Canoe day!

Today the Kansas team had a “day-off”, we had  no official meetings. We went to Missouri to canoe, to the Little Niangua River so we had to get up early (which meant around 5.30 am) to start our two-and-a-half hour long journey. I travel everyday in Mike’s van which is always a pleasure because we have cds, fun and of course Mike! On our way we grabbed a few delicious Dunkin Doughnuts (Boston cream is the best!) and coffee to get some energy.  Obviously, the traveling was one of the best parts of the day. We laughed so much. By the time we got to our destination the other van had already arrived so we headed to the river to get our canoes. My “team mate” was Izzy and i can claim that we were the fastest girl team, although we didn’t have any competitions. For those, who haven’t tried canoeing yet, i tell that it requires accurate communication, planning cooperation and sharp decision making skills. We all know that all beginnings are difficult, but today it was especially true for us. We had to find the best technique that fitted us. Although, we were the last who started paddling, we got to our first destination as the first girl team. (yay!) The river had many shallow parts where we had to get out off the canoe and pulled it across the rocks. When everyone arrived to our first meeting point we had a picnic and swam a bit. After that, we canoed to a waterfall which was really beautiful and tasted the water of it. As we were still in a quite competitive mood, there was no doubt that we wanted to be the first at the next meeting point. We started quite well, then Tadija and Eric’s canoe appeared and the “rough” competition started. The proof that we took it really seriously is that i have water blisters on my both palms and Izzy has a few bruises, as well. They overcame us and we overcame them.. and so the result is that there’s no agreement on the final result as we had an argument about what the final destination was. We supposed to meet at the bridge. I would say that in that case we had two competitions and two winners, as Tadija and Eric were the first who got under the bridge but we where the first who got to the shore. After everyone arrived we started our way back “home”. We had a real American meal at McDonald’s and grabbed ice-cream at DQ. When we got bored with the traveling, we decided to play a game: we started waving at people from the car when the most awesome person got near us!  After he waved to us the first time he pulled a Dark Vader mask from his passenger seat and put it on! After we got home, i went for a walk in the park with my host, Blair, Dylan, Krisz, Izzy and Katherine in order to finally see a raccoon. But the attempt was a failure again.. Then we grabbed a shake at Sonic’s (which is my favorite place here). 

I had a lot of fun today, but i’m really exhausted because of the long trip. I love Kansas city and everything about America (except the too much air-condition and ice! :) ) and of course the whole YLPCE team, because all of them are awesome, talented and helpful!

- Aliz (Hungary)

The LAST day in Kansas

When a child is crying because you are leaving and you will never see each other again, you know that you have done a good job and you made somebody happy. Maybe just for a while but it is still better than not doing anything. That´s the feeling I felt today when I said goodbye to my adolescent pupil who I spent 3 sessions in Operation Breakthrough with. As it has been already mentioned in the blogs before, Operation Breakthrough is the largest early education child care and social service facility in Missouri, serving 450 children daily. These children often come from the poor families; some of them are homeless or are in foster care due to abuse, neglect or other family crises. This was our last morning at this school and we have determined the connection we have created with the students and continued assisting in their literacy. In order to comfort my crying pupil, I had to promise her that I would send a postcard from my country as soon as I came home.

Our next stop was Google Fiber Space, where we had a opportunity to try the fastest connection on the Internet. This experimental broadband internet network infrastructure uses fiber-optic communication in two bordering states (Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri). With the Community Manager for Kansas City, we had the chance to discuss the impact of this new communication technology on the community. A lot of us enjoyed the opportunity to show the Americans their houses thanks to the application Google Earth in the best quality I´ve ever seen.

After these exciting activities, we went on the lunch at First Watch. I don´t know about the others, but for me it was the best lunch I´ve eaten during this program. I ate the biggest pancakes that I´ve ever seen and they were so delicious.

After, we proceeded to the most important part of this day, presentations of our future projects. I think that each of us has amazing project ideas. They are so different because everybody chose their own area which they want to implement their project in, but the goal is always the same, improvement of the situation in their communities. And by this way, MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY! We also asked the questions to each other and expressed the positive and negative parts of our projects. We can further develop our ideas till Sunday and we are all looking forward to presenting our projects to the group from Raleigh, as well.
After 2-hours sitting in the meeting, we went shopping in a huge shopping center, Oak Park Mall.

Next, the final part of our day came, the Farewell Party. We celebrated the conclusion of the program with all youth and home stay families. There, we expressed a BIG THANK YOU to all our host families, drivers, Courtney and Suzanne, and everybody who was involved in preparation for this amazing program. We enjoyed our last famous Kansas City barbecue and a delicious cake. After the party, we returned to our host families and spent our last evening in Kansas City.

Tomorrow it will be difficult to say hello to the people I have grown so close to. I hope that someday I will be able to come and visit them here in America but I am also looking forward to gathering with my peers in Chicago that I have missed.

Andrea Sobolová, Slovakia 


First working day in Kansas city!

So we got up this morning a bit early, but that didn’t bother us ‘cause we knew we’re gonna have a great day!

We had our breakfast at our host families, and then we were picked up by a van which took us to our first location. :) we had fun in the bus. (it wasn’t party bus, but it was fun though).
We arrived at the location which was a grass field, and half of us discovered that we weren’t dressed for that. (Washington experience).
But that only bothered us for a second, and then we relaxed and had fun.
Courtney and Mike were there playing name games with us. Just to make sure we all knew each other we played a couple of game that were cool and fun.
After that there was a game like ”find someone that you’ve never talked to or spent so much time with and realize what’s the weirdest thing you have in common”. I personally think that was a great game cause I got a chance to talk to someone that I don’t usually talk to.
Then we went indoor, Union Station, and had an amazing workshop.
It’s called ”Leadership compass activity”. We were all split into groups which defined our leadership style. There was North or ”Get it done” team, South or ”The Nurture” team, East or ”The Visionary” and West ”The Analyst”. So we discovered which type of leaders are we and which skills should we improve. We had a lot of fun, but we also learned so much stuff from this workshop, and also got to know some American participants of the YLPCE.
By that time everyone was starving and asking about food (like we always do) so we went to get lunch.
We could get what ever we want so I decided to try chinese, which was not a good idea, ‘cause i didn’t like it, except for the fortune cookie, ‘cause my fortune was awesome. (hopefully true).
Then we went on a scavanger hunt on Country Club Plaza. We were divided in to four teams, and had 20 tasks to do, and hour an 45 mins to do it.
Every task was goofy on its own way but the best was the one where we needed to take a video of us doing a performance on the street with a crowd, and also the one where we should cross the street like bears.
It was funny asking complete strangers to take a pictures of us, but it was worth it ‘cause we had an amazing time.
In the van after scavenger hunting we made plans to go to the ”Sky zone”, I didn’t realy know what the “Sky zone" is but yeah, I was up for it.
When we came to the “sky zone’ I was so excited because it’s a place with huge trampolines, where you can jump, play dodge ball, basket ball, exercise, and also jump in a pool filled with sponge. That was the most awesome thing ever, and we were jumping and having fun.
After that the whole crew went to get frozen yoghurt, and also to rest a little, ‘cause “Sky zone" was very exhausting.
I’ll post some pictures, I promise, tomorrow or in two days, ‘cause it was very exhausting day, and I want to catch on some sleep, a great day is ahead of us!

Greetings from Kansas, Isidora (Izzy) <3

Let’s read together – done √

Hi y’all, hope everyone’s having a blast in school and moving forward with their projects! I miss you all, so much.

When the program was finished I came to Bor with mind full of ideas. I wanted to begin immideatly. But it was still summer so I decided to enjoy until the summer holiday was finished.
When I started going to school I decided to start working on my projects as well.
I came up with an idea. When I was a kid I loved to read books.(I mean, I love to read now as well :D )  I went to a library every week, and I’ve read different kinds of books. They helped me escape in my own imagination.
Knowning that Meridian was giving an opportunity to win small grants I decided to apply with a project involving books and children.
My mother works with children In foster care, so I chose to involve them in the project . They had very hard and traumatic past so they didn’t have the opportunity to experience reading as a fun way to spend their free time.
I knew that the book fair in Belgrade is held every year, and I thought that the best way to inspire them to read is to take them to the book fair, so they can explore and search for the books themselves. The idea was the 10 kids in foster care , accompanied with two foster parents, adviser for fostering and coordinator of the project (a.k.a ME) go on a one day field trip to Belgrade, visit the book fair, choose the book they like the most and receive it as a gift.
I talked with my mother, advisier for fostering, and also with the president of the Foster Assosiation, they loved the idea and agreed to help me! I was very excited, and the first thing I did was downloading the small grant document. I read the thing I had to fill in, and at fisrt I thought “Oo, peace of cake!” … I was wrong.
Planing a one day event is not easy at all. First advice – even toug the Meridian small grant application is pretty simple, do not undereastimate it!
I sat, opened a word document and started working. First half and hour was like this – me just sitting infront of my lap top, staring in the small grant document not typing anything. My mother offered to help, she gave me directions so it was easier for me to continue.
It took me a week to plan a one day event. Not easy as I thought it would be.
Firstly I had to write down my goals, and the main goal of the project. Second advice – write down two type of goals. Main goal of the project, and also smaller one that you wish to accomplish during the project. Emphasize why is that important for the community.
Foster Assosiation “Wolf Marty” agreed to helped me, and they were my partner organization. Third advice- Find an organization that you’ll be a partner with. They will help you a lot with your ideas.
Foster association helped me a lot, they informed the foster families, and also had a part in funding some stuff.
There’s a part of the application “project workplan” , that part took a lot of time to fill in. I had to be precise with every project activity I planned on doing. Fourth advice- Be as precise as you can. Details DO matter. Make the schedule for each activity.
Before making an exact workplan I had to arrange a meeting with the partners, and also to find someone who will share costs in the project. Bortravel – transportation company in Bor wanted to help giving us a 30% discount on the tickets to Belgrade.And the foster association financed the public transportation in Belgrade, and also the workshop held week after the project. Fifth advice- There is a saying in Serbian “ Who asks does not wander” so, ASK, you don’t have anything to lose.
Last thing was the budget. First I wrote down the stuff I needed for the project. Then I checked the prices, and came up with the budget I needed for the whole project. Sixth advice- Check twice all the prices, and have you correctly transferred your currency into dollars!
It’s also important to have a foreign currency account on whom Meridian can transfer the funds if you’re project is approved.
The thing that I saved for the end because I didn’t have the inspiration was the name. After long thinking I decided to name my project “Let’s read together”.
I sent the full-filled document to Micaela and I waited.
4 days after email came. My project was approved and I couldn’t be happier. I knew that all of my hard work payed off, and I was ready to motivate a group of kids to read.

26th October, 4am, time to go to Belgrade.
I’ve got to know all the kids on the bus, and tried to find out what are they interested in. 4 hours to Belgrade passed fast, and we’ve had an awesome time.
We arrived in Belgrade, and headed to the book fair.
Kids loved it! We’ve spent 3 hours at the fair and they’ve got to explore the books, talk, mingle. Also there were stands where you could watch educational movies, and talk with psychologists about different topics.
What amazed me the most, kids we’re delighted with the books, and they all wanted to find something for themselves, and they did, everyone found books depending on their age.
They were amazed buy the size of the fair and the many books they saw.
After the fair, with the smiles on our faces we went to McDonalds where we had a real American lunch. The menager of McDonalds was amazingly kind, and gave the kids balloons and educational video games.  
When we headed home kids were happy, and some of them started reading their books on the bus!
We arrived to Bor exhausted, but all smiling because we’ve just had an amazing day. And I was extremely happy that my project was a success.
A week after that I’ve organized a workshop with them. We’ve talked about the impressions of the fair, and then they draw the main books carracter (the younger ones) and wrote “how do I see myself in 10 years” ( the older ones).
What made me happy was that they’ve all started reading books they’ve got, and they’ve loved it! One word – success!

I was honored that Meridian wanted to fund my project and have recognized the importance of it.
By the impressions of kids and foster parents as well I know I’ve made a difference and I’ve motivated and inspired them to read, and that I’ve brought book closer to them.
Of course, non of this would be possible if I haven’t been a participant of the best exchange program – YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM FOR CENTRAL EUROPE!!!
Altoug my first project had just been finished, I started planning others.
Hope you like my post, love you all!!

Isidora (Izzy), Serbia

A day to reflect

As our time in our city splits is coming to an end, today I had a day of reflecting on the past, the present and the future.

The day began as we visited the National World War One Museum. There we watched the exhibit and had the chance to think about how greediness and stubbornness can cause great issues. We saw the mistakes that great countries and leaders made and how their consequences effected the whole world.

After that we went to the Kansas City Zoo. I personally am not a big fan of zoos because I don’t think it’s okay to keep anyone captive. They are the type of places that make me feel sad, seeing animals that used to be wild starting to loose their sanity because of a cage that they were put in for human enjoyment. However this Zoo brought a new perspective to it. They started to talk about the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy so we can preserve the animals in the wild, also talking about animals that were about to or already are extinct. It gave me hope that they are putting great ideas into children’s heads that would influence them their whole lives. The experience was pleasing because I saw an effort for change.

Soon we will go to Chicago and present our programs. So today I thought about the past, present and the future struggles we will, we are and we had to face. The world makes mistakes that should be remembered and should not be repeated. We are facing huge problems that we are trying to solve and I believe that we will be the ones solving them in the near future with implementing our projects.


Another side of Belgrade...

The latter part of the day was a more of hands-on experience when it came to learning about Serbia. We walked the streets of Belgrade while our tour guide marinated our ears with rich history of the town we walked through. What I found interesting was, of course, the medieval fortress complete with heavy artillery, tanks, and torture chambers. On a lighter note, the view behind the fortified armory was spectacular. The Danube river runs straight through Belgrade, providing us with that “Oh my god… We’re in Europe!” moment.

We later dined at a restaurant with the Danube serving as a fitting back drop (considering we ate fish from that most likely once lived in it) and tried out some of the new words we learned earlier in the day. In fact, on the way home we would all shout “zdravo” or “tchao” in hopes that a native would respond. Most did… with a smile! We even saw another American accompanied by her two Serbian friends who we mistook for not knowing English. Good times.


(Kansas City, MO)

Finally together after long time

Of separation

Having a feel of unity

United like some nation

No more segregation

And no separation

Through power of laughter

We learned that we don’t have to be

Lost in translation

Are we building a tower of Babel again

And through raising it’s foundations

Will people stay sane

Through power of emotions

Are we going to change the game

Can we make this world a better place to live

Or will everything stay same?

Mladen (Serbia)
The best of us should help the rest of us

Dear Everyone,

   Raleigh group had a great day today. It started pretty much the same way as all the other days, some of us were late at the pick up point. 

  In the morning we had a workshop with Michael Giancola. We completed our action planning guides and almost everyone decided what their action plan will be. We learned about the differences between smart goals and stretch goals. Michael also told us that we are making a practice presentation on Thursday. 

   After lunch we had a meeting at Bull City Forward. The goal of the organization is to  talking about social problems and if it is possible solving them.They help social entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Their motto is: The best of us should help the rest of us. Some of the clients talked about their organizations. After the presentations we made a walking tour in the building where they used to manufacture tobacco.

We are  looking forward to the kayaking tomorrow!

Greta (Hungary)  


THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

I started my day with the very first american pancakes of my life made by host mum.  

We visited two universities today, the first was Carolina where, Michael Jordan graduated from.  We attended a lecture on admission to the university. The lecturer was laid-back and funny.  After that, one of the students, showed us the different parts of campus. And it is much bigger and more spread out from universities in Europe.  One of the most important parts of the university was about the Old Well.  The university was established in 1796 and was the first public university in the United States. The story goes that if you drink from the Old Well on the first day of class then you will have straight A’s (all 5s) for the entire semester.  Behind the Old Well is the oldest tree on campus. It was planted when the university opened. It is said that as long as the tree is standing the University cannot fall.  

After that we had lunch, in Lenoir Dining Hall, one of the University’s dining halls. There were lots of options - almost anything you could possibly imagine was available at one of the many stations within the dining hall.  The dining hall is located in the quad which is one of the main congregations of the campus. 

Next we went to NC State University where we met with another lecturer at the student center on its main campus.  We heard some interesting facts about the campus and its radio program. The radio program studio had lots of colorful rooms.  We received a gift from the University that consisted of student poetry, prose, photography, art, graphics, and design.  Both campuses were different from European universities in that they are like small towns and in fact bigger than some of our hometowns.

After our exhausting day we finished with a pool party at my host family’s home. Everyone came over and we swam in our backyard pool, ate pizza and then played pool on our billiards table.  We had a great time and got to relax and know each other a bit! We helped clean up and make sure our guests were well taken care of.  We listened to music by the pool as well. 

Overall it was the best day ever!  


Bye Guys, Joci :-D

The Recipe Book Project

Dear fellow YLPCE-ers! I miss you so much! How is everything going? All your projects running smoothly? I have decided to take some time and describe the project I have been working on to y'all.

When I returned from Belgrade this summer, my energy was pumping. And I really mean that- literally. I wanted to go straight into planning projects and changing the world, all by myself. Soon, I realized this is not going to work well. I had to slow back down to the normal tempo and was forced to take things slower and with more thought.

I made myself a goal of three projects:

  1. My local community helps an individual in our community;
  2. My school community helps some individuals in my wider community (Slovenia) 
  3. Different communities work together to help a distant community 

As always, I had to start at the middle- just how I roll:)

A year ago, I produced a recipe book, filled with international recipes that were donated by the international students at my school. It turned out to be a great success. I wanted to work on this again and a bit more. In December I contacted the PTA at our school if they would be prepared to support a similar project this year as well. They were almost as excited as I was and have, of course, said yes. I saw this approval as extra motivation which I was lacking after about 4 months of being ‘inactive’ in this field.

We later on decided that the book should have a theme- lunch box. By deciding on this, we made our product useful and appropriate for the community where it would be primary sold- our school.

Soon, recipes started to fly in, I gave it a little push every morning at the school assembly- people were getting annoyed and started to send recipes:). I got my team together- two peers, Ana and Maja, my school mates who helped be determine the design of the book and helped me with the organization.

With the help of PTA, I explored the parents in our school community and soon found a father who was keen on helping us with printing. Soon, the negotiations have started. After about 20 long and short meetings, we had our format and price decided on. PTA agreed to pay 4.5e per copy and to print 100 copies.

After some further negotiations with that father and two other companies that were happy to help us, I was able to get the books donated to us- no cost whatsoever.

After a few sleepless nights, me and my friends have finished organizing, we found a translator who helped us with the dictionary at the back of the book, a PTA mom has helped us with nutritional information and the other members of the PTA stepped together to find the information required. Book was sent of to print.

After a long week of anticipation, we had the books. 200 of them, ready to be sold. We started to sell them on the International Day, that our school hosted and the sales have not declined since. Another 100 have been donated by the printing company and a PDF version also became available.

All of the money is donated to slovene teenagers in need through Projekt boterstvo v Sloveniji, hosted by Zveza Prijateljev Mladine. ZPM is an NGO which deals with different issues of youth in Slovenia. They have a help phone line, a program which takes unprivileged children to the seaside in the summer and, the most recent one, Projekt boterstvo. Through this project, unprivileged children of Slovenia have been identified and are given a specific amount of money by a donator each month. The money is used for bus tickets, food, clothing, shoes and all of the other things children need but cannot afford. After listening to some of the stories these children have to tell, everybody can realize they need help.

I am proud. We saw a problem in our community (boterstvo), we looked for proven and reliable ways to raise money (recipe book), we recognized what our community would like (lunch box recipes), connected people to help and reached our goal- to help. PTA was so impressed that other money that was raised at the christmas bazaar and other school fund-raising activities was also donated to this same organization for the same cause. Mission accomplished? Mission exceeded!

I would not have been able to do it without YLPCE, which gave me the skills to recognize issues, find solutions and connect people. It only feels good to be a leader when you see you have made a change:)

Now? I’m currently organizing the event in my local community, a long form improv show where we will be raising money for a handicapped girl from my closer community. Project number 3? Rice Race!

Some advertising: The book contains about 100 recipes, every recipe contains nutritional information and can be adjusted. The covers are colorful, beautiful and stainless. The inside paper is thick and you can write on it. The spiral binding allows you quick turning of the pages, a table of content organizes the recipes and there are some links which can help you find even more recipes.

If you would like to help with our recipe book project, please let me know. The price per copy is 5e and you can also get a PDF edition if you prefer. Contact me on my email, ar.anarozman@gmail.com or through my Facebook account. I would really appreciate your help!

Read you soon;)

Ana Rozman


Burlington group  July 24.2012

First we went to the yvcc horticulture where we volunteers weeding . we spent a few hours a garden. Then the group went to lunch the Vermont State House   where all the guys stomach is full.Later  we looked the state house and after we went to the host family’s

we loved to day

Alexander Laszlo Kiss (Hun) to day captain

Not just another sitting day

It was a lovely friday morning and we were all more than prepared to experience another great day in Vermont.

Quite early our van picked us up and we went to a place called Shelburne Farms. Shelburne Farms is:

  • A nonprofit education organization
  • A working farm
  • A national historic landmark

They offered us exploration of civic engagement, service learning, environmental awerness, food systems and they also made us to think hard about our future. Is it sustaninable?. The day also included introduction of Shelburne Farms (they offer accommodations with breakfast and dinner to a lot of people) and they can be very proud of their delicious cheese and bread (we were very happy to taste those). After our lesson we were able to walk around this amazing property and pet different animals. Then we had a picnic luch at the yard and everyone enjoyed the great sunny weather and spent few minutes lying on their backs among the grass . We hardly got them to get up from their but eventually everyone was amazed with the next present that Vermont offered to us - a great view from a hill just few steps away from the farm. Up there we made a group photo and a few of us played kick ball. When everyone was back in vehicles again, we went to another farm to do some volunteer work in their big garden. And I was surprised how everyone grabbed their tools and immediately started to work. Meanwhile we were listening to some guitar music and all of us were chatting.

We left the farm with a good feeling that we have done something good.

- Domen (Slovenia)
So you are irritated because...

I thought that would be another necessary seminar. Just essential of every education program. I was preparing myself for two hours of pretty passive listening as I was eating my sweet creme cheese on pure american bagel. It was completely different, though. 

However I bet first impression of us, european (and few americans) wasn´t so positive. Just a bunch of bored, yawning kids from Europe forced to be educated. (judgement) But as the workshop started my mind and brain actually woke up. I didn´t have to listen only, I was asked to step up with opinions, with experiences. As we were discussing passionately we learnt a lot also. We found out that we can share certain prejudices and stereotypes, but not all of them are the same. We can react similar despite the fact we are living in different places. 

    I was thinking a long time which part of this program is the most beneficial for me. Today I got it! The participants. Their zeal for change, their passion for defending their point is enriching me everyday more and more. As our barriers are getting away we talk more relevant issues and gain inspiration from each other. So in spite of the fact that our facilitators today were extraordinary the team participating was the most significant for me. 

     As I am here in the USA almost 10 days I can feel the change. I can observe the development on my personality. I can represent myself confidently, able to communicate to various types of people ( and trust me we have wide spectrum here ). But the next thing I am going to do, is certainly, spreading the knowledge around. Maybe I will paraphrase someone, or teach them 6 seconds vacation, I may also only encourage him by nice word which helps equally. 

     So the day I have experienced was precious for me. Every detail was so important to notice, every word from everyone was so importan not to miss…


Help to the world just in some minutes!

Hello every YLPCE participants! 

Today , in Raleigh, WE did an excellent job. This day was our first working day with Stop Hunger Now! Firstly, we got a lot of information from a really energetic and helpful man. So, our task was to packed 36 little bags for people who are still suffering from hunger all over the world. After this warm-up exercise we accepted a competition. 10 people of the Raleigh group would like to pack 36 little bags under the record time. Unfortunately we did not hit the record but we enjoyed our teamwork very well. So , You have to know that we packed meals for 1096 people all over the world. 

So, please, be proud of this team !!  :)

- Adrienn ( Hungary ) 

Budapest buda buda Pest

Started a great second in Budapest today! We first went to the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service. It was great listening to the speakers tell us about this wonderful organization that helped the homeless, families in need, and the elderly. When we arrived, we saw friendly smiles all over the place. Dora translated for us as the man in charge gave an inspiring speech about the importance of this huge organization. In addition, we got to meet some of the elderly people after and initiated discussions with them. This was a great way to interact with them and learn how to speak to someone who speaks a different language.
After speaking to this foundation, we headed to lunch. Lunch was amazing with first a gianttttt bread bowl, then a heap of meat, and finally special Hungarian dessert. It was delicious but I’m pretty sure by the end everyone was so full they were going to burst. Afterward, we set up a Skype call with a man from the company Terracycle. This man dropped out of Princeton n order to purse his dream of finding a way to reuse garbage. It was so interesting how he looked at the world as full of garbage. His ideas really inspired the group and got the group motivated to pursue their projects to their full extent. Not a single person n the room was not fully engaged.
Next we headed over to a playground where we got to learn about making Eco Furniture. This was by far my favorite activity. Seeing all of us so engaged and working as a team to build furniture out of used bottles was amazing. Although we just ended up designing and cementing them today, I am excited for the painting tomorrow. I believe that all of them will turn out really very cute.
Altogether,Budapest is an amazing city with beautiful architecture and home to an interesting language. For many of us, we rode the subway for the first time today and came to realized that the Hungarians really like cottage cheese. Overall what a day.