yo beat

Shout out to the verbally abused kids who are told it doesn’t count because there are no bruises.
Shout out to the abused kids who aren’t taken seriously because they were acting up/asking for it/there are no marks to ‘prove’ it.
Shout out to the manipulated kids whose parents guilt them into thinking they deserve those shitty words and actions they get.
Shout out to everyone and anyone who is abused or has been abused.
You are strong and wonderful and I hope that one day you can get away and be happy and have the life you want.
No one deserves that kind of treatment. I love you.



shoujo recommendations

hello friends. i am in desperate need of new shoujos because i’m a hopeless romantic and it seems that i’ve somehow watched/read almost all shoujos in existence. please help me. shoot me a message. reblog this. anything.

here’s a list of my favorite shoujos that i’ve watched so far (favorites have a ♡)

  • akagami no shirayukihime
  • ao haru ride ♡
  • earl & fairy
  • hirunaka no ryuusei ♡
  • itazura na kiss ♡
  • junjou romantica ♡
  • kaichou wa maid-sama
  • kamisama hajimemashita ♡
  • kimi ni todoke ♡
  • lovely complex ♡
  • love stage
  • nijiiro days
  • ookami shoujo to kuro oji
  • orange ♡
  • ore monogatari
  • ouran high school host club ♡
  • sukitte ii na yo ♡
  • sekaiichi hatsukoi ♡
  • skip beat!
  • special a
  • tonari no kaibutsu-kun ♡
  • toradora
  • tsubaki-chou lonely planet ♡
  • shadows
  • yo la tengo

scold me, that’s all you’ve got to say
coldly, hurt me and turn away
you say, “i’m not sorry yet” i’m resigned to what is next
i head for the shadow

hold me, taking it back through tears
you’ve told me, slowly confessed your fears
but i’ve got myself to protect. it’s too soon for me to forget
i’ll wait in the shadows

in the shadows
though i am alone
they help me, see that i’m the only one in your heart
so until i truly believe that your words convey what you mean
i’ll wait in the shadows
i don’t mind the shadows

Tip of The Day

Colorism is not a Black movement. It is a darkskin movement. As lightskins, it’s not our place to add comments invalidating their oppression with things that we think also affect us because of colorism. Cuz we dont face colorism. Like at all. We’re the ones with the privilege. IF WE WERE TALKIN ABOUT RACISM THEN WE WOULD BE THE WHITE PPL IN THIS SCENARIO! So if you wanna go ahead and add that comment to a colorism post about how you face it too because you always felt like you weren’t black enough just understand that you sound like those white ppl who say they face racism because black people have more scholarships or that they couldnt get a job or accepted into college because of status quos and affirmative action. And just like i wanna beat they ass for inserting themselves in something they don’t belong to i wanna beat yo ass too. so next time you see a colorism post explaining the struggle of darkskin ppl and ur first reaction is “but what about me” sit yo lightskin ass down in several seats becky. cuz you actin like a becky trynna say that all lives matter bull shit when what they really mean is “i dont know what to do when im not the center of attention”. STOP SPEAKIN ON SHIT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

I've been thinking too much

So like request I guess? So like Josh Dun and the reader are being like rlly loud in like their room and Tyler is like tf so he’s tweeting stuff like ‘99% sure they’re banging’ so he walks in and they’re EXTREME MARIO KARTING

A/N: I’m in love w/Ada Raphael barba help

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!” You screamed as Josh passed you on the last lap, beating yo to the finish line.

You let out a scream of defeat and josh raised his arms in victory.

“YES!” He yelled. “YES!” A gloating yoshi appeared on the screen while peach cried in the bottom corner.



“ANOTHER ROUND!” You screamed. Josh agreed and set up the Grand Prix. He chose yoshi - again - and this time you chose bowser. He was angry, you were angry, it was a perfect match.

“I’m going to destroy you.” He said while laughing.

“You’ll be on your knees for me in no time.” You retorted. The match started. 3! You waited. 2! You reved up your engine. 1! You held the button so tightly it should’ve broken. Go! Your engine stalled.

“UHGH” you screamed as you got off to the slow start. Josh laughed as yoshi slid into first place while you were in 8th. You’d never hated a green little dinosaur so much.


“I’m going to destroy you.”

“You’ll be on your knees for me in no time.”


“Give up?” Josh said after a minute.

“I can go just as hard and for as long as you can Josh dun you know that. M” Y/N retorted.

They’d been going at it like rabbits for the past 3 hours.

3. Hours. How do people do the do for that long? And be that loud the entire time? And still go hard enough to bang the wall? Josh and Y/N were insane. Tyler sent out another tweet.

“Josh and Y/N STILL going at it. I can’t sleep. Send help.”

5 minutes later another.

“Both of them are screaming about 'defeating the other’ idk what that means.”

10 minutes.

“I think Josh is into some weeeeird stuff bc they keep talking about 'winning’”


“Okay I’m going in. I have to go in. Wish me luck, I’ll be coming back a different man.”

5 minutes after that one.

“Oh god. They’re playing Mario kart.”

2 minutes

“They’ve been screaming about Mario kart for three hours.”


“I ran in and screamed 'STOP DOING THE DO’”


“Oh my.”


“STOP DOING THE DO!” Screamed a voice from behind you. You paused the lap and you both turned to Tyler with his hands covering his eyes.

“Tyler? What are you talking about?” Josh asked, confused. “Why are you covering your eyes?”

“You guys have been going at it for three hours! I don’t want to see you naked!”

“Tyler no ones naked.” You said. He slowly uncovered his eyes and his face flushed bright red.

“Oh -oh you guys aren’t - oh -OH - oh my - oh god -uh bye.” He shut the door and ran out. You and Josh looked at each other and busted out laughing.

After you’d calmed yourself down, Josh got a text.

“Look at Tyler’s recent tweets. I wonder wh- oh my god.”

I HOPE THIS WAS GOOD ENOUGH but anyhow do I got any SVU fans up in here

Levi is smooth as fuck
  • [Eren and Levi fighting]
  • Levi: You want to take this outside?!
  • Eren: Hell yea I do!
  • Levi: Meet me at the park at 7 pm sharp. Wear something nice.
  • Eren: Why should I-
  • Levi: Just prepare your ass Jaeger.
  • Eren: I won't be needing that. I'll beat yo-
  • Levi: Use three fingers.
  • Eren: ...
  • Eren: What the actual fuck...
  • [OMAKE]
  • Levi: Just prepare your ass Jaeger.
  • Eren: I won't be needing that. I'll beat yo-
  • Levi: Use three fingers.
  • Eren: ...
  • Eren: *looks at Levi's crotch*
  • Eren: Are you sure I'll need that many?