Nobleza Gaucha! 

Argentinian - again?! 

It is hard - I mean for some reason shops all over New York suddenly started selling Cruz de Malta mate everywhere - hence I kept drinking it and not complaining :)

This one is different - the word for this mate is ‘GENTLE’

It is bitter but gentle.

It is not as harsh and senses up - I would say it is good morning and evening mate but not a strong kick!

Anyway i do enjoy it hope you are as well!



So this is my first time with Itapua but not with Paraguayan yerba. I tried pajarito before and if i remember properly i liked it. 

This has a very herbal smell when dry and not that much dust. 

To the point. It is very pleasant. Has this smokiness that i really like in mates. It is slightly to gentle if you know what i mean - it doesn't give you that strength/kick but some folks might like it. It taste a little like Korean brown rice tea which is one of my favorites if it is about green tea. Very fresh and rejuvenating but on the light side - could definitively go to sleep afterwards. 

Our most popular organic yerba mate from Paraguay, no stems, very low dust. Hand Harvested only two months out of the year.

from Go Yerba Mate