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Yuri on ice parody, completed 

This was part of a yuri on ice Fanbook (with just Latin American participating) so i was lucky enough to be chosen …..well i wanted to put this here first, because i think it was really difficult the work of the translation and the drawings, i made this in 3 weeks while i was pressed with my job and well… at the end i could finished it and i hope you can enjoy it as i did when i made it and  thanks to @nekobill yo bitch helped me alot


how do white people steal Black vocabulary from “yo” to “bruh” to “shook” and beyond but you say some shit like “they was talking shit” and they’re like “UHHHHHH HOW DO YOU READ THIS YOUR GRAMMAR IS AWFUL” like if you don’t shut yo bum bitch anchovy and mayo on wonder bread ass the fuck UP….


me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members

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1) The first Benvolio calls her beloved, its sarcastic, a sound with filled with heat, burning her veins, irritation lining her stomach. She doesn't act on it, merely throws him a smile that doesn't meet her eyes. Rosaline doesn't acknowledge the heat in her stomach, the soft fluttering of her heart at his proximity. He calls her beloved for the first time and Rosaline is too irritated to notice how much she likes it.

The second time he calls her beloved, it’s softer, but no less warm. They’d been arguing, words spewing out of their lips with rising ferocity. Rosaline can’t even remember what she’d said, what words came tumbling out of her lips that made him stride towards her, stopping a hairs breath away from her. Benvolio stares, eyes regarding hers with a ferocity she hadn’t yet seen from him. He calls her his beloved, the phrase still so very sarcastic but soft, no longer sharp like glass. He calls her Beloved and Rosaline feels her anger slip away from her like water. 

The third time he calls her beloved, it’s under the cover of darkness, the lack of light loosening their grips on their emotions, offering a sense of vulnerability, Rosaline had never thought she’d show. To him of all people. But she finds herself softening, words no longer tucked behind steel cages, and smiling at him more often then not. He calls her his beloved, so soft and quiet like he’s in awe. As though he’s unsure of himself. He says it so quietly, so softly that the wind is what carries it to her ears. Rosaline finds herself smiling, small and bright, warm just like the feeling in her stomach and in her veins. Neither of them say anything, both caught up in the relative ease of their relationship for the first time. Benvolio calls her his beloved, in front of her home, under the night sky, so quiet, meant for her and her only. And Rosaline knew now how much she liked it.

The next time he calls her his beloved, it’s under the sheets of their new home. He mumbled it, still caught in the hold of sleep and Rosaline couldn’t help but admire the way the word hung from his lips. His hands find her own, warm and gentle and Rosaline can’t help but squeeze and press a feather light kiss to the knuckle. Benvolio chuckles once and Rosaline can’t help the answering smile that curls around her lips.

people be asking y'all for advice on they life and y'all be giving them impossible advice g. talm bout exfoliate yo chakras, make yo soul drink water. bitch how the fuck

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You fuckin stole those bones and cursed us all just for a fuckin aesthetic I hope Satan come and incinerate yo nasty bitch ass

This wasn’t English. Please graduate middle school and try again with your* illiterate ass.

Just remembered this moment from last game, so I drew it real quick. 

Rhos and Zira went all out with shopping for Old West stuff, while Galerna was on the fence about getting a fan…after this, she bought one.

- @adriana-likes-tea

“Now I ain’t TELLIN yo bitch ass again. Next time you call me junior you gon be poppin lockin and grindin your way to this ass whoopin. I hope the fuck you do tel jaebum bc he ain’t gon save you next time lil bitch, try me. "Hit the stage” headass next thing u gon be hittin is the floor after I drop kick yo ass into the next comeback. don’t even try talkin back to me imma slap the fuck up outta u. legs so long u bout ta take 3 steps n ya outta here, keep cryin imma give you somethin to cry about now fix ya face before I fix it for u"