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OKAY SO- A BUNCH of people have asked Neon (@neon–nightmare) and I to make this roleplay public for reading! So we finally decided to do it!

THIS IS THE ROLEPLAY FOR THE FIRST TIME WALLIS GLOOM AND FRESH MET FACE TO FACE IN THE GV DISCORD RP. And not…. Face to mouth? Uh. First time they met and interacted in separate bodies. Yep.


- Wallis and Fresh have been at this for months, so there’s a LOT OF TENSION AND FEAR. Wallis has been possessed twice before, and in that time, got a look into Fresh’s own headspace- He’s a stubborn asshole, so he pressed at things, and Fresh let slip that he had lost someone very close to him.

-Fresh wants Wallis GONE because he won’t give up and keeps challenging his fragile worldview.   Wallis is stuck between wanting to be free of the parasite’s near constant harassment, and wanting to HELP because he can tell how much Fresh is truly suffering. He feels as though a compromise would be getting him to leave, BY helping.

-Wallis and Purple are actually back together in this rp! It took like 4 months of near constant rp, but we got there! At the point in time that this RP took place, Wallis was staying at Purple’s house recovering from the second possession. He’s… Pretty badly injured.

-Cake had also stolen his hat about a week or so prior, so he was totally defenseless! Geez, please help him…


-None of this is CANON!! This is just a RP between fans!! Fresh and Wallis belong to CQ, we just love them. A lot. Though we try to be as IC as possible, nothing that happened here is actually official canon!!

- This rp treats the events of the ‘loveball/time party’ (a rping event from a year or so ago that can be found in parts on @bestfresh90smess) as canon to Fresh’s character! This is for the sake of development, and to help give context to some of the emotional problems he’s currently having that have carried on from there! ‘Pacifrisk’ was Fresh’s only true friend that he met at the Loveball and slowly grew to care about, but right when he was coming to terms with that (and wanting to protect them even when it had no benefit to him, something he couldn’t comprehend) they were killed despite his protests.

-There’s a lot more drama and context surrounding this, so some things may not make sense!! We’ve tried to make it as concise as possible, though!

-THIS RP HAPPENED IN THE GLOOMVERSE ROLEPLAY DISCORD!! It’s applicant based only, but if you’d like to send in a form you can do so at @gloomversediscord !! OCs are welcome, too!!

So, yep! Please enjoy, and be nice!! :D


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