Arty & Zee Fun Time! Episodes 7-8!

Artemis: CourtoonXIII
Zatanna: Berndor
Superboy: Shufflebuff
Miss Martian: Hythe


I think this is one of their best videos

M'gann’s stealth suit is ready for Ohayocon! :D

There’s a lot I want to fix (specifically the legs) but I ran out of fabric so this is as good as it’s going to get until after the con. Also, the collar is so tight that it’s choking me. I’m good at measuring things.

We’ll be in Young Justice on Saturday! Our group will consist of Artemis, Robin, Zatanna, and then me and Wally for as long as we can stand being suffocated by our costumes. 8D If you see us please come say hi~!

P.S. I just hit 800 followers! Thank you all so, so SO much, I can’t begin to say how much your support means to me! ;o; You guys are the best! <3

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Arty and Zee Fun Times Episode - ??? and Bloopers (by InnerMindTheater)


I saw this while I was at the mall today and just had to share it with you guys. Because the sales associate didn’t understand why I suddenly burst out laughing in the middle of the store.

What can I say? I LIKE SOUP TOO.

Since we’ve been getting a lot of repeat questions lately, IMT has decided to make an FAQ post! Find out how what our group is about, how we all met, and other trivia, like how we make our YJTV skits and why we show up in so many of Ackson’s videos.

So if you have a question for our cosplay group, check this post before asking! And if it hasn’t already been answered, feel free to email us, send us a message on YouTube, inbox one of us on Tumblr, or comment on the post!