Alternate Worlds

I had this idea for a while but what if Z-One managed to create two more parallel worlds aside from his own timeline?

So there would be the present (with Yusei and his friends), the future (with the downfall of highly advanced Neo Domino + Z-One and Yliaster), and the third one (where Zero Reverse and Yusei’s lineage never existed because they were eliminated by his hand)

I think it was unlikely that his plans involved ending his life with the Arc Cradle, so perhaps this may be an option.

Paradox Thought

Paradox would be the type to create terrariums in the Arc Cradle. Being able to travel back in time, or even traveling the barren areas of Neo Domino he would notice plant life growing over the wreckage. The main reason for taking an appeal to this hobby maybe have started for agricultural studies, but also serves as a reminder life continues it’s course as it adjusts to the environment. It encouraged him further when Z-ONE and Aporia enjoyed tinkering with his inventive ideas until they created a greenhouse filled with them.

How to tell Yusei and Z-ONE apart (a simple guide for those who can't tell the difference) with pictures!

1. The shirt. THE SHIRT

This should be the most obvious difference. Z-ONE’s shirt has a larger design on it, and is symmetrical, whereas Yusei’s shirt design is not.



2. The helmet.

Yusei’s helmet has a small white arrow on each side of it, whereas Z-ONE’s helmet lacks it.



3. The collar on the jacket.

Yusei’s jacket has round bubbles on the collar, whereas Z-ONE’s has small rectangles.

See the above images for this as well.

4. That metal plate thing.

Obviously Yusei lacks that, and Z-ONE only has it to emulate Yusei’s personality.



TL;DR: Z-ONE’s cosplay needs some work.


Silver twintail girl is Rain Megumi(aka Reyna) from <Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force game>. Blue hair girl is Misaki from <Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus>. Both connected with Yilaster and Korean fans regard two as Yliaster.

왼쪽의 두 여자는 각각 태그포스에 나오는 레인 메구미(영어 이름은 Reyna)과 월챔에 나오는 미사키입니다. 각각 미래조와 연관된 발언과 행동을 합니다. 때문에 한국의 미래조 팬덤에서는 이 둘까지 미래조로 치는 경향이 있습니다.