I am so done with all my flatmates being away on fun holidays, I want to go out and do something already! Like, I have no reason to even do my hair and makeup any more because the only people I’ve spoken to (in person anyway) in five days are a bus driver, a cashier, a guy outside one of my exams and my hairdresser! 

anonymous asked:

what's an allergy bracelet?

there are loads of them that you can get  in all sorts of styles but i’ve got this one.

basically, allergy bracelets are for people who have a severe allergy so that if they get rushed into hospital unconscious, the doctors and staff in a&e know not to give them the medication (in my case penicillin). they have them for lots of different medications and some illnesses too. i don’t know too much about them but i’ve got one and i have to wear it all the time. but yeah that’s about it.