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Hi! If you're still doing the character/outfit requests, may I request H-4 with Allura? May we use them as icons?

Y’all are free to use any and all of my drawings as icons if doing that strikes your fancy y’know, haha

Magical herbal DIY’s for every part of your precious body.

For the witches (or anyone else) who are into herbs and smelling good.

The magical attributes of the DIY’S according to the herbs used are highlighted in the contents section below in brackets. You can choose one or multiple attributes to focus on while using these products to match your intent. 


1. Floral facial steam: Leaves your face feeling fresh AF, smelling good. (Protection, love, centering and psychic power)

2. Rose & chamomile bath bags: Relaxing AF, smells good, SUPER CLENSING. (Protection, centering and meditation)

3. Clay and Lavender face mask: We all know clay is dope for our skin, and lavender can never go wrong. (Peace, protection, love, purification)

4. Peppermint foot scrub: Leaves your feet feeling and smelling FIIIINEEE. (Travel, money, healing, luck, strength)


1. Floral facial steam

YOU WILL NEED (The ingredients below are per 6 treatments so multiply it for as many treatments as you’d like): 

-3 100ml jars

-2/3 cup of lavender buds, dried

-1/3 cup of rose petals, dried

-2/3 cup chamomile flowers, dried


Mix up the herbs ad divide them into each jar (roughly half a cup each)


• Remove make up or dirt by using a gentle cleanser
• Place herbs in a heatproof bowl (use 4 tablespoons herbs per treatment – each jar is enough for 2 treatments)
• Pour one pint of boiling water into a heat proof bowl (USE MOON WATER FOR EXTRA BENEFITS)
• Place bowl on a sturdy surface (like a table) and lower face over the bowl (it’s usually best to sit in a chair that is pulled up close to a table)
• Place a towel over your head to create a tent over the bowl (the towel helps the steam stay close to the face and not evaporate into the air so quickly)
• Stay here for about 15 to 20 minutes- while you are here start by centring yourself, and then think about your intent and what you wish for the herb to bring to you, imagine the steam cleansing away any negativity. 


2. Rose & chamomile bath bags

YOU WILL NEED (The ingredients below are per 3 treatments so multiply it for as many treatments as you’d like):

-3 Muslin bags

-¾ cup dried rose petals

-¾ cup dried chamomile flowers

-1 ½ cup epsom salts

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Place 1 cup of mixture in each muslin bag. Tie the top of each bag to close tightly.


To use bath tea bag, tie bag to faucet so the water runs through it as the bath fills. Once the bath is full of warm water, remove the bag from the faucet and let it float in the bath. Soak for at least 15 minutes - while doing so, remember to relax, centre yourself, remember your intent and what you wish to get out of this treatment and imagine the salts and hot water clensing away any negative energy.


3. Clay and Lavender face mask

YOU WILL NEED (once again makes 3 , adjust to your liking):

-3 100 ml jars

-½ cup lavender flower powder

-1 1/8 cup white cosmetic clay


Mix up and divide into jars, roughly half a cup per jar. 


At time of use, mix 1 tablespoon of lavender-clay mix with 2-3 teaspoons of water, cooled chamomile tea, or hydrosol, until a paste forms. Spread over the face, avoiding the eyes. Leave for 15 minutes. This mask draws out toxins and negative energy so make sure to visualise the clay mask absorbing the negative energy for maximum effect, meanwhile, pour your intent into this procedure and absorb the lavender and mother earth’s clay into your system. Wash off with warm water and a wash cloth. 

BOOOM yo face is untoxic AF super clensed, and smelling damn fineeee.

4. Peppermint foot scrub

What you need (MAKES 3):

-3 250-300(ish)ml jars

-1/3 cup fine sea salt or epsom salt

-¾ cup oil (grapeseed, sweet almond or olive)

-Few drops peppermint essential oil

-¼ cup dried peppermint leaves


Mix ingredients in bowl, divide into jars, roughly 1 cup per jar.


Rub into damp foot in circular motions. Our feet pick up alot of negative energy, and are important because they take us places in the physical world, make sure to focus on your intent and drawing out the negative energy.


Happy witching

~ @indigo-amethyst

Here’s just soome glo up stuff. Lately I’ve been working on glowing the fuck up. Y’all kno what i mean, so imma tell yall some glo tips.

  • That one person in ya life that you still fuck with but not really. You know the one. They lie to you, hurt you, but then they cry and do something bad & you just keep em bc you love them? REMOVE them from your life completely
    Literally, like, drop they ass. It may hurt but boo cry and then look urself in the mirror and say that you got this bc you’re free af. You’re no longer held down by their petty ass judgements and arguments.
  • If you’re into makeup, get hella with it. 
    Do makeup that makes you feel confident as fuck. For me? I like to do highlighter. I glow. I LITERALLY SPARKLE SIS. Makes me feel good.
  • Take care of your skin.
  • Clean your house
  • Drink green tea & take ur vitamins
  • Do your assignments for class & check them
  • Write your notes pretty and neat af. u will feel gr8 aout them
  • If you wanna healthily change your body. do it right. start. do it. 
  • Stop letting people push you around
  • Put away extra money to treat yourself with
  • Don’t let a man tell you what to wear and what to do. dont settle for less, either. you deserve more than “what you can get” or “settling for average” YOU DESERVE TO B TREATED LIKE A QUEEN.
  • When a challenge comes by, wink.
  • Smell good
  • Wear clothes that make you feel sexy as fuck
  • Stop drinking so many sodas babe. Soda is great but drink water & natural teas for wonderful skin
  • Fruit will high key help yo kitty smell AND taste great
  • If you wanna fuck? fuck who you want. Do it safe. alwys have emergency contraceptives & condoms.

James: You’re smiling. Did something good happen?
Aleks: Can’t I just smile because I feel like it?
Aron: Trevor tripped and fell in the parking lot.


Well everyone has at least two or three outfits on their sheets so I thought I’d upload the full lineup…. it has every human major–supporting character. You can judge their fashion senses a bit by this….and their names from left to right, since I don’t draw some of them enough: Violet, August, Zoe, Li, Ichigo (Go), Yayoi (Yo), Ida, Samara and Danilo

Platonic! Shadamy headcanon:
Whenever Shadow is irritated and/or frustrated he goes over to Amy’s house to vent . Amy doesn’t mind , this is partly due because every time shadow vents he has the tendency to clean her house or wash her dishes as he rants on about his day.

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concept: harry saying “just look at you” I know it’s short and weird but he would sound so good saying it! Like praising you and telling you that you're so good and a good girl.

Oh shit. it’s getting hot in here, so take off all yo clothes. Also threw in a previous request along with this, enjoy!

Request: Hey bb, I was wondering if you could do a lil smut, over Harry’s girl never blowing anyone and she wants to blow harry and he’s kinda shocked! Thank you! Alll the love! X 

Good Girl 

“Just look at you,” His voice is tight, stomach bubbling in anticipation as he looks down at you. The sight causing him to bite back a moan. You’re settled between his bent legs, knees balanced on the scratchy, multicolored carpet below with a grin plastered upon your lips. He’s unraveling, lips are dark pink and pupils are blown. It’s too much. You haven’t even touched him yet and it’s all too much.

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