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headcanons for the lords giving a fem!mc oral~ xxx thank you

yo anon u got that good taste 👀👌

We’ll switch it up and I’ll do the second group of lords since none were specified. 

And guess what? More NSFW gifs in the links so click on that shit at your own discretion my guy


  • Generally? Sort of half-and-half about it; sometimes he’ll go down on you, others he won’t. Mostly he does it for the sake of teasing you, because he likes seeing you get frustrated and beg a little. He’s pretty damn good at it, too.
  • Technique? Likes to edge you a lot. You hate that he’s got a good mouth because he never lets you cum on the first go. He’ll go all the way until you’re right on the edge, only to stop where you can only whine in frustration while he waits for you to calm down. It goes back and forth like this often until he finally lets your climax.
  • Visual? Something like this.

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