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Yoga Journal Conference NYC ~ Day .5

When I registered for the Yoga Journal Conference a couple of months ago, I found a $50 coupon code online. So I decided to splurge a little and in addition to my weekend pass signed up for a Friday night class with David Romanelli called Yoga and Chocolate since, essentially speaking, it was now free. The irony of it all is Dave teaches at my yoga studio and I’ve NEVER been to his class. The problem is he teaches Tuesday nights and I already go to class Tuesday morning/afternoon (for death by core with Madison followed by revived by yoga with Stefanie). This however is a lame excuse since I only started taking classes on Tuesdays like 6 weeks ago and he’s been teaching there for a lot longer than 6 weeks. But, I digress!

I got to the hotel early in order to peruse the marketplace. I knew it was going to be trouble for me. Clothes! Jewelry! Accessories! Wipes to make stinky feet smell like flowers! I wasn’t there 5 minutes and I found a ring I liked. I put it on and I liked it A LOT. I texted my roommate whose picture is next to the word “enabler” if you were to look it up in the dictionary.

The ring was $56 which to my credit was NOT the most expensive ring on the table. Generally speaking if I like something it will be the most expensive of the lot, almost guaranteed. I was proud of myself for picking something that was more of an 8 or a 9 on a price scale of 1-10. I asked the woman what the stone was and she told me fresh water pearl. The ring itself is sterling silver and everything is handmade. I asked if she was flexible on the price and she said she’d let me have it for an even $50. SOLD! No box necessary, I will be wearing it.

I walked around the marketplace for a bit longer since I still had time to kill before my class. I was happy I didn’t really like any of the clothes. I looked at the Lucy booth for a while because there are no Lucy stores in Manhattan (or New York City, to my knowledge). But again, I wasn’t in love with anything. Though I did sign up to win a $50 gift card. Things tend to look a lot nicer when they’re free.

On my way out of the marketplace, I saw a woman I recognized. It was Angela, one of my favorite instructors from my yoga teacher training! After 6 months, she almost didn’t recognize me. I was so happy to see her. I got a quick photo with her before I rushed off to class.

The class itself was not quite what I expected, but it wasn’t a bad thing. Dave is a hilarious guy with lots of stories to share. Check out his website if you want to learn more about the Momenteer Movement which, I’m told, involves eating a lot of chocolate.

The class moved very slowly compared to what I’m used to. This isn’t a good or bad thing, just different. But what it made me realize is a lot of my fear of teaching stems from the expectation that I have to have a fast moving, uber challenging class with a massive peak pose at the climax to give everyone a sense of accomplishment. Those are the classes I’ve been taking for 2 years. The only classes I’ve really known. This class was nothing like that. A few sun B’s to warm up, a couple warrior I’s, one warrior II and I think the most challenging pose may have been Pavritta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle) and that was it. I could teach a class like that. Absolutely no question I could! It doesn’t always have to be something, it just has to be.

After the class, we indulged in some Vosges chocolates which were amazing and delicious. I tried to remember the 4 kinds I had. I think these are right:

Not a bad post-workout snack if I do say so myself!

Overall, a very successful preamble to the conference. I am so excited for tomorrow. I’ve got The Art of Sequencing in the morning and then Shiva Rae and Sadie Nardini in the afternoon. It is going to be an AMAZEBALLS day!


YogaJournal LIVE! finished! What a wonderful weekend, all severe thanks and love to @sadienardini @kimbulloch… Killed the ‘Yoga for Men (and women!) today :) @yogajournalevents #yjnyc #page (at Prime Meats)

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