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Your Ultimate Camp Counselor Guide

Having worked as a camp counselor for 2 going on 3 years now, i figured id make a guide to not only what you need as a counselor, but the types of counselors and campers. Here u go, nerds,

First off, what you NEED.

-sunscreen (spf 30 or above)
-tampons and/or pads (even if ur a boy)
-hair ties (again, even the guys)
-bug spray
-a hat with a brim (baseball cap, snapback, or bucket hat)
-ziplock baggies (useful for keeping your phone dry and keeping wet clothes in)
-water bottle
-a backpack (drawstrings are my personal fav) to keep this shit in
-a snack (beef jerky, nuts, dried fruit, or trail mix are best to keep ya energy up)
-hand sanitizer (bc kids are disgusting, germy little creatures)
-extra shorts/shirt/socks (in case someone pukes on u)

Things that you dont NEED but can come in handy:

-a deck of cards
-friendship bracelet string
-rubber bands
-coloring book/crayons
-safety pins
-bobby pins
-a sharpie
-wet napkins

Okay kids now the fun part:
Types of Counselors-

-the Boss: the one person who acts like they control everyone, kids and staff alike. Usually a junior counselor or CIT.

-the Stoner: literally how are they functioning?? How does their boss not notice?? Whatever, the kids love them and theyre really good at braiding hair.

-the Becky: super peppy, always smiling born-to-work-at-camp counselor, always making friendship bracelets and eats a salad every day for lunch. Can be male or female but usually a chick.

-the Dead Inside: took this job thinking it was easy, the children have stepped all over their soul. You could kill a man in front of them and theyd just sigh and fill out an accident report.

-the Gossip: talks shit, never wants to help clean up.

-the Un Athletic One: they can never seem to keep up with the kids, cant play kickball for shit, doesnt know how to keep the kids under control.

-the Lifer: theyre nearly 30, but theyve worked here every summer since they were 15, so its sort of their home.

-the Slacker: literally the worst. Doesnt do shit, lets the kids run wild, hates to clean, hates to move around.

-the Vet: different than the Lifer. Theyve been here a few years and They. Have. Seen. Some. Shit. Been puked on? Sure. Bled on? Yup. At this point, nothing will shock this counselor, and honestly dont piss them off, they could kill a man with their eyes.

-the Git ‘er Done: smokes half a pack, downs two red bulls, and pulls through the day like a well oiled machine. Doesnt take shit from anyone.

-the Joe: basic. Newbie, or hasnt been there too long. Knows the drill but isnt anything special. Pretty good at cleaning tables.

-the Germaphobe: literally why are you working with small children. Hates dirt. Bathes in hand sanitizer.

-the Jock: kids and counselors love em. Super athletic, hot, and nice. Usually a little older.

Types of Campers:

-the Cling: wont leave you alone, never does anything without asking their fav counselor for help.

-the Mudpie: why, child, must you bathe in dirt?

-the Magpie: steals anything they can get their grubby little paws on.

-the Diva: too good for summer camp, “my old camp was better.”

-the Blabber Mouth: you cuss ONE time when you cut your finger and the little bitch tattles.

-the Reader: doesnt play sports. Doesnt make friends. Reads all day. Weird. wears sweats year round.

-the Pube: any boy between age 10-12. Likes worms. Hits people. Ugh.

-the Gossip: same as their counselor counterpart, talks shit and never participates in group activities.

-the Tom Boy: we get it. You like sports. Hush child.


-the Albino: we lathered you in 20 layers of sunscreen how are you still burnt??

-the Shark: beats all the counselors at cards.

Feel free to add anything i missed fam and enjoy the summer!


Eat Da Poopoo (YMCA) - Capsulon44

No offense to the older remix, but finally there is a good version of this!