Drabble::Iron Hearts

Setting: Ironman!AU
Characters/Pairings: Wally West, Artemis Crock, Zatanna Zatara; hints of Spitfire
Summary: She was hired to clean up after his messes, but they both played quite a different game.
Note: Guys, I don’t hate Zatanna. Sure, she’s not my favorite character, but I really don’t hate her at all. I hope that I didn’t make her out to be a jerk here. Please tell me if I did. -__-

Some of her days started off with a buzz in her ear and a sleepy “Orange juice please” from her childish boss. Other days began with some actual quiet time for her to enjoy some tea before tackling the massive amount of forgotten appointments and sales paperwork.

And then there were the days that started off with dry cleaning.

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Imposter - By Ironicveghead

Title: Imposter

Pairings: Spitfire (Wally and Artemis)

Words: 2,206

Summary: A Oneshot based on the Psimon battle in Young Justice Legacy.

“Little baby Crock. Least talented of her criminal family, and the least talented of her perfect team. Give up already, you’ll always lag behind. In speed, in brains, and in love,” He spat, in a perfect replication of Wally’s voice that had Artemis wavering in her determination.

Status: Complete

SpitfireRantDragon has written a companion piece to this that focuses on a battle between Wally and Artemis’s doppelganger! It’s right Here!

Drabble::Slithering Closer (Second drabble)

Setting: Hogwarts!AU

Characters/Pairings: Wally West, Connor Kent, lil’ bit o’ Spitfire

Summary: He has a plan in mind for himself, the girl he kind of likes, and the boy she definitely likes. So far, it’s going along smoothly.

Note: This was mostly written to see how Wally could be as a Slytherin, and…yeah. If anyone could give me any pointers whatsoever as to the characterization, I would greatly appreciate it! ^^

Part 1 is here.


It took only a week after his and Artemis’ “arrangement” for him to get the info he needed- well, mostly due to the house elf who was said to have very interesting things to say if you stayed in the common room late enough with a handful of Chocolate Frogs on hand. Sure, he was cranky and chocolate-less in the morning, but it was worth it.

Now he was perched on a tree branch at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, camera in hand, waiting.

It was night, the air was thick, and this was entirely stupid. But sometimes you needed to go great lengths to get what you want, and this was no exception.

A sharp sound splintered the air, and his heart felt as though it was being flushed down a toilet. Wally took a careful look around, hoping that he was far more inconspicuous than he felt and safely hidden away from whatever might want to eat him.

He glanced down at the forest floor below, and let out a deep breath.

The overgrown badger came after all.

Thanks to that little house elf, Wally had learned that Connor Kent particularly enjoyed going in the direction of the forest on some nights. Of course, the elf had no idea as to why, but he hadn’t thought it his place to report these occurrences to higher authorities. So Wally had taken it upon himself to take along the new camera he had gotten from his Aunt Iris and stake out this particular area for the past few nights to see exactly what made the stoic Hufflepuff so determined to break some rules.

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