Just think for a minute about all the pop culture stuff original!Roy missed while he was frozen. Imagine being put on ice for eight years to wake up and find that not only have you been replaced by a clone, but there are covers of “Let it Go” and the Cup Song everywhere you look, and Pepe the Frog is a thing. Poor thing probably doesn’t even know what a Minion is, much less why they seem to have taken over the world.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any problems with Young Justice on it's own, not in terms of being an adaptation?

Like, if you make a movie of the Fantastic Four and cast a prima donna ballerina as Doom, doing all her scenes as dances from Swan Lake, then sure, it might be very good dancing, but that’s not really Dr. Doom, now is it?

Especially since the second season is so serialized and packed with so many characters that only big-time comic fans would know (I mean, Lagoon Boy is a major character), that I can only see it first and foremost as an adaptation, not as its own work. That is, if it’s meant for comics fans, then it should satisfy comics fans.

Now there’s a lot to like about YJ and I’ll admit that a lot of my complains are, in the grand scheme of things, quibbles. (Like, you introduce Wonder Girl, you have Superboy and Ms. Martian on break while Kon is at least supposedly in a romantic relationship with someone else–why not at least tease Cassie/Kon? Why TIM/CASSIE instead?) And those quibbles can sting even harder when they’re coupled with DC Comics’ own issues, like Donna Troy not existing, Wally West being first sidelined and then killed off in a storyline where it’d be far more faithful for Barry Allen to go out…

Also, what’s with Artemis? At the end of the day, isn’t she just a Xerox of Ravager and her relationship with Deathstroke, just with Sportsmaster being treated as a big deal? And what happened to Red Arrow Roy and Cheshire? 

I think this kinda edges into legitimate criticism now. The second season time-skips so far and introduces so many characters (they jump right over Jason Todd, f’r instance) that it ends up overstuffed. You have some really well-done characters, like Beast Boy, who will show up and have a promising start and then they sorta fade into the background and for some reason we’re focusing on radical teen skateboarder versions of the Superfriends? Like, Rocket just joined the team, maybe we could spend some time on her instead of five minutes later going STATIC SHOCK IS IN THE HOUSE YO!!

Also, we spent like a million years on Mal Duncan and Bumblebee’s relationship, didn’t we? And Sportmaster’s ‘rep’? And over two seasons and almost fifty episodes, it seems like the good guys never scored a clean win on the Light. They suffered setbacks, sure, but all of the members are pretty much still standing and have even gained in power, even if they had to use Plan C instead of Plan A. It seems like with all the work that ‘The Team” (ugh) does, they could at least take Queen fucking Bee off the table. It’s like their biggest win was taking out Deathstroke off-screen, and who’s to say they didn’t cheat and have Ms. Martian mind-rape him while he was sleeping? I mean, I’ve criticized how reliant the MCU is on HYDRA, but they at least end each movie with “we took out this HYDRA muckety-muck and ruined this plot of theirs and did all this damage to their organization.” 

Young Justice tends to end with Lex Luthor saying “ah yes, Superman pushed a truck up my butt. Little did they know that’s my kink. Just as planned!”