what some football club fans look like (to me)
  • manchester united:we had 90% possession so we kind of really won that game... NEXT YEAR IS OUR YEAR!! GGMU mates
  • chelsea:we don't play interesting football but we have an EPL title... that's about it. our striker looks like he's 40.
  • tottenham hotspur:umm yeah but we have harry kane yes... have you heard of harry kane?? harry kane plays for us... we don't understand our bird-on-a-ball emblem either
  • manchester city:no one cares about us but we keep getting strikers hell ye$ arab money$$$
  • liverpool:our last title was... um.... we're super loyal okay YNWA you won't find fans more loyal than us!!! that is all that matters
  • arsenal:we are inconsistent but our players are SO CUTE OH MY GOD I WANT TO SQUISH AARON'S FINE FACE bdhuflas MARRY ME
  • borussia dortmund:marco REUS WOOHOOOOO yes y'all this player is A+ mmmmm; who are our other players?? no clue, but marco REUS YES HONEY GROW THAT GINGER BEARD
  • fc barcelona:SLAAYYYY DANI SLAYYYYY LEO mmpphhh neymar you absolute babe uhghhhHHh i love iniesta and xavi but they are also my dads and uncles pique is my brother i love my family dont mess with my FAMILY

It’s not easy being a Liverpool fan sometimes, but this is who we are, and we love it!

Bring on the new season


This is so cute 😍