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A redraw and a couple o’ doodles. It’s 1 am and I’m going to a fair tomorrow before I leave for college. PEACE suckers.

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Beauty and the Beast isn't what Tumblr's been saying it is.

I can completely get over Emma Watson being Belle for the sheer amount of representation that’s in the film. What representation? 

 Let’s begin (spoiler alert!):

1. Black People in France. Yes, honey. For the first time in my life, I walked into a widely released period piece that doesn’t ignore the existence of black people. Not as mere servants and slaves, but as actual fucking court members and townspeople. Also, interracial couples. Y'ALL. 

 2. Le Fou. I was concerned about this, but he actually undergoes character development. He eventually abandons Gaston and has a change of heart (Disney-style, but I’ll take it). The scene with him “dancing with another man” at the end is led up to- it’s not just random. It doesn’t send the message that gay people are stupid and deserve to be mistreated (Mrs. Potts literally tells him he deserves better), which were my main concerns for this film. TL;DR, the LeFou plotline isn’t what Tumblr made it out to be, I promise.  

 3. The Gender Fluid Character. There is a scene in a which a character normalizes a man in a dress in a positive way. I was expecting him to be mocked, but this doesn’t happen! (Also, I believe this is the same character LeFou dances with at the end). 

 4. Belle teaches a child to read/ LeFou realizes he can’t read. Watson aside, the actual perils of living in 17th century France are explored, like the Plague, and also the importance of literacy. As children’s literacy is very important to me, I LOVED this. 

There’s more, but I think the representation needs to be supported (listen, I almost never see myself in a period piece, I was expecting this cast to be vanilla as hell) and Disney needs to know that we want more of it. 

 ALSO: to the white and non-black POC who straight up lied about the representation in this film, I SEE YOU.

How to train your dragon was my first ever fandom (even though I didn’t know what it was) I love it to the end of the universe and back.

I also love Voltron, it being my latest obsession and fandom. This AU is my favorite by far and I had a stupid giant grin the entire time I made this.

I hope you like it!


One(?) gifset per episode || 23 The Rematch

Pike left back there to finish up the renovation of the temple of Sarenrae that was discovered—the rest of the party moved on back to Emon, the rest of their business complete. Within Emon, they returned to the Greyskull Keep where […] Seeker Assum […] came to [Vox Machina] notifying [them] that within a week’s time the Briarwoods, Lord and Lady Briarwood, are supposed to be arriving here within Emon for a feast, to discuss, apparently, the building of a bridge and a more political joining between Emon and the Tal'Dorei royal family and these up-and-coming Lords and Ladies, who have a very dark history, apparently, with Percy.

Entonces te encuentras mirándolo y dándote cuenta pequeños detalles de su rostro. Y no hablo de sus largas pestañas naturalmente arqueadas, que esconden esos ojos cafés que permiten ver dentro de él, dejando al descubierto el enojo, la tristeza, los celos, la gracia, el amor y todo lo que trata inútilmente de ocultar. Ni tampoco hablo de sus labios, esos labios que podrías besar cien no, mil veces y jamás cansarte. Esos labios que dicen las cosas más bonitas y te hacen sonreír e incluso llorar de la felicidad. Hablo, sino, del pequeño detalle de todos sus lunares. Del lindo y tierno hecho de que aunque ninguno de los dos hable, ni haya algún tema de conversación, jamás conseguirías aburrirte. Porque siempre tienes lunares que contar, y que nunca te cansarías de ellos, y que quieres estar junto a él hasta aprender de memoria cada uno de los lugares en donde haya algún lunar en su piel.
Y cuanto más miras a esa persona, más entiendes lo enamorada que estás y lo muchísimo que adoras y amas. Y también entiendes lo estúpido que suena decir que lo amas, siendo aún jóven y sin siquiera la mitad de la vida hecha. Pero a pesar de eso, ¿qué importa? ¿Qué importa que esa persona no sea el amor de tu vida? ¿Qué importa si duran un mes, un año, o una vida? La respuesta es simple: nada. Nada de esas cosas importa. ¿Para qué pensar en un futuro incierto? ¿Para qué gastar el presente pensando en ello? Si lo único que importa en éste momento… es contar los lunares que él tiene.
—  Cosas que escribí extrañándolo.