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if i could only watch 1 collab video for the rest of time it would be dan and tyler’s cards against humanity,,, i’ve lost count at how many times i’ve seen it

  • Me, watching the beginning of Daredevil season 2: wait hold up, what happened to Foggy and Karen??? Since when are Matt and Karen a thing????
  • Me, when Matt and Karen kiss in the rain: okay, I guess this is okay, that was pretty cute, if this is the direction the show is going, I can be okay with it
I May Be A Bit Clumsy

Cafe!au Series

Word Count: 1,340

Genre: Fluff

It was a Music Monday night at the cafe which means Vernon, the bus boy, was busying himself with arranging and clearing the tables. 

Vernon was about to absentmindedly turn around, causing you to yell out. 

“Vernon, watch out!”


In a matter of seconds, Joshua greeted the ground with a great thud. 

A look of panic spread across Vernon’s face. “Hyung, I’m so sorry, I accidentally bumped into you!” Vernon exclaims.

You watched as Vernon helped Joshua up. Vernon sulkily made his way over to where you stood. 

You place a hand on his shoulder. “Vernon, I think it’s time you stop watching dramas with Seungkwan during your breaks. It’s draining your intelligence.” 

Vernon’s features became contorted, his eyebrows furrowed at you while his nose was scrunched and his mouth was pulled into a weird circled shape.

“Never.” Vernon simply replied. “Don’t you have anything better to do other than dissing me?” 

You let out a sigh, shaking your head and shrugging your shoulders. “I don’t know, man. With dissing skills like mine, I might as well be a better rapper than you.”

“OOHH BURN.” Seungkwan yelled out while making gestures with his hands as he walked by.

Vernon rolled his dark hazel eyes. He was quite used to you teasing him all the time, in all honesty it was a bit amusing to him as well. 

Abruptly, the stage speaker’s blared out a high pitched sound. 

“Sorry.” Jihoon, the assistant manager, said into the mic. Thanks to Vernon choosing Jihoon’s self-composed songs to play earlier as background music, Jihoon gained the confidence to actually perform on stage today.

“You two go wash the dishes in the back.” Seungcheol, the cafe’s manager, instructed to you and Vernon.

You followed Vernon into the decent sized and neatly organized kitchen. As you two entered, Mingyu walked out with a freshly made cheesecake in hand.

Once you’ve reached the large sink, you start to wear the rubber gloves as Vernon does the same. 

“I’ll wash, you rinse.” You said to him.

Vernon and you have always been great friends ever since you started to work at the cafe. The moment you made him laugh by singing Hotline Bling in your most horrible singing voice, it was clear that you two had chemistry. 

“Yo, Vernon can you get me that rag over there?” You took off the rubber gloves since both you and Vernon were done with washing the dishes and cups. All you had to do was wipe down the counter. 

The incident sort of happened in slow motion. Vernon’s hair flopped, rising up from his forehead. His face adorned that familiar look of panic, and before you knew it his face hit the cold hard floor. 

It seemed like you couldn’t move fast enough to get to him. Vernon used his arms and hands to prop himself up into a sitting position. 

“Are you okay?!” Your eyes were wide with concern, your hand brushed back his brown hair to search for any cuts. Vernon hazily nodded. 

You exhaled deeply. “Why are you so clumsy?”

Vernon didn’t answer, instead he just looked at you with a look of sincerity in his eyes. 

“I just can’t help falling for you, Y/N.”

As the words left his mouth, you dissolved into laughter. Vernon smiled halfheartedly. 

You stood up, extending out a hand for him. He quickly brushed himself off.

“I think you hit your head on the way down too, Vernon.” You chuckled once more and headed out of the kitchen.

Vernon stood there sighing to himself. His expression resembled a sad puppy. He was worried, extremely worried, and stressed out. Vernon was always just this clumsy and awkward guy. A clumsy and awkward guy that just wants to show his true feelings to you. 


A few weeks passed, every time you came to the job you were all smiles and jokes. Yet, Vernon was quieter. The very moment you casually put your hand on his shoulder, or the minute you teased him he would bashfully turn the other way. 

“Hey Seungkwan.” You said while wiping down the front counter.

“What’s up, Y/N?” Seungkwan asked while getting a pastry for the customer.

“Am I being too harsh when I tease Vernon?” 

Seungkwan suddenly stopped what he was doing, and gave you the side eye. 

“Too harsh? TOO HARSH?” Seungkwan rhetorically questioned.

You stared at him in bewilderment while sneaking glances at the less than happy customer in line. 

“Ahem, Sir.” The customer coughed. 

The once boisterous Seungkwan turned timid, he politely apologized to the customer and handed her the requested muffin. You quietly chuckle to yourself as you continue to wipe the counter. 

Seungkwan sighed as he turned around to face you after he was done with the customer. 

“Y/N. Vernon likes you. There’s nothing you can say or do that would ever be too harsh.”

Your face conjured up a disbelieving expression. “He doesn’t like me though?”

Seungkwan rolled his eyes. “Okay, do you really think that Vernon and I actually only watch dramas during our breaks?”

You slowly nodded your head to which Seungkwan ruffled your hair. 

“NO. We talk too, and Vernon’s been telling me how much he likes you. I’m telling you this straight up, and if you still don’t know believe me then I don’t know what to do with you, Y/N.”

“You’re kidding, right?” You inquired once more to be sure. 

Seungkwan shook his head. “Nope, not at all”, he said looking at his watch, “speaking of break, I’m on mine.” 

You watched as Seungkwan made his way to the break room. You leaned against the counter, crossing your arms. So, all of the greasy and flirtatious things Vernon has said in the past held a hint of truth in them. You couldn’t help but to feel guilty for always taking what he said as a joke. 

You carried out your work for the next few minutes before you heard yelling from the back. 

“You did what!?” 


Oh boy. A distressed looking Vernon hastily came out of the break room. You gaped at the sight of him, his killer eyes caught onto yours for a good 10 seconds…before he stumbled forward out of your sight. 

“Oh gosh,” You deeply exhaled, running to his side. 

“Are you okay, Vernon?” You were now kneeled by his side, helping him roll over onto his back. 

Vernon groaned, “Ughh.” 

You finally got Vernon to sit up. An amused laugh escaped your mouth as you looked at his state. 

“Vernon, your shoe is untied. You’re lucky we don’t have many customers right now, or else you’d be embarassed to death.” You shook your head endearingly as he reached forward to tie his shoelaces. 

Vernon’s glum face was getting hotter by the second. 

“I guess no matter what I do, I can’t stop falling for you.” Vernon muttered under his breath. 

You helped Vernon get up on his feet, your hand still grabbing onto his forearm. “What was that, Vernon?” 

Now it was your turn to have your heart palpitating. The corner of Vernon’s lip twitched up into a soft smile, his dark hazel eyes appeared slightly more brown than usual. 

“I know, I’m clumsy, and a bit of a dork, and I know that you don’t like me like that, but I’ve always thought that you were really pretty and funny and your personality is just bright so will you go on a date with me?” Vernon confessed in a barely coherent sentence. His breath was a bit unsteady as he took your arm that was latched onto his, and laced your fingers with his own. 

You found yourself to be at a lost for words, and more amazed at his sudden boost of confidence. You swore that your eyelids were going to roll into the back of your head by how shocked your expression was. 

Yet, nonetheless you managed to say, “yes”, making for a very very happy and giddy Vernon. 

Written by Admin V.K

RP Starters of Things Said During/At School (Angsty AND Funny)
  • “If there’s a fire, I’m being thrown out the window.”
  • “You can sock ‘em.”
  • “I don’t think that’s a word.”
  • “My frustration calmed my memes?”
  • “Whilst my class was waiting for the bell, someone made a 'dingalingaling’ sound to imitate it, and on instinct, I yelled, 'What the fox say?’ and my teacher thought I swore. She just stared at me.”
  • “England founded America. It’s like Frankenstein, but with countries.”
  • “It’s like a bromance?”
  • “Fuck yo- wait, no, save the fucking for [Name].”
  • “These shoes make me sound like a horse.”
  • “Literature is one of my turn-ons!”
  • “We have our standards!”
  • “If anyone says ‘Young man’ I instantly sing YMCA.”
  • “You missed the gay orgy.”
  • “You can’t spell discomfort without disco!”
  • “On the Internet, I am called cute, smol, a dork and a child. Here - I’m fucking terrifying.”
  • “Midget.”/ ”Small fry.”/ “Short stack.”/ (etc.)
  • “Want to hear a joke? My existence. I’d say my life, but that’s just a mess.”
  • “It’s just a sweet!”
  • “I hate everyone and everything this [place] stands for.”
  • “YOU’RE WORSE THAN [Name]!”
  • “You guys have so much chemistry.”
  • “Fuck yo- Wait, no, save the fucking for [Name].”
  • “So salty you might as well be the ocean.”
  • “If you take the ‘o’, ‘m’, ‘f’, ‘o’, ‘r’, ‘t’, ‘a’, and ‘b‘ out of ‘uncomfortable’, you get uncle. That says a lot about them.”
  • “MY [school subject] TEACHER DABBED.”
  • “MY [school subject] TEACHER’S INITALS ARE DAB.”
  • “If he dabs, I will die happy.”
  • “SomeBODY once told me-” [continued if wanted]
  • “You’re a fucking meme.”
  • “We’re all fucking memes.”
  • “I’m a fucking meme.”
(I know there’s not a lot, but anyway! Here we go.)

yo @ the chemistry nerds who want to help a confused human!

so im doing a weird worksheet thing in chem and one of the questions is “what two elements are difficult to identify as metal or non-metal” so if any of y’all want to help…. well my ask box and messenger are always open to people who want to help

Maleo is Total Trash and I Love It

as requested by anon.

Maleo??? you mean CHEMISTRY 101??!?!?!
yo here are my reasons why it should be canon ENJOY MY OPINIONS 

1) The Biggest Reason: Chemistry 

can you say sexual tension?

and may I add that they have more chemistry in one preview than Malia and Stiles had in 2 seasons?

2) Debunking Popular Opinions: Siblings

I can’t believe that after this scene happened that people still think these two could be brother and sister??? like Theo literally just hinted at INTIMACY !!!! INTIMACY!!! YOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOoooooOOOO!!

also Shelley said Malia would faster punch someone than say “I love you”. Pain is her way of showing affection. Credit (here).

3) Gif Time!!



4) My Thoughts

because I’m conceited and need to say a few things. YES, Theo is most likely (definitely) tricking Malia into liking and trusting and confiding in him and he’s using her and Jeff Davis says he does terrible things this season and might not be able to be redeemed and I forgot where I was going with this

I’m holding on to that shred of doubt that he will accidentally fall in love with her (cuz she’s pretty irresistible) and switch sides once she’s in danger or something cute like that 


Criminal Minds Gif Challenge | [5/6 brotps]

↪ JJ/Hotch

JJ: When do I leave?
The end of the week.
They wanted you to start tomorrow.
JJ: No, I cant, I need to train someone.
Hotch: I’m not replacing you.
JJ: No, Hotch, you can’t take this on yourself, your hands are full.
 We’ll figure it out. I’m hoping I can get you back. Strauss wanted you to fill this out.
JJ: Exit interview. Are you kidding me?
Hotch: She’s big on procedure. Just be honest. I was hoping I could do something about this. And I’m sorry I couldn’t.
JJ: I know. How am I supposed to tell them I’m leaving when I don’t want to go?
Hotch: The brass is really, really good at taking power away. Makes them feel like they’re in charge.
JJ: That sounds like a profile.
Hotch: You’re gonna be much better off than any of us, you know that? I’ll miss you.