Here are my History Challenge founders (plus extra required mates)! All sims were made by me :) Here’s hoping Ugda won’t have too much influence on the gene pool!

Grok and Ama are my founders (and will hopefully produce a good looking heir!). Clumsy Grok loves to chase the ladies and beautiful but jealous Ama dreams of starting a family. Free spirited Zia and fierce huntress Brogda are responsible for hunting and fishing. Delicate, serious Ylga spend most of her time gathering roots, nuts and herbs. Ugda is… well, Ugda. Her favourite part of the day is when everyone returns to the camp with their bounty.

To all you other simmers who are doing the History Challenge: did the four extra ladies your male founder has to impregnate live on your home lot or did you leave them as townies?

  • Zia’s daughter Zara has aged up and rolled the outgoing trait. The kids love to go swimming together in the river.
  • Ylga’s daughter Mara has become a teenager and rolled the bookworm trait. Despite being a teen now, she still loves hanging out with her half brothers and sisters.
  • Krum loves to scavenge the island for rocks and fossils, and hang upside down in trees!
  • Grak and Ylga secretly met at the fishing spot, where they had their first kiss and got steamy in the bushes!
  • I know I have to make Grak breed with five different sims for the challenge goals, but I’m kind of starting to dislike his Don Juan behaviour - flirting with Ylga in the cave where Ama is sleeping soundly!
  • They then proceeded to woohoo in a nearby tent..
  • Grak seems to be having the time of his life though!