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Hi guys! Daddy’s back! Well, not entirely back. I’ve been quite busy with my undergrad thesis, so I hardly got to make art. But I needed a bit of a sanity break so I decided to make a study of my next EmiMike/MichEmil art.

In celebration also of my blog going past 250 followers (holy shit that means a lot to me, ‘yo!), I’m giving you guys a sneak peek of my new art as a thank you for sticking with me and my blog, for liking and reblogging my content, and especially to my EmiMike/MichEmil fam (y’all know who you hoes are lol love you guys) for keeping me happy to stay in a fandom like this one.

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Thank you guys! I’ll post the final product as soon as possible.

Love you guys!

A Broken (Bare)Bone. [Credence Barebone Oneshot.]

Because I obviously love hurting myself with writing.

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Title: A Broken (Bare)Bone.
Pairing: Implied - Credence Barebone x Reader.
Words: 1137
Rating: T. (Mentions of abuse.)

Shuffling around in your small kitchen, you filled the tea kettle with water before setting it on the stove, turning it on so it would heat up. The young man sitting in your living room looked like he had just faced death, or something even more vividly terrifying so you thought that a hot cup of something would bring back some sort of life to his current white as a sheet complexion. Credence was quiet for the longest time, gazing around the room before resting his eyes on his hands. There were scars there, from days past. Wounds had healed physically but so many were open mentally, he wondered if he’d ever be the same again. Credence pressed his teeth together for a moment, the ringing in his ears intensifying when he did. He had something in him that wasn’t normal. He was never normal, try though he may.

And he trusted Percival Graves to help him accomplish a more normal secure life in Magic. Not the fear he found himself constantly in. He wanted… He wanted…!

Something inside of him snapped before he could finish his thought and so his next statement came from a very careful place in his mind.

“I-I’m so afraid…” To admit something so personal and dangerous was that in itself. A danger. Continuing to staring down at his hands with doe-like brown eyes, Credence took a deep breath in. It was fire and hell to even do that much. It felt like someone had been stomping on his ribcage with all their might, trying to put out an already dead fire. The way he spoke made it apparent that his words were true. Hesitant, slow and unsure of what a reaction might bring because typically, most reactions he’s encountered haven’t been the good kind that he wanted to remember. It also appeared like he was speaking directly to his hands, though you know he was talking to you. The imagery of what he was capable of doing without meaning to was what scared him.

With his hands shaking now, he balled them into fists to contain his last bit of self-awareness at the moment. There was nothing but silence between the two of you as you poured hot water in a teacup. You know what you wanted to say and what you wanted to do, but was it appropriate. You wanted to say, ‘I know you’re afraid, Credence… I know… And I wish I could take it away, but I’m not that strong… The best I can do is…’ You’d stop talking them and embrace him like you had wanted to. You wanted to hold his cold body against yours, brush his dark hair back and tell him that eventually, things were going to be okay. Whether maternal instinct or something more, you weren’t sure but that’s what you yearned while setting the now steaming teacup in front of him.

He looked drained, as if he hadn’t slept the entire week. His face was slacked into a twisted version of its usual self, the dark circles under his eyes were heavy on his pale skin. “What if I’m not meant to keep it under control though?” He pondered out-loud and gazed up at you as you sat next to him. “What if it wants me to let go? Wants me to be the bad guy because it knows that’s who I really am?” The leaking insecurities in himself were let out in the tone of voice he was using to talk to you. It was painful to listen to so you could only imagine how painful it must have been for Credence himself to speak. It was cracking around words, some being heavier said than others as if he had lost all sort of security in talking. His breathing became slightly labored as it was harder to intake air once again. The sensation of someone stepping all over his torso found itself back in his body.

You weren’t even sure what you were going to say in this sort of situation, but you found yourself spewing his name regardless of any rational thought. “Credence.” His dark eyes left the scape of your table that he was staring at previously so he could look back at you. The abundance of fear in his eyes made you want to burst into tears. Someone so young, someone so close to you with so much on their shoulders and so much plaguing their mind… You weren’t even thinking as you raised a hand and pressed it against his sharp jawline very tenderly. The chill of his skin against yours made you gasp ever so quietly as you rubbed your fingers and hushed him. “I-I don’t know what you want me to say.” You muttered, “What… I should say…”

“Don’t… Don’t leave me like everyone else does.” He said without pulling away from your slight embrace. If anything, Credence found himself tilting his head towards your open hand and soaked in the unfamiliar warmth. That only lasted a moment before he squeezed his eyes shut and cried quietly. Literal tears weren’t shown until he opened his eyes but the moment he did it was like a waterfall. They’d build in the corner of his eyes before cascading down his face. The tears on the right side would get caught on your hand as you wiped them away. Some were getting caught on his eyelashes, and when Credence would blink, they’d be sent off. “I th-thought for the longest time… ‘I can do this alone’.” He straggled in front of you and grasped your hand tightly. “I can’t… I can’t!

“I never wanted to hurt anyone!” Credence was a bit louder than he usually was now as he sat back in his seat, pushing your hand away so he could rub his eyes with the backs of his hands. It was pointless as the tears were constantly flowing now. “I on-only wanted to feel like… I belonged somewhere…”

You felt your heart drop into your stomach at the desperation slacking behind his words. Shuffling in his seat, Credence shuddered and nodded to himself, ready to speak but you were fast to intercede, “You belong here.” Of course he did, you thought to yourself and leaned forward in your seat, “You belong here with me… I’m not going anywhere. I’m not leaving. I’ll stay by your side, Credence, until you don’t need me anymore.”

He got quiet once again and stared at you through wide eyes. Even in the light of the room, it was hard to see his pupils due to the natural darkness of his iris.  “I don’t want you to leave, ever…” Credence drew a deep breath into his lungs and exhaled equally as slow as his glance left yours. There was something utterly strange about the dependence he had found with you. You’d listen, you’d give advice if you could, the way you cared for him unlike anyone cared for him before was merely breathtaking in so many ways. Graves was the only other person, but even that seemed strained and forced at times.

Never with you.


“I’m always going to need you.”

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some cool special interest ideas

i know that one doesn’t rlly choose what they get hyperfixated on but these are just some cool things that you could really research and get in to!!


ancient ireland/scotland/UK



times the sun rises or sets

hydraulic presses


cool band album covers

 the periodic table



glass blowing

kids fairytales

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cassias argues with reader bc they sneak on his ship while going on a dangerous mission? :)

why did i hurt myself like this WHY

Title: Space Fights.
Pairing: Implied! - Cassian Andor x Reader.
Words: 1498.

“You can’t tell Captain Andor I’m here, okay Kay?” You told the imperial droid sitting in the co-pilot seat of the ship. He whirled to look back at you, seemingly unamused by you asking him for such a favor. You looked back at K-2SO with slightly begging eyes as you sheathed your blaster into the holster on your hip. “Please, Kaytoo.” You hated to beg with a droid, but really, this wasn’t any droid. This was K-2SO, the one and only. And he certainly did have his way around opinions and his abundance of such.

There was an obvious hesitation in the air before the droid finally replied to you with a rather sassy, “It’s not my fault if he finds you.” Flipping a few switches, he returned to his normal posture and continued, “You shouldn’t be sneaking on. If you really wanted to go, you’d ask Cassian.”

“I’ve been grounded.” You said with a slight grimace of distaste, “I don’t know if you remember, but I got hit in the head pretty hard the other day.”

“Oh, I remember.” Kaytoo said and gazed out the window, “You made much more sense with a bump on your head.”

Glaring at the back of the droid’s head, you tightened the scarf around your neck and rolled your eyes at his words. “I’m perfectly fine, I want to go but Captain Andor insisted that I didn’t simply because he thinks I ‘need rest’.” Which in reality, wasn’t a lie.  “But, this was a rebellion, there was no time for things such as rest.”

You could only imagine Cassian’s reaction to finding out that you decided to assign yourself to the mission he was going on. You could imagine what you liked to call ‘silent yelling’ in which Cassian doesn’t say anything, but does shout at you with his dark eyes. Those tired, nearly black eyes that have seen many destruction and very few victories this far in the fight against the Empire. It was one of his many skills and though it terrified you slightly, you knew it was better than him physically yelling.

He’d be mad for a moment or two, contemplate what to do with you and then act on that.

“So, you’re going behind his back and coming with us regardless,” Kaytoo turned to look down at you, “What will you do when he finds out you tagged along? You do realize the possibility of us turning around to bring you back are substan-”

“He won’t turn around.” You murmured rather confidently.

“But, he isn’t much for rule break-”

“It’s not really breaking the rules.” You laughed quietly and slipped your jacket on. “Think of it more as… a reassignment. I’ve been reassigned from rest, to this mission.” Waving your hand dismissively, you looked around for a secure place to hide. “No worries, Kaytoo. I’ve got a plan, like always.”

“Please tell me you’re not going to cry again.” He uttered more to himself, fixating his gaze on Cassian as he walked closer to the ship,  “That is a face I cannot erase from my database.”

Once again, you rolled your eyes and managed to stow yourself away out of view, “I guess you’ll have to see.” Were your final words before you got the door to the small supplies closet shut. A few things were poking at you, mainly on your sides and your back. For a few seconds, you wondered what they were for you were in too much of a hurry to look. Supplies, maybe. You thought, hearing K-2SO greet Cassian as he stepped into the ship. Then, the rather distinct voice of said Captain sprang through the air. Muffled by the metallic door in front of you, you were only able to hear a few words that when put together singled out a phrase of, “Let’s get going” and “it’s an outpost.”

Foot steps. You noticed, very heavy and coming towards your place of hiding. Swallowing softly, the door zipped open. It had only been ten minutes since you had taken off from the Rebel base, and he had found you. You expected to be caught later, but that didn’t deter you from speaking first, “I can explain.”

Cassian said nothing, grasping your shoulder and tugging you out of your snug place. The door shut behind you rather fiercely, but the Captain was looking at you with even more fiery gaze. “I really can explain.” You laughed, hoping to brush it off. “I just wanted to-”

“You wanted to?” Cassian finally said something in a snappy tone, “You snuck on because you wanted to?” His jaw clenched, the dim light in the ship bouncing off his face and accentuating his features. “You don’t even know what mission it is, but that doesn’t matter, eh? As long as you get to go, because you can’t be left behind.” He took a deep breath in and looked down at you as if he was waiting to hear your excuse for doing what you had done.

“I’m not a little kid anymore, Cassian.” You wanted to scream but kept your voice at a minimal level, “You can’t keep treating me like one becau-”

“Is that your excuse?” Cassian glared down at you with intimidating eyes, “That you don’t want to be treated like a child? You snuck onto a ship, you hid on a ship when I told you to stay behind. How do you want me to treat you when you obviously act like a child?”

“I want to be treated like a Rebel!” You finally shouted at him, “Let me fight for something that’s worth it. Stop pretending like you’re protecting me when you’re just holding me back!”

“You need to be protected because you do silly things like this!” He rose his voice and held his hand out to point at the storage closet. “You think irrationally, and that’s okay sometimes but it’ll eventually get you killed! You need to learn how to follow the rules!”

“What, like you!?” You swallowed softly. The sound of your voice reverberated off the metal siding. Saying that so loudly wasn’t what you wanted, but you had and it was done. Cassian seemed a bit put off, not by the loudness but by the actual words themselves. “You may as well be a droid, you follow orders just like them! You’ve no say in what you do anymore! Where’s your freedom?!”

“There’s no such thing as freedom anymore, (Name)!” He rubbed his right hand over his face to contain himself, “Freedom is something we can’t afford anymore, not with the Empire up our backs and all around! Loving you is a cost of freedom I don’t have anymore!” He got quiet in front of you once again, perhaps a bit shocked that something so personal had managed to sneak its way out of his thoughtstream without the intention. “I’m in debt, because of it! Think before you act, or you’ll leave us both with nothing.” His voice cracked at the end of his sentence as he averted eye contact with you.

You stared at him, completely wide-eyed and ashamed that you had even started such a travesty. “Cassian-” You spewed his name without thinking twice about it, “I’m s-”

“Realize that before you do something like this, please. I can’t lose you simply because you think you’re being brave by doing things like this.” His voice rocketed through the air and seemed to desperately cling onto what emotion he was letting out at the moment. To an outsider, it would appear to be nothing more than anger. But, you knew Cassian. You knew his face and how his expressions changed, even if it was barely. This was passion and love, mixed with a bit of fear. He had lost everything before, and that was a feeling he didn’t want to repeat. That despair, sinking feeling that drowns out all of your senses to the point where rage and anger were the only things fueling you anymore.

“You need to follow rules, (Name). Rebelling against the Rebellion will get you killed.” Will leave me alone again. He wanted to say, but refrained as you stared up at him with large, rounded eyes. You noticed him relaxing in front of you, telling you that he hadn’t meant to explode like that, and that he himself was irrationally thinking. Cassian collected himself and drew a deep breath in.

“Are you going to take me back?” You wondered quietly.

“Taking you back would waste time we don’t have.” Cassian said and turned his back to you, hiking his body up so he could sit back into the pilot’s seat. “You can come with us, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t. For your safety.”

“I did tell her it wasn’t a good idea.” K-2SO said from his spot, glancing over at Cassian. “I did tell her she’d get caught and that you’d be mad. But, no one listens to me. No one.”

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yo quick poll any other trans people out there who, before they knew they were trans, always felt like they had to adhere to the strictest version of their assigned gender’s roles? for example I’m a trans guy and when I was younger I didn’t think I could watch “boys movies” (i.e. star wars) or play with “boy toys” (i.e. pokemon cards, cars and trucks) and when I got older I had to wear really feminine clothes or else I wouldn’t feel feminine at all (thinking back now i realize it was because im actually a guy) and so on. did anyone else do that? just wondering

I have no self control anymore and idk if i want any back because i keep writing and it’s great. Part two, which is very late, to the previously written Bow-Tie Imagine. 

Originally posted by claraoswan

The bow-tie snug around the base of his neck was that of a blue color, a very rich azure. It was silky to touch and went rather fantastically with Newt’s skin tone. And to be frank, it was indeed the first time he actually worn it let alone taken it out of its case. It had spent a year sitting there, a silent reminder to Newt that he was to return to New York eventually. To see you, to seek a new adventure perhaps.

It was was certainly a cold New York afternoon. There were a few stray snowflakes falling from the overcast sky outside and they were casting artistic shadows as they fell in front of the window at the end of the hall. The light leaking in from said window stretched and stopped a few feet away from Newt’s feet.

Clenching his hands before relaxing them, his beautiful green eyes stared at the wooden door in front of him. It felt like years upon years since he had been here in the city of New York when really it had only been about one Calendar year. Newt continued staring, his stance stiffing a bit as a ghost of winter air chilled through his bones when someone opened and closed the main door to the building. He was so close, yet so far from allowing his hand to raise up in a fist, to tap at the door. What if things weren’t the same between the two of you when you opened the door? What if you looked at him and saw nothing more than another wizard with nothing special about them?

Newt sighed shakily and flattened his scarf on the right side of his body.

Shuffling forward a bit, he sucked up every last bit of his insecurities and tapped his knuckles against the door. Soft at first before they made a sound that wafted all around along with a small tingling sensation on his knuckles. It sounded through the apartment hallway and circulated its way back into his ears. He had written nothing saying that he was returning; this time with a finished and published book alongside his case of Magical Creatures.

His palms felt oddly sweaty as Newt rocked back and forth on his heels. Thoughts were running inside of his head. What was he going to say to you? What sort of reaction were you going to give him? Did… Newt swallowed as the doorknob shook in front of him, his eyes fixated on it now as it squealed. Did you miss him as much as he had missed you? Jaw clenching tightly, he tried to release the building up tension he found in his shoulders but couldn’t as the door swung open.

There was a brilliance of light from the apartment, due to the windows behind you. His black pupils shrunk in size due to this sudden wash of luminance. Aside from that, when Newt’s sparkling green eyes finally dropped from their current position he noted how the light bounced off your hair and gave you the utmost appearance of being heavenly, or even more so, being a savior. Your eyes were as wide as the moon, Newt thought to himself as he bowed his head and peered longingly at your facial mannerisms. You were just as he remembered. Beautiful, tender and caring all rolled into one intense expression. He stepped forward, his right foot now a few inches in front of his left as he angled himself to get a better look at you. Newt’s memory was not like it was when he was younger. You were even more perfect that he recalled a year ago.

You didn’t even bother moving from your spot in the doorway and stared at the Brit in front of you. He was shuffling on his feet. A subtle movement that meant much more. In his left hand was a book titled ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and sitting beside him on the right side was an all too familiar leatherbound suitcase. Sitting on his shoulders was the gorgeous jacket he fit wonderfully in, along with his old and worn Hufflepuff scarf sitting on his shoulders. You caught hold of the bow-tie and felt a surge of remembrance of the moment you gave it to him. The promise he had made you, with all the intentions of keeping it.

ou felt like doing so many things at one time. You want to scream, you wanted to cry, you wanted to throw all caution to the wind and jump into his arms like you had imagined beforehand. But, you felt glued to the floor below unable to move or even say anything to Newt as he gave you the infamous half smile that melted your heart into a puddle.

There was absolute silence in the air as he stared down at you, but really, he felt no words were really necessary. But, despite this thinking, Newt caught himself speaking rather rapidly, “I do hope this was a good time to stop by.”

The smile that graced your face was brief. You were still overwhelmed with the sense of joyous happiness that he returned. Newt had kept a year long promise and now he was back. Real, in front of you… Breathing and as arrantly perfect as you recalled. The bittersweet moment of his departure seemed so far away now. You didn’t want to think about that. Not now. “It’s always a good time.” You gushed quietly, opening the door further so he could walk in. “Welcome back to New York.”

With his head bowed, Newt stepped into your apartment and sat his case down by the door. “I hope it’s as exciting as it was before.” He joked with a small chuckle. Closing the door behind you, you agreed with a laugh of your own and chuckle.

Seafoam green eyes locked on the book that was sitting in his hand. “I do believe I owe you this.” Newt’s hand shot out from his body. He looked at it once more, before looking up at you, “I hope it’s significant payback for what you gave me previously.”

You weren’t sure why you were so careful taking the book from his hand, but you did so very cautiously. The cover was smooth under your fingertips as you traced the title. “‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.” You said out loud with a smile. “I’m so proud you finally finished it.”

“Not without you.” Newt said, looking around your apartment. he’d fixate his stare on something interesting for a few seconds before scanning around once again. This always amazed you for Newt was amazingly skilled at picking details from rooms, from books, from anything really. It made him knowledgeable and aided heavily when he was searching for something very specific. “I— mean, I’d never had finished it without your help a year ago. I’ve never properly thanked you for it, though I should have…” The half grin that was donning on his cheeks turned into a full on smile as he looked down then back at you. “So, I suppose… Thank you. I do hope the book is thanks enough for right now. I haven’t much other than that and a few meaningful words.”

“It’s perfect.” That was barely above a whisper. Clutching the book, you held it close to your chest and gazed lovingly at him, “Thank you, Newt.”

“You’re very welcome.” Newt declared in a rather bubbly tone. “I hope you enjoy the book, there’s quite a bit of valuable information about creatures in it. Some of them you already know from what I told you, but some of it is fairly new informat-”

“Newt.” You had interrupted his start of a ramble.

“Yes?” Innocent eyes stared down at you as he tilted his head to the side, curious what it was you had to say.

Opening your mouth to say, ‘I missed you’, the unableness to actually blurt it out struck you down. Furrowing your eyebrows, you let a puff of air out of your lungs as you continued to clutch the book tightly to your chest. “I’m so happy you’re back…” You finally managed.

Newt nodded in agreement and rested his hands behind his back. “I’m very glad I am as well.” He stated, “I missed it far too much…”

It felt like everything went back to the way it was before he even left. The silence between the two of you lingering, but never awkward. The two of you just soaking in one another’s company and quiet thoughts. “I would say I missed you, but I think I missed Pickett more.” You teased, setting the book down on your table. Your fingers rested on it as if you were afraid of letting it go, because it was a part of you and a part of Newt.

This made him laugh. Something cute, a puff of air escaping his lips as his shoulders slacked forward. His lips were curled around the edges, lifting into a full on smile with rounded cheeks and wrinkles around both his mouth and eyes. Newt could feel the light in his heart getting brighter now that he was so near to you once again. “I missed you too, (Name).”

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so guys I really wanna follow more anime blogs, so if you post any of the following anime like this/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog, and if I like what I see I’ll follow. and I mean you could follow me as well if you want, I wouldn’t object to that ;b

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etc, etc.

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How many of you would support a new science fiction TV show that’s trying to push the normal boundaries of sci-fi by featuring a main cast that includes (among other things) …

- A guy who can travel in time through memories (pictured above)
- A kind, telempathic girl who could totally destroy you with her brain
- A mentor archetype who happens to be a gender neutral alien
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- A badass, asexual teenage princess

Not to mention more than half the above listed characters are various POC, cause let’s be real, representation matters yo. The show as a whole is about young intergalactic missionaries from Earth trying to save a moon from being destroyed way out in the Orion Nebula.

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Yo, ey Oncers, lemme teach ya something cool. :-P If you change the brightness and other stuff of that page in photoshop, you can actually see the first page of the script. There are some words that I was even able to make out, though unfortunately it’s still a bit of a riddle. Could you guys reblog and help me out maybe?

(What you see is: beauty - opens the door - to gut - into a rag doll - threatens to break up - a cabinet (which I didn’t highlight, but you can read it too) - through it - this terrible - with a gasp of)

Yo, Once Upon a Time staff, you should buy thicker paper. :-P 

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Wildest Dreams part nine

Here is part nine of this series. I don’t know what to call this. Angst. Heartbreak. Yes to all! I really hope you enjoy this chapter cause the rest of them make me cry. ENJOY! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!.

Written By: Redlittlefox

Wildest Dreams Master list 

Dean X reader 

Sum: The reader and the boys go to a town when they hear that there are women going missing. They think it is demons but what it is may surprise them. 

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Word count: 2.8k 

Warnings: Fluff, Angst and other?

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I hope I didn’t miss anyone.. but once again thank you so much! I hope everyone is having lovely day or night! I love you all lots  ❤️

I just wanted to say that you guys have been amazing this year! 

Thank you for always being around, for the concert memories and even the arguments. This year was really successful for Ed; there were loads of achievements, and awesome shows and exciting stuff.
Next year is already sounding a lot more promising! 

Someone I follow posted something that I want to share with you, because I know that the holidays aren’t always easy for everyone, so this reminder can be quite useful:

“think about all those songs you’ve never heard
  that you’re bound to fall in love with
all those books you haven’t read
  that will etch their names on your heart
all those people you haven’t met
  that will know you until the day you die
all those things you’ve been dying to do
  that could change the way you look at the world
this could be your year.  there’s a lot to do.  it already feels hopeful


You guys are incredible!
There’s no one I’d rather fangirl with than you lot, honestly. Thank you for every reblog and question you’ve sent my way. Love yo’ faces!

I reblogged the “what’s most noticeable about my style” meme a while back (PLEASE DON’T SEND ANYMORE, I’M TRYIN’ TO CLEAN OUT MY INBOX) and got these!  Thanks so much for the response, guys, this is so cool to see!

Trends: unique noses/mouths, expressions, bold linework, dynamic poses.

          ♒ Hi guys! So, it’s been a while I’ve been meaning to do that, but I don’t have much time for these stuff, unfortunately. I’m very grateful for every single follower I have, and you guys make me really, really happy, even though I might not talk to all of you. Anyways, here’s the thing: this will only be up for two days, so, sunday I’ll randomly pick five of the followers who reblog this, and each one will have the right to choose a character for a Snowdown Icon! You can have your normal character, or a porofied one! I really wish I could make an icon for every single one of yo but, ehhhh. Finals are coming so, hahaha. Sorry! And good luck! <3  }