Attack on Junior High ep 7

Where it was Sports Day and there was much…sporting to be had? I dunno, I’ve got nothing. Suffice it to say, it was fun and adorable.

Ships tally:

YmirChrista (YumiKuri)


The stupid couple

HangeTitan (more specifically, HangeSawney)

OluoPetra (that look on Oluo’s face tho…)



LeviHange (…sorta…she was teasing him a lot?)

ReinerChrista (maybe next time, Reiner…or if Ymir should ever disappear one day…)

SashaBread (poor Sasha, so close…)

EreJean (bwahahaha)

LeviMike (oopsies, almost forgot this one…)

Finally, MobJean (ouch…)

Attack on Junior High ep 6

Where Valentine’s Day came super duper early, and even though it was a Jean-centric episode, they wouldn’t give me even ONE Jearmin moment. Boo! Ships tally (and there were many):



The stupid couple (yes, I know they have a name but I like to call them that)

YmirChrista (aka YumiKuri)

SashaCon (aka Springles)

SashaArmin (aka Sashamin)


SashaChrista (aka SaKuri?)

JeanTitan (somewhere Hange is screaming in envy)

EreJean (cuz rivals = ship)

MikaAnnie (aka Mikaani, same reason as above)

JeanAlmostAllTheFemaleCharactersThatMatter (literally in his dreams)

Finally, JeanFood (in reality, isn’t this borderline selfcest?)

Attack on Junior High ep 9

Where the summer festival happens and there’s much yukata cuteness.

Ships tally:

BertholdtAnnie (this episode’s couple du jour)

ReiBert (Reiner’s such a bro, so sweet)

EreMika (poor Mikasa, did you forget he likes cheeseburger?)

YumiKuri (surprising that Ymir didn’t wear a matching yukata with Christa)

Springles (yeah, right, they got lost….)

ReinerChrista ([snort]…over Ymir’s dead body)

Mikani (again, rivals = ship)

ReinerYmir (lol, their reaction is exactly what I would expect of this suggestion)

Sashani (At this point, Sasha is cute with just about anyone)

Finally, ChristaYmirAnnie (KuriYumiAni? Cuz we all know Christa is the ultimate Boss)

Attack on Junior High ep 10

Where things got political and super nostalgic with all the passionate speeching.

Ship tally:

JeanMarco  (yeah Jean, might as well get used to staying on all fours like that for Marco, bwahahaha….)

EreMin (Ah, Armin, what will Eren ever do without you?)

EreMika  (Ah, Mikasa, what will Eren ever do without you?)

YumiKuri (Reiner is dead meat. How DID he even get a pic of Christa in a bikini anyway??)

The stupid couple (haven’t seen them for a while…I kinda missed them….)

ReiBert (funny, I figured Reiner would be the bottom….)

HangeSawney (I can do without anymore naked Titan ass shots tho….)

MarcoIlse (that came outta nowhere….)

LeviHan (they were hanging out together A LOT)

EreJean (you could’ve cut all the UST with a butter knife….)

JeanHitch (you know what they say…you always hurt those you love the most….)

Ereri (THIS QUALIFIES FOR THE EXACT REASON LISTED ABOVE. Or just, throw me a freaking bone…my OTPs are hardly interacting…I’m getting sad and desperate….)

Finally, JeanAATFCTM (aka, AlmostAllTheFemaleCharactersThatMatter. Which is, once again, only in his silly, delusional dreams)