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goteverythingtolose’s Qs:

1. How are you today?

eh ok i guess last night was worse

2. Favorite song currently?

Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy

3. Favorite album?

probably This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars

4. Favorite tv show(s)?

law and order: svu, scrubs, breaking bad

5. When is your birthday?

march 9

6. Do you speak any other languages?

i took like three years of french but i wouldn’t say i speak it

7. Celebrity crush?

oh fucking shit um the letos, patrick stump, joaquin phoenix, tom hiddleston, rdj, etc

8. Do you like to read? (If so, favorite book?)

ya, um my favorites are “it” by stephen king, perks by stephen chbosky, to kill a mockingbird by harper lee, etc

9. Favorite bands?

30 seconds to mars, fall out boy, simple plan

10. Have you ever met your idol?


11. How often do you smile? (I hope it’s a lot, lovely!)

not very often

Her questions:

1.) How often do you lie?

eh idk not a lot

2.) What is your favorite type of chips? 

aged cheddar and black pepper

3.) What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

ummm i was drinking at school last year and it went down the wrong pipe and i puked and it was like …

4.)  Who is your bae?

the first person who came to mind was sidney crosby omg

5.) Do you dislike the word bae?

yes lmfao

6.) Favorite song to booty bop to?

wild wild love by pitbill lololol

7.) Finish this sentence: If I could have dinner with someone famous alive or dead who would it be with and where?

stephen king attttt burgatory

8.) Plural of Moose: Mooses or Meese?


9.) Best concert you’ve ever been to?

probablyyyyy nkotbsb but monumentour was v close

10.) Favorite thing about your fav celeb?

idek who my fave celeb is honestly

11.) Do you drink coffee?

no i hate coffee


1. Favorite movie?

2. #1 place you want to travel?

3. #1 concert you want to attend?

4. Favorite song by your favorite band?

5. If you had boy and girl twins rn what would you name them?

6. Favorite actor/actress?

7. Favorite food?

8. Favorite age so far?

9. Describe a tattoo you want

10. Tell a random story

11. Favorite song growing up?

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and that’s it bc no one else likes me ok bye

after-the-ellipsis replied to your post: welp, it’s already my birthday here in…

You can hide, but the well-wishers will still find you. Happy birthday, Chiara!!! I’d say age will bring you wisdom, but you’re wise enough already. :-)

you stop that!!!! <333333 thank you livy, you precious thing.

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happy birthday bby <3 u

thank bae!!

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yllenhaal replied to your post: welp, it’s already my birthday here in…

i hope you have a very nice birthday at the very least!

<333 i hope so too.

yllenhaal is the love of my life, my bubby, my everything.
We’ve been unimaginably close for almost five years now and not a day goes by that I dont feel love grow in me more and more. I couldnt envision a world without my bubby and I dont want to, its almost impossible to function properly just waiting for a wake up text in the afternoon.
I love you and I just wanted to say it for the billionth time. I cant wait to see you next weekend and I hope this last hand full of days passes quickly because theyre always so tough to push through.
I know its not ideal but I know it’s going to be an amazing time, like it always is when we’re together.
I hope you sleep well and as always I’ll be waiting

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anon’s feeling fussy time for the anon to go to bed now.

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omg what is going on

i don’t get wtf is going on, i think it’s related to this ask i got earlier, but wtf??? i’m so confused and like wtf it’s subtitles under a gifset of a scene that has been giffed like 546866 times, and you gotta come police me about it? i don’t get it and i don’t get why you gotta be rude if i disagree.

yllenhaal replied to your post “mars i love you but that was totally not worth it”

i enjoyed it but i was seriously bummed about shannon not being there, especially with the whole drum set teaser at the beginning. sigh. maybe next time. :///

i mean i did too, but shannon is like 90 percent of the reason i got this one so when jared said he wasnt there at the beginning i was kinda meh, i mean idk if im gonna get the next ones, we’ll see

mrdolarhyde asked:


I have no opinions about you, only fact.

You are the most amazing person. You are kind, absolutely gorgeous and the most caring, considerate person I’ve ever met. I adore you and everything about you from your adorable teeth to your perfect tummy and your cute little toes.

You’re my everything and that will never change