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Ok but like, what if you and Graves were making out in a closet at a holiday party and some of your coworkers catch you and they're just shocked because they've never seen him show any kind of affection so they just close the door and leave

Why you gotta make me feel things for the Holiday’s with Graves. Here are some holiday headcanons im soRRY

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  • Oh, a MACUSA holiday party imagine that. It’s a few days before Christmas, there’s snow outside on the ground and it’s also falling from the sky.
    • Graves is walking into the room and literally the first thing he notices is you from across the way. Giving an all to knowing slight smirk, he makes his rounds stuffily, talking to a few Auror’s before finally making his way to your side.
    • One of the Auror’s coming up to the two of you with a mistletoe and shoves it above the two of you. Percival looks completely unamused at the action before gazing down at you.
      You look at him and laugh quietly as he leans down and pecks your cheek slowly. He lingers, breathing in your scent. He can’t linger for too long though, his coworkers don’t know that the two of you are a thing yet.
  • He probably managed to get you into his office for a little ‘one on one’, or so he said in front of the other workers as to not raise suspicion. He made it sound like work. Working during the Holiday. What a typical Graves thing to do. The man was dedicated to his work after all.
    • But, literally the moment the door shuts, your back is against the wall, you can taste a bit of giggle water on his lips from earlier. It was a dare, to see if he could contain the giggle that came afterwards. A dare that he actually lost. 
  • Imagine the look on the other Auror’s faces when they walk into, seeing you pressed between the wall and Graves.
    • Just pure surprised because they have never seen Graves actually physically touching someone other than the occasional handshake that came along with meeting other Wizarding officials.
    • Wait, are his hands on your— were your lips on his— Why is Graves’ hair such a mess? Why is dress unzipped— wait what’s happening?
    • One of them opens their mouth to say something smartass-y, but Graves predicts this and waves his hand. The door slams shut and locks.
      • He breathes out shakily and looks down at you with a dark glow in his eyes, “I think it’s time we went home before they start telling everyone we were here.”
  • Baking cookies.
    • He refuses to help, and much rather sits at the table and watches you bake.
    • Smiles to himself as you mumble the recipe out before taking a sip of tea.
    • When he comes into the kitchen to set his cup in the sink, you sneak around and put some frosting on his nose with the sound “boop”.
      Percival freezes, looking down at you. He’s not infuriated though, and grasps your arms rather tightly, leans down and kisses you. Now, the frosting was on his nose and on yours. 
      You shriek at him before throwing your head back in a laugh as he says, “Come here.” while pulling you closer. He kisses your nose, tasting the frosting on his tongue. “Don’t go wasting the rest of that, you won’t have any left.” Percival pushes you against the counter and says very deeply, “It’s okay if I waste it though, I bought it after all…” his fingers slide up your shirt, implying what he wanted to do with it.
  • Spending Christmas Eve together very quietly. There really isn’t anything that needs to be said, and the two of you are cuddled together next to the fireplace. He’s staring idly at it. His usually darker eyes now look like a sort of ominous hazel. Percival shifts, you can feel the prickle of his facial hair rubbing against your cheek as he digs his face into your neck.
    • He’d never spent this night with anyone since he was a little kid. And ever since he started working for MACUSA, he usually spent it in his office to take his mind off the loneliness.
    • But this year, he had you. There was no such thing as loneliness. He felt at home, at peace and warm holding you.
  • Exchanging gifts.
    • Literally, you’re so excited as you sit next to him on the floor of his apartment. He can sense, almost see, your happy aura and sits next to you with a small grunt. He felt like a small child once again, on Christmas morning. Snow is falling from the sky outside and casting shadows through the window. 
      His hair is a complete mess. There was no point in brushing it. He was still in his pajamas, as you were.
      “You were really hard to shop for, I hope you’re proud.” You said, pulling out a slender, thin box from under the tree next to you. It was wrapped in a bright red paper. One of his favorite colors, he liked the sensuality and mystery behind it. He traced it with his fingers and chuckled.
      “I’m sure I’ll love it.” He replies and tears the corner open slowly at first before ripping it off completely. Percival stares at the white box before opening it very carefully.
      It was silky to even look at, or so he thought as he tugged the new scarf out of its home. Even more so now that he was touching it. It was an even darker blue than the one he usually wore, a high quality material. His heart skipped a beat.
      “I know it’s sort of… a cliche to buy you something to wear, but like i said, you’re hard to sho-”
      He stops you from talking with a kiss. “It’s perfect…” He murmurs against your lips, leaving you breathless. 
    • He becomes ultimately insecure while watching you open yours, because he really hopes you like it.
      It’s not in Percival’s nature to buy things for others, especially for someone he was so in love with. Swallowing, he can feel his heart beating in his chest as you tore off the paper, leaving the black box to rest in your hand. You popped it open, revealing a simple silver necklace, with a heart shaped diamond pendant. “Percy.” You whisper shakily and stare at it. “It’s s-so pretty…”
      Percival breathes out and smiles at you slightly, tucking back some of your hair. Thank goodness you liked it, he thought and watched you get teary eyed, “Merry Christmas, (Name)…”

Why is there a debate and hate towards the Yurio x Otabek ship in the first place? 

Age gap is not that fucking uncommon! there are people who have lovers who are way more young than Yurio and most importantly this is a work of fiction!

Viewers and fans can ship whoever they want. Just like for example you have that strange fetish for feet, for tooth brushing or whatever shit you like. No one is gonna complain because it’s your fucking right and that what makes you fucking happy. 

You have no right to tell people what makes them happy!
and if you don’t want some fans shipping couples you don’t like, just leave the fandom and watch it by yourself! because if you are in a fandom you share ideas and we respect each other’s imagination and fantasies!
It’s part of being in a community.

sorry if I offended someone but pls. NO HATE BECAUSE LOVE WINS!

      I’m not sure where I pictured my life going when I was younger, but this probably wasn’t it.

[Her dog, Cirino, and her cat, Beppe, are both more or less begging for the piece of pizza in her hand. The dog, just a bit moreso. Beppe, the furless kitty, is mostly just staring at her from a position a little too close to her face for comfort]

¿Nunca te ha pasado que te desconoces? Ya no entiendes lo que ocurre contigo, tienes actitudes que jamás antes habías tenido, es… como si te hubieras convertido en otra persona
Dating Newt Scamander Would Include...

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  • Essentially meeting because of your interests in magical creatures.
    • Imagine him sitting you down and almost flying off the handle as he explains to you about his creatures. He pulls out his incomplete book, and points to things and facts excitedly, telling you with happy eyes how excited he was that he found someone who enjoyed them equally.
    • You smile widely at him as he comes to a stop, rubbing the back of his neck, now suddenly nervous and aware that you had been watching him acting so crazed.
    • While secretly, you admired his expressions and his attitude 
  • Newt showing you the inside of his case, and smiling to himself as he watches you excitedly run around, pointing at creatures you knew, and asking questions about creatures you weren’t quite sure about.
    • Your curiosity and liveliness makes him feel alive himself.
    • You and he sitting in front of the Bowtruckle, watching as he tries to convince Pickett that everything is okay, and that they’re not bullying him. Your focus is on Newt completely though. 
      • Seeing him so selfless and so caring for creatures that people think are dangerous makes your heart flutter.
      • He smiles at Pickett, and you smile at him. Newt turns his head and looks at you, now vicariously aware of how close you are. He clears his throat, sets Pickett on his shoulder and looks forward, shuffling his arms awkwardly.
  • You starting to refer to the newborn creatures as Newt and yours. “Our Children” “our babies” because you are spending so much time with them, that’s what it felt like they were.
    • Probably makes him blush.
      • It does.
  • Newt never being able to stand still around you.
    • Either he’s playing with his hands, jumping from one foot to another, or is making obscure gestures, he still finds it slightly difficult to stand still around you because he’s not completely sure what it is he’s feeling for you.
      • Also, avoiding eye contact as usual.
      • Though lately, you have noticed that he’s making more of an effort of maintaining eye contact for longer than his usual second.
  • Newt feeling the instant connection to you, though he’s worried that you don’t feel it as well.
    • If anything, Newt is just really nervous that he’s going to annoy you, or make you hate him.
    • Of course, you do feel something warm for him but you’re too shy to actually bring it up with him.
  • Newt probably wondering why exactly you want to be his friend.
    • He honestly, at times, thinks you just pity him.
    • He constantly asks, “do I not annoy you?”
    • “Is this too weird for you?”
    • “I have been known to annoy people quite frequently.”
    • “People do find me to be a bit… Eccentric if you will.”
  • Probably lets it slip that he wants to take you on a date in a way that he wasn’t expecting.
    • If you don’t think it involved one of the many mating dance he knows then?
    • “You make me feel so…” 
      • He danced. Hoping you’d understand, to which, you didn’t and it ended with him laying on the ground, murmuring, “I just want to take you out on a date, at least once. I thought my mating dance would work—”
  • Having the pleasure of watching him adapt to getting comfortable and affectionate around you.
    • The man is a fan of forehead kisses, knuckle kisses and holding hands.
      • Especially holding hands. He probably still asks to hold yours even when you told him that he doesn’t need to ask.
      • Has this habit of always stretching an arm out to touch you. Whether or not he’s making actual contact, or if he’s just ghosting his fingertips around your aura, he feels the need to be close to you know that he knows it’s okay.
      • Convincing him to let you tie his bowtie rather than using magic. “It’s a no-maj thing, but I like helping you.”
      • The two of you enjoying each others company. 
      • Cuddles, while he reads from his unfinished book about the research he had done that day.
  • Your first kiss not being perfect.
    • It was actually a rather fumbling, awkward situation. You butted heads with one another, you almost fell over.
    • But the moment Newt finally cupped your cheeks in his hands, and pressed his lips against yours, you felt the entire world fall away.
    • Soft, gentle and lingering kisses are his favorite, though he can honestly admit the occasional rough, more dominated sort are a surprise every once and a while.
    • Imagine him whispering things against your lips as he holds you close, his hands resting on the small of your back.
    • Newt kissing your nose, following every kiss on the lips.
    • You kissing the freckles on his face.
  • He totally gives you his jacket when you complain about the cold.
    • It drowns you, but you love the color, and it’s always so warm compared to you. 
      • When Newt insists you give it back, because it’s no longer cold, you refuse and lay on it.
  • Running your fingers through his soft, thick hair.
    • Occasionally, when he lets you, the two of you sit together and you tangle flowers into his hair. 
      • He finds it really relaxing. It’s even more so when he lays his head into your lap and shuts his eyes to focus on your hands running through his hair.
  • If you don’t think Niffler somehow got a hold of your engagement ring that Newt bought a few nights ago then?
    • Poor Newt probably had a heart attack when he couldn’t find it.
      • The stare-down he had with Niffler was intense until he finally gave in.
        • With a certain look, the creature admitted to taking it.

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