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All thoughts on intro
  •  I have to admit it’s a lot less bouncy then the first one, and as far as the animation, a disappointment. I dunno, the first one really worked well with the music. It’s not awful, but not as good.
  • Guess we’re never gonna see that Tooth character from intro 1
  • opening on Star holding the wand is nice.
  • Is Marco’s room in mewni? Does this mean he is now living with Star as HER roommate?
  • Marco’s scissors, niceee.
  • Awww, ponyhead’s sisters. And this is the first time we’ve actually seen the cloud kingdom properly on the show.
  • Tom freaking teleported them into his carriage, Tom why.
  • Tom looks so angry at Star for some reason, then they all start dancing. Which frankly makes sense cause in intro 1 they wanted you to think that giant  bug was gonna attack them before dancing.
  • Tom is still a dork
  • Carriage demon is back, but whose the skeleton dude?
  • Is Tom freaking living in that carriage now?
  • Mina’s back yo, still insane.
  • Yo Kelly!! Nice sword.
  • Wait is the goblin dog guy coming back?
  • Ms Henious and Gemini, although Star does smile at them, while Marco is still freaked out.
  • Eclipsa Yo
  • Glossaryck where were u?
  • Star is oddly more confident before she blasts them, still nervous though.
  • Marco y u have a cape?
  • Dunno What Janna is looking at over there.
  • Geez Tom, nice evil expression.
  • Is Tom looking more at Marco? Or Star?
  • Welp, Blood Moon is back :P
  • They all look so cute hanging out together.
  • The Wand became pink at the end, wonder why.


Yo thank you guys for coming seriously. 

It’s an honor to have so many kids fuck with what we’re doing. You guys keep checking in every time and we see the business you have grow and shit, like these kids got their thing “Grail” and they wear their shirt with the civ hat and idk it’s just really tight. 





“...Didn’t He?”

Requested by an anon. GIRIBOY IS BACK LOVELIES! My man is back and popping. 

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Today, your two year anniversary. You’d been going two years strong. There is a reason why I say “you’d been”, instead of have been. You’ve never had a huge problem where you wanted to leave him. They were all minor. But that all changed today. Today was going to mark two years of your loving relationship with him, but he failed to remember. 

This day was very important. He promised he wouldn’t forget. He promised just last year he’d never forget. He even said he had it all planned out seven months ago! ‘So how could he forget?!’ You thought. 

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Yo guys! Where’s the million views at?? Come on, don’t do Ally like this 😩😩

anonymous asked:

Will we ever know what Noya and Asahi did in the kitchen on Game Night when Asahi came out blushing??? CAN YOU TELL US WHAT HAPPENED ON GAME NIGHT WHEN ASAHI CAME OUT BLUSHING PLS I'M JUST A CURIOUS SOUL (who really likes AsaNoya)

Sure let’s take a looksy…

“Just pretend I’m not here, Asahi-san!” Nishinoya grinned up into Asahi’s face as he carried him to the kitchen. His arms tightened around his back, “Pretend you are a Koala and I’m your baby and you have to do Koala mom things like cook shoyu ramen for the family!”

“Uhm…” Asahi gulped. “I’ll try…”

“Hey Asahi-san!”

“How am I supposed to pretend you’re not here when you are talking?”

Nishinoya laughed, “How tall were you in high school, Asahi-san?”

“Uh…” Asahi walked- stiff legged- to the kitchen’s refrigerator. “I think I was 186 my third year…”

“And how tall are you now?”

“I haven’t checked…” Asahi opened the refrigerator and peered inside. It was difficult to concentrate with the man hanging off of him. His arms were tight at his back and his chest and thighs were flush to his. It was… distracting.

And terrifying.

Little bit.

“Wh-what about you, Noya? How tall were you in high school?” He grabbed a carton of eggs from the refrigerator and then carried it over to the kitchen island.

“I was 161.3 cm my third year!” he loosened his hold and leaned back slightly, gripping Asahi’s sides with both hands. “And now I’m 166.4 cm. And still growing! Well… hopefully.”

Asahi smiled, “It’s possible. My cousin didn’t stop growing until he was twenty-five.”

“How tall is he now?”

“Uh… about 204 I think…”

“Holy shit! You’re from a family of giants, Asahi-san!”

“I suppose…” Asahi struggled to focus on gathering ingredients for Hanamaki’s shoyu ramen, but he couldn’t seem to remember how to make it…

Nishinoya stared down at their connected feet, leaning back further.

“Hey Asahi-san,” he said after a moment’s hesitation.

He gulped, “Y-yeah?”

“Do you miss playing volleyball?”

They fell silent. Asahi examined the flop of blonde hair in the center of Nishinoya’s bangs.

He inhaled deeply and then hummed, “I miss it. From time to time.”

“Do you wish you would’ve gone to university and continued playing?”


Nishinoya lifted his eyes, which were wide at the admission, “No? Why not?”

Asahi smiled, “Volleyball was never something I had intended to do for my whole life. I miss it, and wish I could play again with my old team. But… it would be different in university. The good feelings I had when playing in high school would be different.”

“Maybe they’d be better!”

“Maybe. But my high school career was pretty satisfying, you know? We went to nationals… we played against strong teams and held our own. We made a name for ourselves as a school and team.”

“Yeah but…” Nishinoya furrowed his brows, “If you went to university, we could have played on the same team.”

Asahi laughed, “I don’t know… I kinda liked having you as an opponent.”

“Eh, why? Weren’t you really frustrated when you played against us at nationals?”

“That’s why.”

Nishinoya’s eyes widened and he let out a laugh, “That’s why? You’re weird, Asahi-san.”

He flushed, “I don’t think it’s weird. You continually picked up on my spikes like they were nothing. It was frustrating and I had to find new ways to avoid you. It was… kinda exciting.”

Nishinoya grinned and he leaned forward again, wrapping his arms around Asahi’s back tightly. “Well… I’m a pretty exciting guy, I guess. Or so I’ve been told.”

Asahi stared over the top of his head, swallowing the lump that formed in his throat, “W-well. You know. Volleyball is more fun when you’re playing against strong opponents. Getting rejected over and over again like that just kind of… made me more passionate about the game, I think. And finally scoring that winning point was way more satisfying than if I had had an easy time of it.”

Nishinoya dug his chin into Asahi’s chest, “You just had to remind me of my loss, didn’t you?”


Nishinoya was silent for a moment and Asahi struggled to calm his racing heart.

Calm down, calm down, calm down.

He’s going to hear you, idiot!

Stupid heart. Stupid weak heart.

“I guess it was pretty fun being on different teams,” Nishinoya admitted. “But playing on the same team would’ve been great too.”


“Then I could watch your spikes up close.”

Asahi’s heart jumped.

“On the other side of the net, I’m just concentrating on where the ball is going to go. I don’t get the full effect of a spiker unless I can see them from all angles.”

“Ah… oh… uhm…”

“Asahi-san, aren’t you supposed to be making Takahiro some ramen?”

“R-right!” Asahi whipped around and Nishinoya held on tight. “Uhm, let’s see… shoyu ramen. Shoyu ramen…” he chewed on his bottom lip as he went to the stove and flipped on a burner. “How do you make shoyu ramen…”

Nishinoya laughed, “Hold up, Asahi-san, let me help too!” He turned on his feet until his back was pressed to his chest.

Calm down! Calm down! Asahi commanded his panicking heart.

“Okay just tell me what to do!” Nishinoya leaned back against him and Asahi’s mind overloaded a tiny bit.

“Uhm… Uhm… well… I guess we need to make some soft boiled eggs…” Asahi turned back towards the kitchen island and Nishinoya let out a yelp when he almost fell off of his feet.

“Careful, Asahi-san,” Nishinoya grabbed his forearms and dragged them around his middle. “You need to hold on to me now.”

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Asahi screamed inwardly.


“Okay, I’ll be the hands,” Nishinoya wiggled his fingers in front of him. “Tell me what to do, Asahi-san.”

Have mercy.

Uhm, okay… let’s get the ingredients then…”

For the next fifteen minutes, Asahi directed Nishinoya on how to make the meal, laughing loudly every time something went horribly wrong. After Nishinoya dropped the mixing spoon for the fourth time, he bent to pick it up and accidentally pulled Asahi down with him, resulting in the taller man slamming his forehead down on the counter. The two collapsed to the ground, shrieking laughter.

Nishinoya lay back on Asahi’s chest, spreading his arms wide on either side as he cackled towards the ceiling. Asahi removed one arm from around his middle and rubbed his stinging forehead, chuckling.

“Sorry, Asahi-san!” Nishinoya snickered. “I was expecting you to let go of me.”

“Ah… it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt too bad.”

“That’s good then.”

For long seconds, neither of them moved. Asahi closed his eyes, momentarily marveling in the warm, solid weight of the body spread over the top of his and thinking that it fit just perfectly against him.

After a minute, Nishinoya’s low voice spoke, “You know Asahi-san…”


“I think I’ve gotta disagree with you.”

Asahi opened his eyes, “On what?”

“Rejection. You said it made you more passionate about the game, right?”

“Oh… yeah…”

“I disagree,” his voice lowered even more. “Rejection… is terrifying.”

Asahi’s mouth went dry.

Because yeah…

It really was, wasn’t it?

“Yo! Time’s up, you guys can come-” Tanaka stepped into the kitchen and then stared across the kitchen to where the two lay on the floor. “Am I… interrupting?”

“Yeah! Apologize!” Nishinoya laughed and rolled off of Asahi. “Look at that, Asahi-san! We made it without having to take a drink!”

“Ah… I might need one anyway,” Asahi mumbled.

“Yeah. Me too.”

I guess I’m kind of neglectful when it comes to AsaNoya, aren’t I? That’s my bad. I think I have a hard time writing Asahi’s character. He’s got about the polar opposite personality than my own so it’s difficult to dig deep and try to figure out how he thinks and acts. I don’t want to make him into a big bumbling coward, but I also don’t want to write him really out of character. It’s a struggle to find the middle ground.

Well anyway, I hope this is good enough? Kinda cute. Kinda sad. Thank god everything worked out for these precious Babes. Oh and my musical “inspiration” for this scene is this Song. If you want to check it out.


seungkwan’s rather awkward encounter with a random audience member 😂😂😂 // (©)

Broken Down Chlorophyll

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Prologue to Frozen Water Vapor


Summary: It was butterfly kisses and everlasting vows. Now it’s awkward good nights and halfhearted hugs. Minds will change, and others will not. It was bound to happen, Kris should have known. As much as he wanted you to himself, he finds you slipping from his fingers, into another’s arms. ( Kris x Reader, Chanyeol x Reader)

Implied Cheating, Toxic Behavior, Verbal Abuse

Word Count: 3340

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

This is another personal story from my ChanJaebaek AU. I changed the s/o to Kris, and fiddled a bit with the story.  You guys always ask for more angst, so here you go babes. <3

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Protective Brothers ( Dolan Twins )

I got a few requests asking to do a brother x sister imagine about the boys going through their little sisters dms. So without further ado enjoy!

Warnings - none (short & shitty, sorry!)

It was Sunday night when your brothers decided they wanted to do a video with you. They haven’t told you what you were doing yet so you sat quietly whilst they set everything up. You were wearing one of Grayson’s oversized jumpers with denim shorts.

You sat pulling faces at the camera whilst the twins did their intro “right guys, here we have our little sister y/n!! Say hiiii” Ethan screamed at the camera. You smiled and did a awkward wave whilst the twins laughed at you “hiiiiiii” you said. “Okay! So today we’re going to be reading our sisters DMs on Instagram!!” Grayson explained to the camera “wait, we are?” You said looking between both twins “yes, now give us your phone baby sis” Ethan said whilst trying to take your phone out your hand.

You had been filming for an hour and the twins were still reading your DMs from fans when Ethan read a really dirty message some 30 year old man had sent you. (sorry I’m uncomfortable writing smut/dirty shit at this moment in time but I’m working on it!!)

Both Grayson and Ethan Growled at the camera whilst flexing their muscles “dude, that’s our sister don’t talk to her like that, don’t even think of her like that cos we’ll come for yo!” Grayson screamed acting tough “coming from the guy who screams like a little girl whenever he sees a wasp” you said whilst rolling your eyes making Ethan laugh “oh and Ethan shall we not forget when you cried for an hour straight when you dropped your pancakes on the floor last Saturday?” Ethan glared at you “since when did this become a roast Dolan twins video” Grayson said “see guys, this is why we don’t invite our sisters into our videos anymore! They hurt our feelings man” Ethan said whilst pretending to cry and hug Grayson.

You all laughed “we’re just kidding we love our sisters so if you could kindly stop sending them dirty messages that would be appreciated” Grayson said whilst cutely smiling down at you. “See you next Tuesday” the twins yelled at the camera and then pilled on top of you whilst laughing. “Heeeyyyyy!! I can’t break you fat messes” you said whilst giggling “this isn’t fat it’s muscle little Dolan” Ethan said.

Later that night Grayson came in your room to check up on you “hey, you know we love you right and we’re only protective of you because you’re our baby sister, it’s what big brothers do!” Gray said whilst lying in your bed with you “yeah I know, I dread to imagine when I bring a boy home it’ll be like a crime scene with how many questions you and E will give him” you said giggling. “Oh you bet! Also don’t bring a boy home any time soon you’re too innocent for that” Gray said whilst kissing your forehead. You rolled your eyes “good night gray” you said smiling at him “love youuuuu y/n” you heard Ethan shout from the other room making you a Grayson erupt in a fit of giggles. Honestly, you had the best big brothers ever and you wouldn’t change them for the world.
Okay well I think this sucked I’m sorry if it’s not what you anons wanted I tried my best but I don’t usually do brother x sister imagines so this was my first attempt! also I’m still taking requests in. xx

I don’t think we talk about Pollux from PJO enough.

This guy’s a son of Dionysus, the wine dude, a god that most people would consider the least valuable Olympian. But Pollux can make grape and strawberry vines grow along with other plants. WHO WOULDN’T WANT PLANT SUPER POWERS?

He also loses his ONLY brother and TWIN and BEST FRIEND, Castor, in the Battle of the Labyrinth, and he has to live in an empty cabin, and sit at an empty dining table! We all give Jason and Percy and Thalia so much sympathy for that, but Pollux has to go through the same thing!

Pollux is blond with violet eyes. Violet eyes, dude! Not to mention he has to put up with kids at Camp making fun of his dad the whole time, but he was always loyal to the demigods.

And get this: This badass motherfucker broke his right arm in battle and then offered to keep fighting with his left.


Reasons I won’t shop at the locally owned comic store: Those who work there embody literally every negative steryotype of male geeks and make me feel like crap when I try to buy things there, and asking them questions only results in rude “i’m better than you because I know this,” responces.

Reasons I will shop at hastings (part of a chain): The people there are always helpful AND knowlegeable abt comics and the guy who works at the comics is an older man and once told me a story about reading captain marvel with his daughter back when i was first getting into comics and has never once made me feel inferior because i don’t know much about comics or have a question

  • Accolade: Yo guys! We've come back from the grave and are making a new Bubsy game!
  • Everyone Else: OH GOD WHY WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS AWFUL BUBSY IS TEH WORST (even though we've never played any of the games we just know him from hyperbolic youtubers and memes) AAHHHGLKJGHIENCBUEOHBUJINL!!11!1
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ... I'm quite okay with this development.


“Hey Iwai what’s up? Got anything new in stock? Ya’know, the good shit. I need a couple more than usual.”

  • Erin: good grief Jillian. Don't touch!
  • Holtz, dropping her marker: Holtzy sorry, oh so so sorry.
  • Erin, glaring down at Jillian with a marker spot on her nose: can you be serious.
  • Holtz, kisses the mark on Erin's nose: Maybe, depends how serious you want me to be.
  • Erin, ever so slowly draws a black mark from the end of Holtzmann's crop top to the top of her belly button: Now we're even, Steven.
  • (Holtz who is grinning very evilly, pulls Erin closer by her shirt and kisses her hard)
  • Patty, coming back from the bathroom: YO, GUYS, ARE YOU SERIOUS, like I BARLEY LEFT THE ROOM TO PEE.