Eye Witness

AU: WitnessProtection!Yoongi, Cop!Jungkook w/gang!VMin

Warnings: Gang related stuff- gun violence, threats, all around danger, etc. 

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: It should have been a normal walk home from work, but when you see something you shouldn’t have and get caught, passerby Min Yoongi is not happy that you drag him into it. 

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Curled Rose Sawfly caterpillar - Fehéröves levéldarázs hernyója - Allantus cinctus by Benjamin Balázs
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Yume Nikki - month
Day 04 - Crossover between YN and FGs

Y’know, ever since I saw the room with the child effect in Yume 2kki, I always imagine Urotsuki considering Madotsuki as a kind of deity of sorts.

In my mind, she’d be so eager to show the ultimate dreamer her own dreams


Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney : if you take requests, could you do an imagine where maybe the reader is stiles’ older sister in senior year and he’s a junior and the pack including her is at lunch together and her phone rings and lydia is like “you still call your dad “daddy”?“ and reader answers it and says “yes derek?” and the whole table cHOKEs and it’s just really funny??? thanks so much!

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@vixenwinchesters Mmkay, I enjoyed writing this one. Requests are always open!

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You were Stiles’ older sister. He had introduced you to Derek, who was your boyfriend now. You knew about the supernatural, as you had seen Derek shift on numerous occasions. Class was pretty boring today, so you had messaged Derek, telling him how bored you were. You had just come out of class and had gotten your food when your phone rang. It was laying flat on the table and everyone could see the word, ‘Daddy’, as the contact. The whole table erupted into a fit of laughter, and Lydia gasped out, “You still call your dad ‘Daddy’?” You stared them down as you answered the phone.

“Yes, Derek?” You said. They all went quiet and you raised an eyebrow. Some of them were halfway through chewing food and they had frozen, mid chew. You grinned, and went off to talk to Derek real quick.

You finished the call rather quick and made your way back to the table.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me…” Stiles said in shock.

Lydia was the first to joke about it. “Ooh, kinky.” She said giggling.

“Don’t act like you don’t have yours.” You said, and she shut right up. Stiles stared at the both of you. Scott was just sitting there, shaking his head that was in his hands. Isaac was just staring along with Stiles. Done with lunch and school, you waved good-bye to your brother and friends, and got out of school.

“Thank you so much for coming and picking me up babe,” You said, and leaned over in the car to kiss Derek on the cheek.

“It’s no problem. I wanted to see my babygirl anyways.” He replied, and grinned cheekily at you.

BTS Reaction: When they hear you moan for the first time.


You straddled him in a blink of an eye. You could feel his smirk against your swollen lips. The kiss got rougher and more passionate than ever. Your hands were all over him, and his body. He stopped, but then he strarted kissing your neck, licking all over your sensitive spot. He knew exactly were it was and all of the sudden a moan escapes your red lips, and his name afterwards.

Jimin: “Oh baby, you don’t know what you got yourself into”.


You and your boyfriend Junkook were out with your friends. You sat down in the red chair in the small cinema. You could see by the look on Jungkook’s face that he was on to something, you could feel it. His hand started to go from your lap innocently, then they moved up and you took a deep breath to keep yourself in control. After half an hour, full of light tapping and flickering your lap, you went outside to get some fresh air. Suddenly you could feel your wrists being pushed against the cold wall. “Jungkook?” You asked hopefully. He responded with kisses on your neck, and you pumping him. He was already hard. His once cute eyes turned dark with lust. Not blink nor taking his gaze off of you, he slipped a finger between your wet folds. Causing you to moan loudly. And then he stopped.

“Come on Jagi, we need to get home.. Like, now!”.


You and Kim Namjoon, better known as Rapmonster from BTS. Has been dating for a couple of months now. Your dates never disappointed you in any way, just the fact that.. that you wanted him so bad. Your evening together came to and end, and as always he drove you home and walked all the stairs with you to your apartment. You kissed goodbye as always, when you saw him turn around you blurted out: “Wait.. Oppa, do you want to spend the night, here? With me?” He just smiled and kissed you tenderly. Out of you knowledge you had lost all of you clothes, you both were naked and exposed to each other. You guided him to the bedroom and he pushed you down, he hovered over you. Kissing you softly. His kisses trailed down to your breasts and that’s were he got what he wanted; A loud moan escaping your used lips.

Rapmon: “You’re mine now, Y/N, only mine”.


You and your best friend Jong Hoseok met each other through dance ten years ago. When you were really young. Over the couple of years, you’ve had a huge crush.. no you were madly in love with him. One day you were practicing in the studio. As you were moving your bodies together in tact, you shifted. Both. Closely. He grabbed the lowest part of your back, and your neck. You gasped in shock, even though after a second you remembered that it was just the dance move. You both stopped, still in that position, melting into each others eyes. He pulled you in for a hug, you could easily hear your own heart racing. You pulled away to look at him. But he kissed you, hard. You obeyed and he lifted you. Your legs were around his waist, you were both sweating and gasping for air. When he lowered you a bit, causing you to moan as soon as you felt him. 

J - Hope: “How about we skip practice and just go for the real thing?”


“Yoongi don’t!” You screamed while laughing almost to death because your  boyfriend were tickling you. It was a hot summer. Yoongi was only wearing a wife beater with shorts. You were wearing a light pink top with a pair of really short shorts. As he tickled you, he went inside your top, not stopping, neither did you. You guys were laughing too much to notice that he touched your bare skin for the first time. As he accidentally touched your bra, you both stopped for a second and looked at each other. You looked down at his hand, still on your breast. You brought yours up to his neck, pulling him in for a tender kiss, he didn’t fight it. He then started massaging your breasts, pulling your top off. You were both a mess. the kiss and touch became far more rougher, far more passionate. Dry humping each other, you both moaned.

Suga: “Since the aircondition is broken, we should take our clothes off Y/N..”


“I do” was what you and Kim seok Jin old each other today on the beach, under the beautiful sun. with his members. Your family, and the priest. You were officially married now. Jin wouldn’t tell you where your honeymoon trip went. He didn’t even tell you where the plane was supposed to land. He didn’t even tell where you were supposed to spend the night. Instantly you were blindfolded, even all the way to your beautiful cabin. He took the blindfold of off you. You were amazed. You both went inside. “I love you” Jin told you. You didn’t even get to answer before he picked you up bridal style and threw you gently onto the bed. You knew what was gonna happen. You wanted him, you wanted him to be your first. You guys waited to get married before you went down that path. “Y/N, just because we’re married, that doesn’t mean that we have to do this, you don’t have to” Jin told you while kissing you in between words. “I want you Jin” Was all you could say and fast.. he took his shirt off. All of the sudden you were both on your knees on the bed, naked. He lighty pushed your shoulder so you would land on your back. He was over you, you could feel him lighty poking your wet entrance. You kissed, at the same time he pushed himself inside of you, causing you to dig you nails into his shoulderblades. You were a moaning mess from the beginning.

“I can’t control myself anymore Jagi..”


You were out with your girl friends in a club. You were dancing, you weren’t completely drunk, you were just.. well goofy. You bounced your body on the dancefloor not thinking about your friends. They probably already left, like always. Soon you felt a couple of hands on your waist, you cared to look at the person. It was him, Taehyung, your ultimate Bias. But you were sorta drunk so you didn’t have like a fangirl heart attack, you were just dancing together, laughing and hugging. Exchanging numbers, names and bla bla bla.. You left together laughing out of the back door. All of the sudden you kissed him, your thoughts, intelligence came back. You quickly pulled back covering you mouth. “Oh my god, i’m so sorry, i don’t know what got..” You were distracted by the kiss he responded to you. You didn’t fight him, you kissed sweetly, even though you were still kinda drunk, and him too. He was gentle, sweet, and a true gentleman. You both sat down on the cold ground in the lonely night. You were on top of him. “Please.. Taehyung” You whispered into his ear. He pulled his already hardened shaft out, pulling your thong aside. Rubbing and sliding it through your folds. You moaned instantly.

Taehyung: “I’ll let you have it, if you’ll spend the next couple of nights in my bed”.

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