ylvis confessions

“I am still so sad about Bårds hair. Of course it’s great that Unicef got so much money… But the first thing I noticed when I say Ylvis for the first time was Bårds hair. I really love his long hair because all the other "typical” men haircuts are the same boring way… I will never get over this fucking tonsure. But I’m also happy that so many peple donated, these suffering childrens lives are much more important"

by ylvismagic

About the whole confession thing.
I wasn’t planning on saying anything, but now I kinda feel like I have to.

I don’t think the person writing the confession knows a lot about Tumblr and the fandoms here. I mean, drooling over celebrities is basically the essence of Tumblr. We drool over bodies, personalities, voices, talents and so on (and often with a huge dose of humor). It’s just WHAT WE DO.

I’m surprised we’re even discussing this. Of course we’re not only after Bård’s and Vegard’s bodies. That’s ridiculous. 


“As a Norwegian, seeing Ylvis get such a wide-spread, loyal, creative and hilarious fanbase has been such a rewarding experience for me. I remember watching Norges Herligste as a 13 year old kid, thinking to myself “wow, these two dorks are great!”. And witnessing how non-Norwegians have been willing to open their eyes towards these two random Norskies in animal costumes, the fact that so many people decided to click on a second and third video after “The Fox”, makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Seriously. What I saw with my 13 year old eyes, other people are seeing now. And it makes me SO GENUINELY HAPPY. It’s ridiculous, I sometimes shake my head when I look at this fandom, thinking “I don’t know how it happened, but this is so. fucking. great!” So please. The idea that there is some sort of ranking of fans, based on how long you’ve known that Urheim is their middle name, or that you’ve seen some lame Se&Hør interview from 2005 that nobody else has, or how many times you’ve seen them in person, or whatever stupid shit, is such a mustard mashed potato way of thinking. STOP IT. BE HAPPY YLVIS’S HARD WORK ARE REACHING MORE PEOPLE THAN EVER. BE HAPPY THAT THEY HAVE MORE OPPORTUNITIES NOW THAN EVER. BE HAPPY THAT MORE PEOPLE THAN EVER BEFORE NOW HAVE SLIGHTLY BRIGHTER DAYS BECAUSE OF THE EXISTENCE OF YLVIS. BE HAPPY. 

- A Normal Ylvis Fandom Girl”

by ylvisfaen

“I love the fandom to pieces, but there’s this "inner core” of the more popular people who are all friends with each other and talk to each other and get anons etc and it’s near impossible to get in there and most of the time i just look on and feel inadequate and depressed because i’m too socially awkward to join in their conversations. That’s also why I’ll try and hide from any family meetups happening at the spektrum. I’d be unwelcome and it’d be awkward.“

by anonymous

“I’m sorry but I honestly hope that Ylvis never go on a tour outside of scandinavia. Ylvis are like a Norwegian thing and it should stay this way. Stop internationalize everything that is Norwegian. If you want to see them then good for you, pay for a plane ticket and see them. If you can’t afford it then sucks to be you i guess and watch it on a stream or some shit”

by anonymous