My Makeup Story: Tara Baker @tmbmakeup

Hello, friends and happy Monday! Today I have my story to share. This is the last story I will be posting on YMS - at least for now! Since my Women’s Studies class is ending, I have to figure out what I’m doing with this blog. I want to thank everyone so much for supporting me! I love you all!!
xo, Tara

WARNING: This post contains some photos of simulated blood and gore. Please be aware of sensitive content.

Your Makeup Story: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Tara Baker, a 20-year-old self-taught artist from South Jersey. Makeup is something I am passionate about and love, but I have plans of being a filmmaker and screenwriter. I love colorful makeup - the more colors the better! Avant-garde and special effects are my favorite forms of makeup to practice because I find them to be the most fun and expressive.

YMS: When did you first start wearing makeup?
I’ve been playing around with makeup since such a young age! I used to play with my mom’s makeup in the bathroom and steal my sister’s lip gloss when I was young. Around eighth grade, I took a big liking to black eyeliner and eyeshadow - a phase which my mother, begrudgingly, I’m sure, let me wear out in its own time. During my senior year of high school, I had to do my own makeup for my prom and so, I started looking up all kinds of YouTube tutorials and just became obsessed! After I graduated, my obsession with makeup really took off.

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anonymous asked:

Omg I totally love that idea of a boyfriend swap and foursome for taegi and jikook. Can you elaborate more on that?

VM were watching t.v and there was a show on were they swap partners. Vm thought it’d be a good idea and proposed it to their boyfriends with puppy go eyes. SK are like “fine whatever it’s only for a day” and each “couple” breaks off into YM and TK and go on like a “date” and the first hour was fine cause they all are friends and can hang out together. But Jimin kept wanting to text Jungkook and V wants to call Suga and SK want to hold their boyfriends hands. So after the second hour JK ditch their “dates” to go on a real one but it’s ok cause TG also head to one another and they all settle for a double date instead of a switch.

The foursome was once again VM idea and SK are like ok. It starts off fine and SK adores the fact that they can watch VM makeup and touch one another, but the moment Jimin went from V to Suga, Jungkook almost snaps but instead lets V touch him, which makes Suga pissed. And as VM touch their non partners their boyfriends become mad and VM decided on “you take us from behind and we’ll just make out ok?” which was fine with SK, but VM never does this again ha ha

YA Meme (1/10 series or books) ↪ The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

“We are sometimes called the Nephilim,” said Hodge.In the Bible they were the offspring of humans and angels. The legend of the origin of Shadowhunters is that they were created more than a thousand years ago, when humans were being overrun by demon invasions from other worlds. A warlock summoned the Angel Raziel, who mixed some of his own blood with the blood of men in a cup, and gave it to those men to drink. Those who drank the Angel’s blood became Shadowhunters, as did their children and their children’s children. The cup thereafter was known as the Mortal Cup.” [x] [x] [x] [x]


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