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Do you think that the yin yang symbolism concerning Kaneki and Touka will come into play or does it only concern the original manga?

I think the yin/yang is supposed to represent their shifting but opposite positions on the Ghoul/Human spectrum.

The Yin is nurturing and passive in nature, like the peacefulness and reticence of the Human World, whereas the Yang is strong and active in the same way that the Ghoul World values violence and independence. The Yin is black where the Yang is white - Kaneki’s transition between the two is made pretty clear with his changing hair colour, and more subtly Touka shifts from Yang to Yin. But the merging of Kuroneki and Shironeki into Haise at the end of the original manga and Touka’s reconciliation of the two halves of her own personality unite the Yin and Yang within themselves, and give them the balance they need - although Kaneki still struggles to accept this balance for a long time. 

So one is no longer firmly Yin and the other no longer firmly Yang. They are now both complete and standing side by side, and can finally, truly communicate.


Marlee: “So, next weekend you’re finally getting married. How do you feel?”
Darren: “I’m excited! It’s been quite a while since our engagement but we just couldn’t find the time with these toddlers running around and work.. But it’s finally happening.”

NO I didn’t forget about the wedding… :”) The toddler update really messed up my timeline lol.. I already did the wedding the moment the toddler update came out and I really wanted to played with toddlers BUT I wanted to use the same screenies too :/ ANYWAY that didn’t work out anyway because I realized too late that Lumen got grey hair while she still had blonde hair at the wedding… So oopssss

Got7 reaction to trying to kiss their s/o but get caught

JB leaned forward to kiss you, just as Mark walks is. He would freeze and turn his head over to make eye contact with Mark before slowly backing up from you. Normally, he wouldn’t mind kissing you even infant of his members, but he had just made it eve more awkward and he was very aware of that.

“Oh hey … Mark. We- uhm-” *slowly backs away from you* “Nevermind.”

Since Mark is the oldest, he should not feel awkward kissing you, but he still does find it a bit strange. So when Bambam all of a sudden opens the door when he is about to kiss you, Mark would awkwardly laugh and smile at Bam before looking at back at you and give you a sweet peck.

“Yo… Bam, can you … maybe- move along buddy.”

Jackson already had his hand on your neck and was pulling you in when Youngjae walks in with Coco. He opens his eyes and slowly looks at Youngjae and then at you. You both start laughing when you see an awkward Youngjae quickly turn away and get out of the room.

“I’m gonna kiss my girlfriend, no matter who is watching.” *gives you a sweet kiss*

Since Jinyoung isn’t a big fan of public skinship, he would be very uncomfortable when a member would walk in on him. He would be very calm about it though and maybe try to make it look like a hug instead.

“Come here you” *member walks in* “… so that I can hug you……… :3″

Youngjae gets really giggly when embarrassed, so I can see him give you a uneasy look with big eyes when the member walks in and then start giggling really hard, pulling away from you slowly.

“W-Whahaha- Sorry hyung.” *holds your hands*

I am pretty sure Bambam would normally not care who was watching to kiss you, but it would surprise him when he sees JB in the corner of his vision, staring at him. He would give JB a look and then just continue, paying full attention to you again.

“You shouldn’t mind him, he is just jealous of our cute relationship.”

This pure angel would notice the member, but not realize how awkward it was until after he had kissed you. You would be the one to pull away and start giggling as you see Jackson make a face, when Yugyeom would turn around and see the member, finally realizing. He would just try to laugh it off, but would probably fail.

*You are laughing at Jackson* “Hi hyung … ooh.”

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Hermione is the smartest character in the entire series so I think those hating on her because of her being an arospec are just jealous. Like she literally gained the power of time travel and used it to take MORE classes. She only used it for other things when Dumbledore was like yo you can do this and maybe find out what happened with Harry, and save both the griffin and Sirius so like.


Hermione is great and everyone being shitty on that post deserves to step on lego.

Especially since their “evidence” includes her being upset about slavery wtf

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Yo yo can you please rate who is more of a fuckboy? Jaehyun, Taeyong, Yuta ,Ten ,Johnny 😁


so i dont really think any of them are fuckboys ( well i hope) so ill kinda do it like who acts more of a fuckboy buts its basically the same thing

1.) Yuta (HE GREESY)

3. )Ten (Lowkey fuckboy)

4.) Jaehyun (hes so fluffy)

5.) Taeyong (HES TOO SOFT)

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YO OKAY can i have an imagine/fic thing idk what its called, where reader is franks little sister, and gerard and frank have been best friends since kindergarten and then gerard hasn't seen y/n for years and when he sees her he's like "wtf she's so hot now" and fluffy dates

I have so may ideas for it!!!😍😍 -P🦄

Well I didn’t see that coming.
—  Me writing a story written by me.