He’s going to attack the city with that thing…….soon, all of neo domino will tremble before it’s crisp juicy horror. 

In the chinese fandom there’s a running joke that associates Placido with pineapples. It stems from a well known sub mistranslation. 

In Chinese, “Large pineapple” is pronounced very similar to “diablo” (hence the error). So in that scene in 105 he’s pointing dramatically and threatening the city with his pineapple. 

The diablo are still referred to as “large pineapples” by fans. 

How to tell Yusei and Z-ONE apart (a simple guide for those who can't tell the difference) with pictures!

1. The shirt. THE SHIRT

This should be the most obvious difference. Z-ONE’s shirt has a larger design on it, and is symmetrical, whereas Yusei’s shirt design is not.



2. The helmet.

Yusei’s helmet has a small white arrow on each side of it, whereas Z-ONE’s helmet lacks it.



3. The collar on the jacket.

Yusei’s jacket has round bubbles on the collar, whereas Z-ONE’s has small rectangles.

See the above images for this as well.

4. That metal plate thing.

Obviously Yusei lacks that, and Z-ONE only has it to emulate Yusei’s personality.



TL;DR: Z-ONE’s cosplay needs some work.