R.I.P Flash
  • Well bought my first external Flash just before Christmas, nothing expensive £25 off e-bay, a Yongnuo Digital YN460, cheep but looked like it would do the job and I have to say on the few times I got to used it, it did. Ok there was one flaw, it was not recognized by my Canon 550D which in turn meant I could not use 2nd Shutter Flash, but I worked around that. So all well and good, well that was till today, it got dropped, well fell over while attached to my camera, my Canon 100-400L lens and my Tripod??? Don't know what happen one minute it's standing there while checked out a possible shot, next a big crash and it's all on the floor, a quick bit of shouting AARRRRRRR NOOOO followed by a bit of embarrassment and whistling in the air once I noticed other people watching. I quickly picked it up, all looked good, not a scratch, great, brill everything worked, or so I thought, camera turned on, lens still focused, tripod well - stood up, flash errrm no power, dead battery, so quickly changed them over, still no power so thinking they must be dead as well(no idea why they were brand new) changed them over and "Izzy wizzy, let's get busy!" still didn't work!!!! So I have learned 2 things, 1. you do get what you pay for and 2. tripods are not so good on a slope. so from now on will be keeping a better eye on what I'm doing with my kit and not just what's in front of me.