yo chitose


K Project || HOMRA [Red Clan]

for @fushimiz

the signs as k project characters
  • aries: izumo kusanagi, kamo ryūhō, akagi shōhei
  • taurus: kamamoto rikio, enomoto tatsuya, fujishima kōsuke
  • gemini: isana yashiro, domyoji andy, chitose yo
  • cancer: yata misaki, zenjō gōki
  • leo: suoh mikoto
  • virgo: awashima seri, mishakuji yukari, bandō saburōta
  • libra: munakata reisi, akiyama himori, dewa masaomi
  • scorpio: fushimi saruhiko, hisui nagare, fuse daiki
  • sagittarius: kushina anna, gojou sukuna, hidaka akira, benzai yūjirō
  • capricorn: yatogami kuroh
  • aquarius: totsuka tatara, goto ren
  • pisces: neko, iwafune tenkei, sōlt eric
Scepter 4 And Homra - Behind the scenes

Sometimes I like to imagine that while their 3 superiors are flirting fighting, Scepter 4 and Homra members just look at each other and go like:

“So….drinks are on us this time I guess?”

And then they proceed to go get drunk at a nearby bar and just start rambling about how their “Kings should just do the do” and how “Seri and Izumo try so hard to hide it but seriously though it’d be easier to hide your relationship if one does not try to strip the other in broad daylight” and how “Fushimi and yata have more sexual tension b/w them than all of them combined.”

Also Domyoji complaining that both sides don’t get enough screen time while Chitose snaps at him to shut the fuck up because “at least you guys get recognized by name, no one knows who the fuck we are.”

Unless you read the manga and light novels that is.


just some shit I put together.

Mun: Holitas(?)

Vengo a dejar un saludo de parte de la mun de Chitose, espero no sean muy abusivos conmigo, ya que es primera vez que roleo por Tumblr y con iconos y se me hace un poquitin… Difícil Dx

Chitose: Hola~! *Sonrisa coqueta y brillitos bishonens(?)* Todas las chicas pueden pasearse por mi ask, hay Chitose para todas~ Y no se preocupen, no muerdo! tan fuerte y prometo ser gentil si es su primera vez con un chico tan guapo como yo! *Mas brillos y mas sonrisas sensuales*

Mun: … Esto va a ser horrible… HORRIBLE! (?)