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Pamela and Dylan, 2013 - 2014

I met Pamela in my high school photo class. She was a grade below me; I first noticed that she was quiet, talented and intelligent. After graduating, she immediately left to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona, and that winter she found out she was pregnant with Dylan. Only 19, she decided it would be best to move back to Yuma to see through her pregnancy and be closer to home. 

I took the first photo in October 2013 for my Yuma project, and wasn’t really intending to include her in this one as well. Dylan was only ten days old in the first photo, and almost a year later I asked if she’d like to officially be a part of the Young Mothers project. Our second meeting was quite different than the first, and Dylan had a quite a bit more energy than he did the first time. It was really nice catching up with Pamela and seeing how much Dylan has grown. 

Right now Pamela is going to school at Arizona Western College, working, and raising her son.

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top three yoonmin moments if you ship them // love you ♡♡♡

‘‘if you ship them’‘..oh anon ym is my number one ship 😆 and love you too💕 every ym moment is my fav but I’ll try to pick only 3 aaahh

1. Jimin comforting yoongi during epilogue concert (hits m right in the feels every time I think about this ;;;)

2. Yoonmin during isac 2016

(one of my fav ym photos 😭😭)

+ yoongi encouraging jimin VIDEO

3. their hug during inkigayo fanmeet 2013 where yoongi said he likes to tease jimin because he loves him and he asked for a hug :’)

🌜sleepover with me🌛


youngmin was spotted earlier today by a fan who was going to see bnm boys’ ads! he’s wearing a mask so it’s hard to tell but it’s definitely him bc he’s wearing his silver necklace, bracelet, and polkda dot socks. (cr: @ribbonbbd)

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Hello!!! I have recently fallen into a hole that is Ym in the early days. When they both are so small and have their little cheeks and brown hair!! It hurts me! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your favorite Ym photos from that time? If not, that's fine! I hope you have/are having a great day!!!!!!

yes !!!!!! i have a post about predebut ym here :’)