays in silence as he listens to Blue’s analysis inside his head. He hums and nods from time to time, acknowledging the new information and then he sighs, leaning back on his pilot seat.

He allows himself a few minutes in silence, gathering his thoughts, before he nods to himself.

“Alright, the comms are out and there are no signals of the other’s lions near us. That means we alone, beautiful.” Nodding to himself, Lance rubs his wounded side gently before he sighs, “Then let’s send out the beam and find the others.” He decides, groaning as he straightens up in his seat and starts pressing his screen. “I’m sure they are worried.” He mumbles quietly, an unsure feeling inside him and ignores Blue’s soft concern purrs at his words.

He works on his screen for a few minutes but nothing comes up. There’s no message, no notifications, no history of a reaching beam from the outside.

There’s nothing.

“Wha –” Lance breaths out in astonishment, “No, come on. I’m sure that they would have done something to find me by now…”

He frowns, his shoulders dropping along with his stomach. “They – They would right?”

Ten minutes. Nothing.

Twenty minutes. Nothing.

Thirty followed by forty and then sixty.


Frustration and anger starts building up inside him and he pushes away Blue’s comfort waves.

There’s nothing. There’s no trace of his team, there’s nothing that indicates that they had been looking for him.

Did they left him? Were they relieved? Maybe this is what they wanted, to finally cut connection with Lance by accident? Maybe – Maybe –

Lance yelps when he feels Blue’s sharp wave. She’s scowling and a feeling of disapproval fills him entirely.

“Blue, just stop!” Lance shouts, angry small tears lingering in the corner of his eyes, “Just stop, okay? It’s fine! I get it! It’s such a relief that I’m finally gone! They can get a new Paladin now! They can come get you after I’m gone and that’s fine! I will just leave and the Team can finally move on! You can have a better pilot, someone who is really worth it –”

The Cabin shakes but it takes him a tick to realize that Blue hasn’t moved in the least. Blue was shouting and furiously reprimanding him in his head loud enough that it made him dizzy.

My Pilot. My Paladin. Mine. Mine. Mine. Worth it. Always. Stop. Mine.

Lance chokes up and shakes his head vigorously. “No, no. You deserve better, you –”

Stop. Mine. Stop.

“I’m useless, Blue, I’m doing you a favor –”

Mine. Mine. Stop.

“I promise you, Blue. I promise there’s someone out there for you –”


Lance’s breath stops him and he feels the faint feeling of someone punching in the gut.

“W-What –?”

Blue stays silent. Lance tries once again, reaching out and softly patting her screen but nothing changes. She goes to sleep. There’s no longer the warm feeling of Blue’s presence in his head. There’s no longer her soft purrs of affection and comfort.

There’s no more Blue.

“B-Blue?” Lance chokes out, the lump on his throat making it hard to speak, “A-Aw, Blue, no. Baby girl, come on, p-please.”

Silence is the only thing that answers him.

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