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Podemos tocar todo el cuerpo de una persona, pero cuando de verdad entramos en contacto con sus ojos, su sonrisa o su oscura alma. Ahí ya no hay marcha atrás…
—  Un cigarrillo más
20 Questions!

20 Questions!

I was tagged by @bright-eyed-enigma (Thank you!)

Name: Iris
Nicknames: (None)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi, Married to a man with no other plans. 
Nationality: American
Faith/Religion: Jewish, practicing. Occasionally wondering whether, when, and how G-d is in our lives, but I like our traditions.
Hobbies: (This is boring for those of you who know me well; sorry.) Taekwondo, scouts, reading, photography, travel.
Favourite colour(s): Blue
Favourite Holiday: Uh, Thanksgiving? As for Jewish holidays, Sukkot, which is happening right now. 
Books: Julia Quinn (yes, trashy romance novels), Faye Kellerman, Chaim Potok, and random others
TV shows: The X-Files, Friends, Lois and Clark
Music: Classic rock, pop. Nirvana, Bon Jovi, No Doubt, P!nk, Bryan Adams, Madonna, etc etc. I am an uncool 80s and 90s girl. 
Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate: All of the above. Not at the same time.
Favourite meme: ”What you talkin’ ‘bout?” (with the baby).

I want to live long enough to: Retire and travel a bit while still healthy

Weird Obsessions: The X-Files, of course. That’s why we’re all here, cause of this dumb fucking show. Also, loading the dishwasher correctly and taking too many pictures.

Random Fact: I started law school on my 21st birthday. Happy birthday to me!

Goals for 2018: Well, 2018 is almost over isn’t it? I guess to make sure my kids don’t fail in school and maybe to lose a few pounds if I can.

I tag: my older hotter wife @frangipanidownunder, my younger hotter wife @ellivia, my new friend @megdoesart, my other new friend @rowan2006​, my other new friend @scullywolf​, my homie the MIA @darwin-xf​ (where are you??), the woman who loves only GA @storybycorey​, the woman who loves only DD @hemisphaeric​, the mysterious @alabama-metal-man​, all-around sweeties @kateyes224​, @peacenik0​, @baronessblixen​, @scapegrace74-blog​, @spookydarlablack​, and @because-they-dont-exist​, and shitposters extraordinaire @wtfmulder​ and @cryptidneet​, if any of you want to do this (or feel free to ignore me); and anyone else who wants to do this too.

I just realized that I have so many friends here (including so many that I didn’t tag). I’m blessed!