yo dawg

So A Friend Was Watching Yurikuma For the First Time And
  • Friend: ...I just don't know how much of the wording to take literally.
  • Friend: As Ikuhara famously said, "Yo dawg, I heard you liked metaphors..."
  • Me: "...So I put a metaphor in your metaphor so you can analyze it while you analyze it!"

Yo dawg, I heard you like Gallente so we put a Gallente bloodline in your Gallente faction so you can Gallente while you Gallente.

They value FREEDOM and LIBERTY above all else.  They must be the space Americans.  But wait… They’re progressive and slow to anger and indecisive.  That sounds like space Canadians.  

Think I’ll be playing these space Amerinadians.  As an American with a Canadian cousin-brother, I just can’t resist the call of FREEDOM and LIBERTY mixed with OCCASIONAL INDECISIVENESS.  


A year ago today, I did my first freehand nail art. I know the exact date because I was so goddamn proud that I immediately posted it online.

It’s been a good year for me nail art-wise. I’m very, very grateful for all the fun, distraction, and stress relief this hobby has given me. I’m grateful for how painting pictures on my nails has helped rekindle my love of making art, which had long ago started to fade because of insecurity, perfectionism, and practicality.

This has been a tough twelve months—a lot of change, a lot of frustration, and some very good but nonetheless stressful events. Thank God I’ve had something to take solace and delight in.