Smtm has been fucked up since last season. P-type was eliminated this season because he forgot his lyrics yet Hanbin forgets his lyrics twice last year and continues to compete.

Not just smtm but also unpretty rapstar, that time verbal jint was supposed to choose someone to give the track to, he preferred YJD but the other judges completely ignored him, breaking the rules. Verbal Jint was so upset that it was clearly written all over his face.

Why did smtm think it was a good idea to have jinusean judge?

Why was it okay for Bobby to have dancers during one of his performances but when Jimin had dancers during her performance it was considered ‘idol-like’?

Why didn’t they give Toy more screentime last year?

Why excuse Jessi’s and Microdot’s use of english but when Snaky Chan spoke english it was a no no?

Why paint P-type up to be an idol rap teacher and nothing more?