When you’re an architect …
your vacations always become research.
you stare more at the buildings than the people gathered around them
there are no people in your travel photos
you visit an art museum and take pictures of the building

Travelling as an architecture student:

Oh yeah I can’t bring this on the plane. Oh yeah this too.

Can I bring these? They’re sorta stabby I guess, better take them out.

After you’re done taking stuff out:

Oh, I didn’t know I had so many pens.

You know you're an architecture student when...

…you always ask “AM or PM” when people tell you about time.

“I’m going to finish this model by 5” “AM or PM?”

“I’m so glad I got to sleep at 4 yesterday.” “AM or PM?”

“The consultation will be on at 9” “AM or PM?”

“Let’s have lunch at 2” “AM or PM?”

You know you're an architecture student when...

…you cut your finger while model making and the first thing you think of is, “did I get blood on my model?”, which is shortly followed by, “can I still finish making my model?”